WWE does it again. Dean Ambrose talks about his upcoming match at Elimination Chamber and make us all believe that this time… this very time… he will finally get this huge win he is always hyping for. It still works because I’m looking forward to this match. But WWE shouldn’t overstretch this because at some point Dean Ambrose could start making a fool of himself.

Dean Ambrose_collage

A brilliant passionate monologue by Dean Ambrose that indicates one thing for sure: he ain’t got the title on Sunday
Because it was the very beginning of this edition of SmackDown I let the man speak at first. The good thing about Dean Ambrose being one of the top guys again, is that he finally got back some time on the microphone. The bad thing about Dean Ambrose being one of the top guys again, is that he’s got a lot of time on the microphone. It’s only a bad thing for me because I’d chosen a long time ago to transcribe all his promos and monologues. But here we go:

Dean Ambrose_SD 2015-05-28_d “Last Monday night I was told by the fine folks of The Authority that my match at Elimination Chamber wasn’t official. Because that match was made under duress. Duress! I was told that if I sign the contract that makes the match official, well then, then the match would be official. That’s just The Authority playing games. That’s just The Authority having a plan B. And The Authority always has a plan B. This week plan B was get Dean Ambrose arrested. Oh yeah, The Authority had me arrested for assaulting an innocent cameraman.

I was handcuffed. I was read my rights. I was thrown into the back of a paddy wagon. And I was hauled off to Long Island’s finest holding cell – metal bars, cold concrete floor. Believe me when I tell you, because I know, jail is never a fun place to be.

Dean Ambrose_SD 2015-05-28_d So Monday night when I’m in my cell, all I can think about, all I can fantasize about, is ways to torture Seth Rollins for putting me there. And just when my world was coming crashing down on me, something great happened. The cops come in and they say, ‘Dean, you get one phone call.’ I said, ‘Great.’

Who am I gonna call? What am I gonna do? What, am I gonna order a pizza? Who can I call? Well, there’s only one guy I can call. There’s only one guy I can trust. Only one guy who’s gonna have my back. My only friend. My brother. I called Roman Reigns.

I said, ‘Roman, brother, I cannot miss my chance to take the WWE Championship away from Seth Rollins this Sunday. You gotta buy me some time, bro. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it, but I’m gonna get out of this cell, and I’m gonna make it back to the arena. You just, you just gotta buy me some time.’ So he says, ‘Cool.’ I say, ‘Cool.’

I start thinking, ‘All right, how am I gonna get out of this jail cell? Am I gonna dig a tunnel? Do I dig a hole? Can I chew my way out? Do I start a fire? How am I gonna get out of this jail?’

Dean Ambrose_SD 2015-05-28_e So, and then a miracle happened! And it came from all places, WWE’s very own YouTube channel. I was arrested for assaulting an innocent man but that YouTube footage clearly showed Seth Rollins shoving that innocent man into me. So I guess it’s appropriate Seth Rollins became a viral video sensation just like his hero Justin Bieber.

So once that footage was shown to the world, that charges against me evaporated. I was a free man, let loose. Now it was just a matter of finding a ride back to the arena. Fortunately, over the years I’ve made a lot of friends in various Metropolitan Police Departments around the country. And it just so happens that the boys of the NYPD are huge Dean Ambrose fans.

So a couple of autographs, a couple of pictures later, and I got a police escort back to the arena. They even let me drive the paddy wagon. So I stepped on the gas. And I raced back to the arena as fast as I could because nothing’s gonna stand between me and my opportunity at the World Heavyweight championship. No scheme from The Authority, no red lights, no jail cell and certainly not WWE’s own YouTube sensation Seth Rollins.

Dean Ambrose_SD 2015-05-28_d My name’s on that contract now. And this Sunday I got Seth Rollins in this ring. No plans, no schemes, no running, no hiding. Just two guys beating the hell out of each other. I will beat the hell outta Seth Rollins this Sunday just like I’m gonna beat the hell outta Seth Rollins in our tag match tonight.

At Elimination Chamber there’s gonna be a fight for the richest price in our industry. And when the smoke clears, the reign of Seth Rollins will be over. And the Age of Ambrose begins.”

So, The Age of Ambrose sounds great but I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. Because we will still have to wait a little longer than just until Sunday. Dean Ambrose talked in length about his only friend Roman Reigns and that he’s the only one he can trust. If this isn’t an indication for a Reigns heel turn than WWE will probably go for a boring way to end this Pay-Per-View, id est an interference by Kane. But if they like to finish Elimination Chamber with a huge cliffhanger for the upcoming RAW then they’ll make Reigns turn on Ambrose. First Rollins, who sold out to The Authority; now Reigns – and Dean Ambrose is all alone in this big, cold world. That would be some heart breaker for all the Shield fangirls who are still out there. The only reason I can think of why it won’t happen is that Reigns finally gets some support as a babyface and WWE worked hard for it. But they could have turned Reigns a long time ago. They could have waited until Reigns is slightly over as a babyface to make this heel turn a legitimately heart breaking situation.

