It’s quite remarkable how fast the tide can turn in WWE within just a couple of weeks, isn’t it? From being almost a jobber Dean Ambrose is back in the main event picture with a bang. And all of a sudden he’s the one again we see basically during the entire show. Could be a strategy by WWE to make the fans get weary of him. Could be also a sign that WWE finally noticed what they have in Dean Ambrose. I guess we’ll get a hint of which one it is on Elimination Chamber this Sunday.

Dean Ambrose_collage

Before I start writing my bits about this episode of RAW, I recommend a Pinterest bord I’ve created quite some time ago. You can find it here and there are all of my Dean Ambrose collages I’ve created since the break-up of The Shield. Feel free to use them as a laptop / computer wallpaper or for your cell phone or whatever. You can also like and pin them from this page. But don’t post them as your own. I don’t beg you not to do that, I order you not to do it. Because if you do without giving me credit, you steal.

Theft in real life and theft from the internet isn’t any different. Just because you are able to take it, doesn’t mean you are allowed to take it. You are able to get yourself a gun in real life and take paintings from random people or a museum. Just because you don’t need a gun on the internet to get some edits that usually take me one or two hours to do, doesn’t mean it’s legal. I share these collages to illustrate my wrestling reports. And I enjoy doing them.

But I don’t enjoy seeing my collages taken from “Google” and posted on Instagram without giving me credit or even on far bigger wrestling pages without my permission. All these original photographs certainly don’t belong to me, they all belong to WWE and I don’t take credit for the photographs itself. I don’t take money for them because I don’t own the photographs. But I take credit for the edits. Because there is usually a lot of work behind them. And I want you to respect that. And in case you take these collages directly from here, just leave something back for me – a like or a “thank you” in the comments section for example. Cheers!

Dean Ambrose doesn’t like to count sheep
Seth Rollins and The Authority opened RAW to basically praise Dean Ambrose a bit. But then Seth Rollins said based on the circumstances Dean Ambrose got the title match and with The Authority actually having authority they could easily take away the title match from Dean Ambrose again at any time. And Seth Rollins went on to say that he basically talked Triple H out of firing Dean Ambrose. Nice reaction here from the crowd that chanted “We Want Ambrose” – more of that, longer and louder, please. It’s not too much harder than “Yes! Yes! Yes!”. And since Daniel Bryan will probably announce his retirement in the pre-show of Elimination Chamber, WWE needs that top babyface the whole crowd is behind, the anti-hero against The Authority. Roman Reigns isn’t that guy because there are still too many people not really excited about him. And that won’t change. I like this “We Want Ambrose” chant. It’s simple, it’s chantable and – most importantly – not stupid at all. It’s also a clear message of what people want instead of the “Yes! Yes! Yes” that is just an answer to anything the guy they support says.

Now Seth Rollins went on to say that Dean Ambrose isn’t even a threat to him. Dean Ambrose wouldn’t be on his level and – to Triple H – it’s with no wonder why Triple H has picked him to join The Authority. Ah, I love these heel phrases because they are so easy to turn around in favour for the babyface. As for Dean Ambrose wouldn’t be a threat to Seth Rollins – he still surrounds himself with J&J Security, Kane has to help him winning matches, plus Seth Rollins wants to back out of this match at any costs; as for Dean Ambrose isn’t on his level – yeah, he isn’t because Dean Ambrose is on one level Seth Rollins can’t even see from that bottom level he is on; and as for this easy decision Triple H had to make when picking Rollins – well, Dean Ambrose is too much of a proud character with dignity to join a group of cowards, chicken and weasels. Like I said, I really love this stuff.

