Yeah, WWE does it all over again and I’m barely unable to hold back my excitement. Of course Dean Ambrose won’t win the WWE World Heavyweight championship. But he’s there to make Roman Reigns loved by the WWE Universe. And the fans will fall for both of it.

Dean Ambrose_collage

Hopefully Roman Reigns turns on Dean Ambrose very soon
That’s right, I’m in some kind of a mood so there won’t be much today I’ll have to say about SmackDown. I’m late for that anyway. Just some random thoughts and already a tiny glance towards Elimination Chamber. I’ll do that when I’m through my tiny report from SmackDown. So, here we go.

Roman Reigns opened SmackDown and, yes, I’ve watched this. But once again I was too shocked by his eyes. So I was unable to listen. He somehow finished with declaring that he’ll enter the Money In the Bank ladder match and he’ll get that briefcase. And that was the point when Dean Ambrose’s music hit for the man to join Reigns inside the ring. This is what he had to say:

“Sorry… sorry to interrupt you, bro. When I heard “Payback”, my ears started burning and I went for a bucket of ice to duck my head into and then I made a wrong turn at catering and… well, anyways, here I am. But before I came to that curtain I heard you mention something about that Money In the Bank ladder match and my mind started racing. The thought of bodies falling through the air, cold steel connected with battered bones – make my heart explode out of my chest. I love that stuff! And then I remembered this year I won’t be reaching for an opportunity that one day become WWE champion. Because by then I’ll already be WWE champion.”

So, we won’t see Dean Ambrose in that ladder match this year? I don’t think so, but like I already said – more to this a bit later. Anyway, Kane interrupted, tells everyone that The Authority always wins and that Reigns won’t be in the ladder match unless he proved himself worthy to Kane. Yeah, the same game all over just to keep the path towards Money In the Bank slightly interesting. But Dean Ambrose wasn’t finished talking. He now addressed these words to Kane:

“There he goes again, Justin Bieber’s groupie doing The Authority’s dirty work. I can imagine how brutal it must be for you, Kane. You used to be a brother of destruction. And now you’re the redheaded stepchild of The Authority. Hey, tell me, Kane, when Hunter and Steph feed you their scraps from the table, do you use a fork and knife? Or do you just eat from a bowl like the lapdog that you are?”

So, it’s Justin Bieber again? Really? WWE likes to overstretch bad jokes for real, aren’t they? It wasn’t funny in the first place. And it doesn’t get funny if you repeat it over and over and over again. But it’s an easy job for the creatives, I guess. And they probably think that it is indeed funny. Just cut it, I beg you. Now Kane of course wasn’t fine with these words either, so he made a re-match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt that happened to be the main event of SmackDown and Dean Ambrose was fine with that:

“Bingo! That was exactly what I was gonna ask you for, Kane. I got unfinished business with Bray Wyatt from Monday Night RAW and I’m gonna take care of it tonight.”

But Reigns got the day off to reflect for himself how to become a complete superstar – rofl!

And finally Dean Ambrose wins against Bray Wyatt – with the help of Reigns

The match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt lasted for 11:38 minutes this time. Again we had a commercial break during it, so the exact match duration is a mystery. But it doesn’t matter really. What did matter was that this re-match was slightly better than the one on RAW. Not just because Dean Ambrose won – I’m slightly torn about the finish anyway – but there were quite some good moves and combinations. The all around dynamic got me more into this match than on Monday.

Especially I liked the early work by Dean Ambrose on Bray Wyatt’s left knee as you can see on the Gif on the left hand side. That’s nothing new, we’ve already seen this by Dean Ambrose but it’s good to see it again because, you know, occasionally some people moan about Dean Ambrose couldn’t wrestle and it’s just ridiculous. Also Bray Wyatt had a good spot with countering a move by Dean Ambrose from the apron with shoving him into the steel chairs. It’s also always fun to watch Dean Ambrose fail with the crossbody on Bray Wyatt.

But my favourite move this time was the Tornado DDT Dean Ambrose did as a counter from the middle rope outside the ring – the one you see right here in the Gif on the right hand side. I already said that the Tornado DDT from the top rope is one of my favourite moves by Dean Ambrose. And I also like the variation of it that Sami Zayn does – a diving Tornado DDT from outside the ring diving through the ropes right at the corner of the ring. It’s a great variation and this one here by Dean Ambrose was just another one. Would be great to see a few more variations by Sami Zayn and Dean Ambrose. They could have a match only using punches, kicks and variations of the Tornado DDT.

During most of the match commentary talked about the possibility of Dean Ambrose being WWE champion. It won’t happen at Elimination Chamber but great of you, WWE, to tease that once again. At one point Tom Phillips asked Jerry Lawler if he could imagine a WWE champion who likes punishment like he received by Bray Wyatt. Now Jerry Lawler said that it would be much fun and I can only agree but like to add that it would be definitely better than having a chicken champion like Seth Rollins who occupies half the time of an episode of RAW and has his entourage saving him and his title all the time.