Eighth feud for Kevin Owens?

Credit: jonomoxley on Tumblr.
Credit: jonomoxley on Tumblr.
Dean Ambrose_SD 2015-05-28_Kevin Owens Believe it or not but this was my favourite moment of SmackDown. Kevin Owens was just finished promoting his match against John Cena at Elimination Chamber and made his way back towards the ramp to his music when his music was cut off and replaced by the music of Dean Ambrose. He just came out for the main event and his tag team match with Roman Reigns against Seth Rollins and Kane. And Dean Ambrose was plainly ignoring Kevin Owens while the NXT champ looked at him as if he was looking for at least some recognition.

Just to have them all together, I’ll list Kevin Owens’ current feuds here:

  • Sami Zayn;
  • Alex Riley;
  • Finn Bálor;
  • Hideo Itami;
  • John Cena;
  • William Regal;
  • Samoa Joe.

Kevin Owens clearly is a collector of as many feuds as possible at the same time. And it doesn’t need much for him to attack someone or feel someone is worthy of a pop-up powerbomb. So who knows, Kevin Owens could be one of the many guys who could cost Dean Ambrose this title win on Sunday. And because I’ve already made one list, here is another one with all people who could cost Dean Ambrose his title win on Sunday:

  • The Authority (Kane, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon);
  • J&J Security (Joey Mercury, Jamie Noble);
  • The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E, Xavier Woods);
  • Roman Reigns;
  • Randy Orton;
  • Kevin Owens;
  • Brock Lesnar.

Kane and J&J Security will be at ringside already, so these guys are the usual suspects and the first names thrown into the hat when it comes to interferences that could cost Dean Ambrose the title. He could still win this match when it ends with a disqualification. And knowing that someone will interfere, a DQ with Dean Ambrose winning the match is basically his best option. If someone from The Authority interferes, they could be banned from ringside for the next title match. Then someone else will interfere – probably the new hired New Day – and the next match after this needs another stipulation – a cage perhaps (and then there is still Bray Wyatt who could appear out of nowhere). So, if The Authority wants to keep the belt on Rollins, they, well, certainly always have a plan B.

As for the other guys, we haven’t seen Randy Orton since the last Pay-Per-View and he’s rumoured for a comeback. The same is said from Brock Lesnar. And I’ve already talked about Roman Reigns. So, given all these countless obstacles, if Dean Ambrose still wins the belt, I’ll certainly believe on being transferred into an alternate universe.

For some reason The New Day think they are needed in the main event
I won’t say much about the tag team match because the set-up was basically the same as usual: Dean Ambrose is beaten up for most of the time; Dean Ambrose sells the hell out of being beaten up and at the end Roman Reigns got the hot tag. The match lasted for 11:45 minutes until J&J Security caused disqualification with punching Roman Reigns. The usual brawl after a DQ broke free and for a short period of time, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were standing tall inside the ring after they had to deal with another three guys that Kane brought out, The New Day. I didn’t really got the logic because just a few days ago The New Day were kind of punished by Kane with a 10-on-3 match on RAW, now they’re helping The Authority beating down Ambrose and Reigns. But anyway, this segment was finished with a Pedigree by Rollins on Dean Ambrose just to tease even more that Dean Ambrose could be the victor on Sunday.


I don’t have the time to write about NXT this week but at least I want to put the William Regal segment in here, also because it involved Kevin Owens (after what happened at NXT TakeOver Unstoppable last week that’s not quite a surprise). My favourite lines certainly were:

    Regal: Kevin, d’you know, you’re walking a very, very thin line here.
    Owens: Woah, woah, I’m walking a thin line? Ha ha, okay. Before you say
        anything about me headbutting you, you put your hands on me first.
    Regal: And that’s the only reason that you still work here.

Something more about Elimination Chamber

Credit: WWE on Facebook.
Credit: WWE on Facebook.
The following scenario is my favourite one and given all the hints and teasers by WWE still possible. Come Sunday evening none of it will be possible anymore. But I still like the possibility, so I put it in here for crying later on because it won’t have happened:

  1. William Regal interferes during Kevin Owens vs John Cena to cost Owens the win;
  2. William Regal helps Dean Ambrose to get the WWE title;
  3. Kevin Owens can’t hit William Regal again, so he goes for Dean Ambrose to start just another feud for himself;
  4. Triple H is angry about William Regal because he cost his golden boy the belt;
  5. Seth Rollins deserves a re-match for the title; Kevin Owens thinks he’s entitled as well and Sami Zayn wants what Kevin Owens will certainly get;
  6. Money In The Bank: Triple H vs William Regal for the right to stand at ringside for their respective golden boy;
  7. Money In The Bank: Fatal-4-Way between Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

And now for a more serious prediction: we won’t have a clear winner in the match between Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins. And we won’t have a clear winner in the match of Kevin Owens vs John Cena. I still hope that William Regal will be somehow involved and let it just be his music distracting Kevin Owens while the man himself stands on the ramp, diabolically smiling at the loss of Kevin Owens because of the distraction. More likely will be a distraction by Sami Zayn.