But somehow Triple H stands to his word. But he wants the agreement be more concrete (haha!), so he brought an actual contract with him that Dean Ambrose had to sign tonight. Otherwise the match would be off. Of course Dean Ambrose came out to this and this is what he had to say:

Credit: bigelangston on Tumblr.
Credit: bigelangston on Tumblr.
“You may find this hard to believe but I think there might be something wrong with me… [Ambrose chants] … There might be something wrong with me. I can’t sleep well lately so, instead of counting sheep, I count punching Seth Rollins in the face. I count the teeth flying out of his mouth one by one. By the time I get to about two hundred punches, I sleep like a baby. I get this feeling, I guess you can call it happiness. Beating up Seth Rollins makes me happy. So normally I get my jollies kicking the crap into Seth Rollins for free. But last week I thought next time I kick the crap outta Seth Rollins, I want it to be for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. And the crazy thing, Seth, it’s actually gonna happen! All it took was a steel chair, a few cinder blocks and a little bit of imagination. I hope the WWE Universe enjoyed that as much as I did. I know The Authority appreciated it. I know The Authority appreciated it because there’s a good chance that this Sunday their boy, their golden boy, their golden little baby boy, the architect gets replaced by someone you call a lunatic but everybody else is just gonna call The New Face of WWE. Now if that happens, I wanna make some changes around here. For starters J and J Security, you’re going barefoot like a couple of… erm… respectable hobbits. And Kane, you can stop wearing that cheap suit. You can just wear a collar like the obedient little lapdog that you are. And Seth, well, you can drunk dial Selena Gomez because, Sethie boy, you’ll always be our little Justin Bieber.”

Dean Ambrose_RAW 2015-05-25 Yes, it’s Justin Bieber all over again. Quite naturally I’m not excited at all about this but Seth Rollins didn’t see it as an insult because he praised the boy as rich and being a star. So, if a heel isn’t insulted by something, chances are that this something will disappear very soon. And I hope we are done now with this little Justin Bieber sub-story. Now Seth Rollins went on to guess that we all just wish we were Justin Bieber like Dean Ambrose wishes he would be Seth Rollins. And he sees it as a problem that Dean Ambrose never will be him. Well, Seth, you call it a problem, I call it “Whatever God lives up there, thank you, thank you, thank you!”. But Seth Rollins still wasn’t finished. He now told Dean Ambrose was just a cockroach that maybe is able to survive nuclear holocausts, but they wouldn’t thrive or win something. The cockroach Dean Ambrose would be destined to be a loser his entire life.

Dean Ambrose_RAW 2015-05-25 Actually, this is funny as well. Because almost everyone should know by now that it was this very scenario around these two for their entire career in FCW: Seth Rollins won every price that was out there while Dean Ambrose only had the best feud of his career but never got any price. Seth Rollins went on to be the very first NXT champion while Dean Ambrose never even was on NXT television. So, if this story goes on, Seth Rollins will stay champion on Sunday while Dean Ambrose once again loses an important match because of his temper or whatever. But at some point during his little speech Seth Rollins grabbed himself some confidence from the thin air around him and told Dean Ambrose that he should come to the ring and sign the contract, so Seth Rollins could finish him off once and for all. And the reply by Dean Ambrose was the following:

Dean Ambrose_RAW 2015-05-25 “Well, I’d rather be a cockroach than the wrong end of The Authority’s human centipede. So I go just down there, get into that ring, step right into that lion’s den and sign that contract? Erm… well, I might be crazy and I might be stupid but it might be worth a shot. And there’s only one way to find out.”

So, Dean Ambrose indeed made his way down to the ring and circled the ring like a hungry animal. But he didn’t make it inside because all of a sudden The Shield music hit and Roman Reigns came out. Stephanie McMahon now finds it sweet that Ambrose and Reigns appear always together lately, saying that everything would love it. Well, there are some exceptions basically but what do I know. Anyway since Reigns is out there, she made the main event between Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns against Seth Rollins & Kane. And this main event started right there.

Dean Ambrose pins Seth Rollins again

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
This match lasted for 12:46 minutes and for some reason I was still awake when RAW aired live, so I watched via the app and got the information that this live coverage would come to an end this week. Quite frankly this was the only reason I’ve downloaded the app, so I could see what happens during the commercial breaks. If that ceased to be from the beginning of next week, then maybe there won’t be 19M subscribers anymore. Will Michael Cole announce the decline of this number as well? Otherwise I’d be interested in the brilliant new features the app might offer to make people keeping the app on their phones despite the loss of service.