Of course we had J&J Security interfering once again but this time Dean Ambrose was able to counter Sister Abigail from the distraction. He went on to the Pendulum Lariat but Bray Wyatt countered with an equal lariat, so both men lay flat on their backs for a while. The referee had just started counting when Seth Rollins came out. Then Roman Reigns came out and a little brawl broke free outside the ring. This time Reigns came through the audience and I wondered why on Earth Seth Rollins stopped making his way inside the ring. Reigns always needs at least two minutes to make it towards ringside, so Rollins could have kicked Dean Ambrose a little bit before retreating. But yeah, that’s just your daily WWE logic. Naturally Rollins was all frightened now of the mighty Reigns, so he sent out J&J Security. Also naturally they couldn’t do anything. Somehow Jamie Noble fled into the ring, where he met the first of Dean Ambrose. Then Bray Wyatt tried for Sister Abigail again but was shoved into the ropes by Dean Ambrose. Now Reigns hit a Superman Punch on Wyatt, so Dean Ambrose was able to hit Dirty Deeds on Wyatt to finally win this match.

A few thoughts about Elimination Chamber
People moaned all the time about Dean Ambrose would have never defended his United States championship (which isn’t true). But they seemed perfectly fine with Seth Rollins occupying half the time of an episode of RAW and “defending” his title with the help of almost half a dozen people. But since it’s public that Dean Ambrose will have a one-on-one championship match against Seth Rollins at Elimination Chamber all of a sudden it’s a problem that Seth Rollins has to defend the title at every Pay-Per-View. And I think the only problem that most guys have with it that Dean Ambrose is part of this one-on-one match. They argue that Dean Ambrose didn’t deserve this match because he lost at Payback, so he should go back to the end of the line with Reigns and Randy Orton. Well, storyline wise I’d say he did deserve it because he saw the opportunity, was creative enough to take it and got it. If Reigns and Orton are fine with heading back to the end of the line, then it’s their problem, not the one of Dean Ambrose. And if we look at it non-storyline wise and just throw ability, history and behaviour in the bowl, then Dean Ambrose has got every right to be in this match as well. Since the break-up of The Shield he did his best to get other guys over. He took needless and ridiculous losses. He was shoved to midcard to be out of the way of Super Reigns and Chicken Rollins. And he never argued backstage. He never demanded anything for himself. So what better employee can a company wish for?

But like I already said, this recent push won’t take long. It will last as long as Dean Ambrose needed to get Roman Reigns over – just for the next guy he has to do this. So, Reigns saved Ambrose all the time. Now he makes him winning matches. They talk about drinking some alcohol together after shows, being best bros, etc. pp. Hey, we like Dean Ambrose, and Dean Ambrose likes Roman Reigns. So we also have to like Roman Reigns, right?

Nope. I’m fed up with this strategy since a long time already. You can’t make people like a certain person just because another person likes this one. Well, unfortunately it works with the majority of the WWE Universe because since a few weeks the wind is turning for Reigns. People started to like him not because he’s getting better but because he helps Dean Ambrose. As for me the only thing I see is that Dean Ambrose apparently can’t get wins without the help of Roman Reigns. And he always throws himself into deep water with The Authority, so Reigns has to save him. Like I already said, please stop making Reigns wear these horrible contact lenses. And don’t make him say that much. I get it, he’s taken over The Shield’s catch phrase and people already blast it out when Reigns teases it. But apart from that, give him easy lines that don’t require much thinking how to emphasize or spell it. He’s just not a good talker. And he won’t get better with practice. That’s all on that topic.

Now for my prediction for Elimination Chamber. I can’t see Dean Ambrose winning at all. Not with a match that hasn’t got any stipulation but probably the whole or half of The Authority at ringside. Since Roman Reigns hasn’t got a match already, he could interfere at some point either to get Dean Ambrose the belt or prevent him from getting the belt. Consequently he could turn heel and join The Authority. Needless to say that this would be my dream scenario, even if that means that Dean Ambrose won’t be the champion. If that happens and Reigns is in the Money In the Bank ladder match, Dean Ambrose will be in that, too. And they could have a feud. That, of course, won’t be my dream scenario because we all know how this would end – with Reigns getting the briefcase. But WWE has done everything since WrestleMania to get Reigns over as a face. So turning him heel now would be ridiculous.

There are already rumours out there that Triple H could have a match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. I’ve also read somewhere that Triple H could have a match against Dean Ambrose. Well, I think Triple H is more a fan of Seth Rollins, so I believe more in these Triple H vs Seth Rollins rumours. So, Triple H could help Dean Ambrose to get this title, Reigns wins the briefcase and at SummerSlam we could have Triple H vs Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar with Reigns cashing in. Still a long way to go to SummerSlam, so everything is still possible.

The Dean Ambrose statement of the day
Dean Ambrose

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    1. You really missed that? Well, I’ve got lots of ideas but my plans usually don’t last long. Maybe for the coming RAW. But I can already sense that these statements will always have something to do with William Regal 😉


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