And about Dean Ambrose once again, I will be very, very… very surprised if he’ll really get the belt. I’d enjoy that, no question about that. But I’m still hoping for the Money In The Bank briefcase. It would be definitely much more fun (and use) in his hands than in the hands of Roman Reigns. If we’re heading into a Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns feud after Elimination Chamber, than it will certainly be a show-down between them at the Money In The Bank ladder match like it was last year with Ambrose and Rollins. And I hope that this time Dean Ambrose for once is going to win this one instead of putting just another guy over.

I’m also slightly afraid of Dean Ambrose cutting great promos to hype his next big match just to lose this one could be his gimmick for his entire career. There’s nothing wrong with building a character the slow way or making him walk up to the top of the mountain while a guy like Seth Rollins always gets the helicopter. It’s nothing wrong with a guy having so much potential having to grab the big price with his own hands than just having it thrown at him. After failure, after failure, after failure, he’s still there and focused. After every loss he came back stronger, so there needs to be this one Pay-Per-View when his promises he was talking about in one of his hype promos will become reality. I know that the only Pay-Per-View for something like this is WrestleMania, maybe another one in SummerSlam. A rushed brought back Elimination Chamber isn’t that special Pay-Per-View. But I’m talking generally here. Just don’t overstretch this with Dean Ambrose, WWE. You once almost killed the guy. Don’t do it again.

The Dean Ambrose statement of the day
Dean Ambrose

7 thoughts on “SmackDown 15/05/28: Dean Ambrose announces the beginning of the Age of Ambrose for this coming Sunday

  1. Your scenarios for Elimination Chamber are interesting. I don’t think Regal will necessarily be involved, but if he is, he won’t cost Owens the title. I don’t think there is any title involved in this match. I would love it if he helped Dean, but don’t think that will happen. Seeing the backstage footage of him with Dean would be a nice thing to follow-up on.
    I am intrigued by the Owens-Ambrose pass-by. Don’t know if it is going anywhere, though. My big fear is a Reigns heel turn for the hell of it. There is no basis at this time. The time for that was around Fast Lane or even right after WrestleMania, but we know WWE is famous for this stuff. I don’t mind Dean losing if and only if he’s getting Money in the Bank next month. I saw the ad for the Australian shows and it right now is alluding to Dean fighting Seth for the WWE Championship, so maybe WWE does intend on Dean staying in the main event scene for the foreseeable future. I’m tired of watching Dean coming up, only to falter repeatedly. At some point, WWE has to give the fans some of what they want. Otherwise, I think there will be people just turning off the tv. It’s not like RAW and Smackdown are so spectacular that people will continue to put up with garbage.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Kane finally snap at Seth and help Dean win MITB. I see some foreshadowing for it. He has alluded to the Authority could’ve picked Dean, he put Dean in that match to get him into Payback. I would like him to help Dean right after the Authority tells him to go out and prevent Dean or Roman from winning and he just basically is like “screw it” and helps Dean in some way.
    Don’t know if it will happen but it would be interesting.


    1. Yeah, for some reason I thought Owens vs Cena would be for the U.S. title. I mean, Cena fought for the title at every given show but not on the Pay-Per-View? Strange booking if you ask me. I’m almost sure that Sami Zayn will cost Owens the win and I’m also pretty sure that Regal won’t be involved. It’s just my tiny little wish that the man could be on the big stage for a few times more. He’s still doing great in NXT and with Zayn and Owens now being some kind of a sub-story in WWE, it would be just nice to have the GM there as well for a couple of times.

      As for the possibility of a Reigns heel turn, of course it wouldn’t make sense right now because of the strong bond WWE have created recently between Ambrose and Reigns. The only sense I can see is Reigns being the top dog that he is, was getting frustrated with Ambrose getting “his” spotlight while he had to be his lapdog, being beaten up but no title match for himself.