But that’s just a sub-story. Back to the main one. Dean Ambrose started off versus Kane and the former monster got an early beating. Then Roman Reigns had a little one-on-one with Seth Rollins and during a hold by Seth Rollins on Roman Reigns you could see one problem I have with Reigns: his non-ability to sell and his non-ability to tell a story. During this hold he just sat there, eyes closed and let it happen. To the point that Dean Ambrose had to jump onto the middle rope to wake up the audience. And all of a sudden – from one second to the next – Roman Reigns seemed to wake up from the dead, went out of the hold and beat down Rollins as if nothing just happened to him. He usually only plays dead and fully alive. He doesn’t sell all the shades between like gradually waking up or gradually freeing himself to get the audience behind him, make them cheer for him louder and louder, so he gets back his power to free himself. He just doesn’t give the audience time to react, get what is needed from them to get their guy back to life. I don’t really know if Roman Reigns is just told to act this way or if he can’t act this way. The only thing I know is that I don’t like this because for me it doesn’t make any sense. Yes, maybe he has to play this powerhouse, this über human being who is dead at one second and fully alive at the next one. But if that’s really his style, than sorry, but he won’t ever be someone I like to see. Not my style.

Reigns somehow got the tap to Dean Ambrose again, so he got Seth Rollins for a short period of time. But very soon was made hanging from the turnbuckle upside down. Now it was on Kane to get his hands on Dean Ambrose again. And this was the time when some idiots in the crowd wanted to start a CM Punk chant. Fortunately enough most of the people weren’t stupid, so the chant was ended very soon. When Seth Rollins had kicked Dean Ambrose when hanging from the turnbuckle, Dean Ambrose must have bitten his lip, so there was blood visible when he was in a hold by Kane. But these scenes were shown on the app, so I guess this was okay. Shortly after we went back to normal broadcasting, Dean Ambrose exploded with that lariat you were already able to see in the Gif on the left hand side. And then there was a double tag again. And another explanation why I don’t like Roman Reigns matches: boy, you don’t need to pose after every single punch or kick, you know? Yeah, you’re fired up and everything but you could have used this energy for cheering on “your boy” from outside the ring when he was in trouble. But again, what do I know?

And I still don’t get all the praise from JBL for Roman Reigns when the same guy talks trash about Dean Ambrose all the time. Maybe someone is able to explain this to me. I really want to understand. I mean, I get that JBL is the heel character commentator who trash talks the faces. And if he talks trash about Dean Ambrose, people might gather behind him even more. But WWE apparently wants for Roman Reigns to get over with audiences around the globe. So when a heel commentator praises someone it basically means this guy is a heel as well. And his talking makes even less sense when Ambrose and Reigns are together in tag matches or appear as close friends and “brothers”. I’m just shaking my head all the time I have to listen to this useless blah-blah by JBL.

Now Dean Ambrose got a tag of himself and also Seth Rollins went back into action. A lot of teasing, a few hits, a missed Pendulum Lariat and finally a cheap pin by Dean Ambrose got him the win for his team. And while Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns celebrated their victory, JBL went on an on frantically blasted out something about a horrible disaster it would be if Dean Ambrose would become the WWE World Heavyweight champion on Sunday. I’m really lost on vocabulary to describe my annoyance about this man and his voice.

Seth Rollins does everything to sneak out of the match against Dean Ambrose on Sunday

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Now Dean Ambrose still had a contract to sign. And somehow Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble met up with him backstage, telling him they had brought the contract, so Dean Ambrose could sign it. But of course they just fooled him, Jamie Noble told Dean Ambrose that he should slap his head and call him Sally but his boy Joey forget the contract, so Dean Ambrose took his words literally with calling him Sally, then slapped his head and beat them up both but then was shoved in the back by the cameraman, so Dean Ambrose turned and hit him because he thought that he was attacked. Ambrose surely realized what he did and tried to help the cameraman. But the guy just preferred to stay on the ground, acting like he would die anytime soon.

Later on we saw Dean Ambrose sitting in the locker room when Triple H, Seth Rollins, the cameraman and two policemen dressed in plainclothes joined him. The cameraman had to say that Dean Ambrose hit him despite he could swear that someone shoved him. Seth Rollins shut him up, so Dean Ambrose was arrested and taken away. I don’t really get it why all people in WWE that are being arrested have to get handcuffed. Or is this usually the case in the U.S.? I mean over here people only get the handcuff treatment if they aren’t willing to go with the police, if they offer resistance. Maybe someone is able to clear me up on this one, too.

After Dean Ambrose was taken away from the arena in a paddy wagon we finally got to see some footage that revealed that indeed Seth Rollins did shove the cameraman into Dean Ambrose, so he only acted on instinct. But would he make it back to the arena in time to sign the contract?

Dean Ambrose teases that he once played a cop in a movie we still haven’t seen even a trailer from
Of course! After Triple H offered him a last chance to come out and sign the contract in the middle of the ring, he just wanted to announce that the match was off, Dean Ambrose’s sidekick Roman Reigns came out to buy his master just this little bit more time to make it in the arena. So Reigns got beat up by the whole Authority in the end but then some sirens were heard and we saw Dean Ambrose driving the paddy wagon back to the arena. Dressed in the jacket of some Officer Costa, a police cap and two batons on hand, Dean Ambrose jumped out of the police truck and made his way into the ring. Of course there was still a lot of brawling within Dean Ambrose was finally able to successfully hit the Pendulum Lariat on Kane, both batons were used on Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose ending all this with a Dirty Deeds on Kane. The following scene was almost symbolic: Roman Reigns handing over the contract to Dean Ambrose, so he could sign it. It almost looked like Reigns handed over the torch of “being the next big thing” to Dean Ambrose. But I’m still suspicious if this is just a tiny glimmer on the horizon. Like I said, maybe we’ll get a hint on Sunday if WWE is indeed serious about this Dean Ambrose push.

On another note, maybe this finish of RAW is some indication that we’ll finally get the trailer of “Lockdown”. The movie is about to come out “late spring” as told us by director Stephen Reynolds. That would be around end of June / early July at very last. And with the recent experience of “Marine 4” the trailer won’t be shown too long before the movie actually comes out. But we’re already in late May and maybe the movie is about to come out in mid-June. So maybe we shall watch the entire Elimination Chamber, including all commercial breaks. Chances are that we’ll get the trailer we’re all waiting for.

As some kind of last word, we also got some statement from Officer Ambrose after RAW. For some reason he went back to the paddy wagon and got the cap back on. This is what he had to say:

“In my years in this business, I’ve made a lot of friends… and a lot of enemies. I’ve also made a lot of enemies in a lot of Metropolitan Police Departments around the world and country. And I’ve also made a lot of friends in the law enforcement industry. But all you need to know is that tonight and at Elimination Chamber… I am the law! This is all just stupid and full of crap. This is the bed The Authority has made for themselves. Trying to keep everybody down and make everybody jump through hoops. And things get ridiculous like this! But now all set in stone, contract is signed and all you need to know, two of the best wrestlers on planet Earth are gonna go lead toe to toe at Elimination Chamber for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. But I am ready for war.”

The Dean Ambrose statement of the day
Dean Ambrose

8 thoughts on “RAW 15/05/25: Dean Ambrose has got a lapdog of his own now

  1. In response to your question about handcuffs and police in America, it’s very commonplace for someone being arrested to be cuffed. Here, if you weren’t cuffed, the police might assume that you would naturally just attack them. Sounds like where you live, people are far more civilized towards the police.
    Will be interesting to see where they go with Dean’s storyline, starting Sunday. His promo on Smackdown was kind of reminiscent of the one he cut with Roman after Seth betrayed them, good one. Rumor has it Roman is turning on him and with all the allusions to their brotherhood, I could see WWE doing this. I just wish that if they were going to do this, there is a concrete reason for it. So irritable to see things happen without thought put into it.
    Great article again. Really enjoy reading your take on things.


    1. Thanks for answering my question about handcuffing people. I thought it might be common in the U.S. since no people ever saw a problem in that. I live in Germany and it’s common here to just take people in police cars without handcuffing them, well, unless – like I’ve written in the article – people start fighting back and aren’t willing to go with the police.

      About the Ambrose / Reigns brotherhood as of late, I already thought about writing my guess in the SmackDown review that will appear here anytime tomorrow. But the short version here: I very much believe that Reigns will turn on Ambrose on Sunday because:

      • this brotherhood was just written out too harmonic as of late and Reigns was just too willing to basically play the lapdog to Ambrose;
      • just a few weeks ago Reigns was the “top dog” and all of a sudden Ambrose is the main guy and Reigns plainly accepts this? no way!;
      • Ambrose talking about his only friend and only brother in this world just a little too much as of late.

      If all this doesn’t lead to a feud and a show-down between Ambrose and Reigns at Money In The Bank, then, well, you can slap my head and call me Sally 😉


      1. I see your point about the constant allusions to the brotherhood. I know Reigns is used to being “top dog”. He’s been that since the Shield split. I feel like this is just to give Reigns another feud. That seems to be the reason that he’s been given nothing to do since Payback. Of course, I always thought he seemed a bit too blase about the betrayal. He basically left Dean to fend for himself and really didn’t get involved with Seth on any level until Dean was off for his movie. If they are going to do the heel turn, I’m going to need Dean to eventually get over both Seth and Roman. He’s put over enough people and I would really like to see him get his vengeance on those who’ve done him wrong.


        1. It was the biggest mistake by WWE to make Reigns not care about Rollins’ betrayal. They thought the fans would love him so much that he was about going over as the “top dog” within a snap. They instantly put him into matches for the WWE title, thinking the fans would completely embrace it. But at the same time they kept The Shield gimmick for Reigns, so fans were permanently reminded of The Shield and also of the betrayal. But at the same time WWE probably wanted to make fans forget that Reigns was even a member of The Shield, which is ridiculous given – like I said – Reigns kept The whole Shield gimmick like it was created just for him in the first place. They probably never thought that it was actually Ambrose vs Rollins that was the bigger outcome out of the break-up than Super Reigns.


  2. • Hhh. You are ready to be slapped in the face & have zero problem being called Sally then. Is “Sally” an insulting thing!? It is just a girl’s name here. Are you sure they’re ready to turn Roman heel. They should’ve turned him a long of time ago. I dunno. We will see. I don’t mean he won’t turn & I don’t like bets, I just found your answer to the first comment on your article funny. Is there a difference between the lapdog and the top dog! Just sayin’ 🙂

    • I want Dean to win anything, if he wins even by DQ and Seth keeps the belt, it is gonna be a good enough result and it will provide the opportunity for a rematch. I want Dean to win MITB and I am afraid they gave him this 1 on 1 match to make it look like he doesn’t deserve winnin’ the case, since he got his chance & failed ( in case he lost on Sunday ). It will be more clear on Monday during the build to MITB. If Roman is to win MITB, then he won’t be fighting Dean in 1 on 1 action. Maybe they will both be a part of the MITB match like Dean & Seth last year.

    • How you doin’! ( Hurry up with the EC predictions & the SD review )

    • Salam. I love what you do to the pictures, they look so beautiful and are perfect as Laptop & phone’s backgrounds. They are all awesome. One of my favourites is the one with Dean puttin’ Seth’s head above the cinder blocks inside HIAC and getting ready to curb stomp his head through ’em. I really appreciate your efforts & your art.

    • Your Dean Ambrose statement of the day is my current phone background. Although I have no clue how can I watch this movie. I hope someone will put it on YouTube. If you found it somewhere tell me, when it comes out first of course.

    • I am done for now. Salam.


    1. I’m only watching SD now, and I’m just finished with typing down Dean Ambrose’s promo (the bad thing about Ambrose being one of the top guys again is that I’ve got much more to transcribe!). I’ll certainly make up my mind again about a rumoured Reigns heel turn and other possibilities for EC.

      As for Lockdown, we’ll certainly get a trailer first. And that one will definitely appear on WWE’s YouTube channel. The movie itself will be available via download on iTunes plus the usual DVD and Blu-ray.


      1. Yea, you are busy now. But it is worth it, right! You will enjoy the tag team match, Dean worked the most of it as usual & it was fun. Not gonna delay ya.
        Finish .. It. 🙂


  3. You’re absolutely right.. We don’t have to publish this staff as if we’re the creators.. What I want to say is you’re the most electrifying man.


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