      What I haven’t written in the review is that I’m a little confused about Kane right now. For weeks he was playing with Rollins, trying to start a revolution but for a week or so, he’s the complete lapdog all over again. Maybe his turn on Rollins was previously planned but not done because plans were changed for Ambrose. Prime example for this was the Ambrose vs Reigns bickering months before Rollins turned on The Shield. From what I’ve heard the break-up was set on ice with Ambrose and Reigns being on the same page again because Batista wanted to work with The Shield at WrestleMania. So, there are always set-ups but when plans change, people have to go back to the previous crossroad. It’s kind of frustrating sometimes.


  2. “Why we are winning?” -Xavior Woods
    The answer of the New Day to your Dean Ambrose statement of the day.

    Some people are saying maybe Dean gets the win here ( on Sunday ) just to drop the title at MITB, that would suck, why should the poor guy be portrayed as the loser who can’t keep his belt for more than 2 weeks. When Dean becomes WWE WHC, which he “hopefully” will, I would like him to break records with his reign just like he did with the US title and he will be a fighting champion ’cause unlike the US title, the WWE cares about the WWE WHC ( at least when it comes to defending the belt every PPV unless the title holder is DB ).

    Are we “Dean Ambrose’s fans” destined to be scared every step of the way of his career. Well, WWE’s booking is the reason, since they introduced him to us as the guy who never wins when it matters. Their mission is to make us fell like DA can beat SR anytime, but they constantly fail to make us “Belee Dat”. We shouldn’t be able to predict the winner, everyone should seem to have a chance, a 50% chance to win, but there is always a favourite. And it makes me angry that some people say that SR ain’t losin’ the belt until BL ( Brock Lesner here not Becky Lench ) comes & challenge him for it. So every title defence is just “wasted time” until Lesner returns, right!? So Dean is just there to give Seth a programme until Brock is here & Dean is a useless mid carder all over again. Nooooooo, please. The only thing that can keep Dean in the main event scene is the MITB case. Let’s hope they aren’t as stupid as we think they’re. If Roman won it, it is gonna be “suffering succotash, son” and if Dean won & failed to cash it in because of whatever reason, it is gonna be indeed “Heart Breaking”. It is really weird that some people ‘re sayin’ that they can’t imagine Dean and Roman turning on each other, Really! This is gonna be awesome & it is gonna add a new layer to DA’s character as the guy who everybody doubted that he is gonna be the one to sellout his brothers, but he never did, ’cause the only thing he can’t stand is “indeed” being lied to by somebody he trust. Instead they “both” stabbed him in his back and now he has absolutely nobody to care for, he is a lone wolf, but that is just fine ’cause “He works best alone”. He could be even more vicious and unpredictable, now he is the guy who everybody is scared of ’cause he has nothing to lose, no weak point & absolutely no thing to give a damn about. They should let him loose on the mic talking about being left on his own since he was a child. And most importantly he must look like a threat to anybody & the only way I see this happening is by giving him some big wins \ making him destroy somebody and put him out of action for a while or ever forever. How about facing HHH at SS and winning the match of course ” unlike sting” or even teaming up with Sting to finish what Sting started and failed to do alone ” 2 jokers is better than one “( that is not my idea by the way I read it ). They need new stars, but they don’t seem to be willing to put some effort ” dammit ” for that to happen.

    Nice review like always. Salam. 🙂


    1. Sometimes I’m getting really angry about female wrestling fans who only care for looks and “cute” friendships. Yes, WWE is some kind of a wrestling daily soap and children program. But it’s also (still) wrestling. People beat up each other, you know? And children get to see half naked women and men. If I’d have children I wouldn’t allow them to watch it until they’re 12 years of age. And then I’d watch it together with them, explaining that it isn’t real, that it is like movies and magic combined. And they shouldn’t take it too seriously. People really take wrestling too seriously, especially some fangirls out there. So, yeah, I’d love a Reigns heel turn because I’m mean and diabolical and I’d enjoy for some fangirls to get hit by reality.


      1. Hhh. Fine.
        That thing with Dean losing every single match in every rivalry must go.
        This is the heart breaking thing to me. Even Rusev got a win over “Super Cena” before meeting the predictable end. Dean truly helped Rollins make a successful career, but doesn’t get anything for himself from feuding with Seth. How are they seeing DA is a real question mark. Do they want him as a mid carder or a main eventer!? Ryback was nothing but a loser in a tag team with Axel and when they needed him at Survivor Series, they treated him like a main eventer, then he was the first to be eliminated from the match, then a stupid firing angle and he is back to jobber land again. They don’t even know where they want the wrestlers to fit in the card which results some really weird transitions and the performers looking so out of place at times. Another example is Dolph and the moment he built at SS, instead of using it to give the guy a bigger rule, NOPE, back to jobbing again. And so on.

        If they capitalised on Dean’s popularly heading into HIAC last year, he ‘d ‘ve ended up being crazy popular by now, if they let the people decide who they want to be the “Face of WWE”, they ‘d ‘ve made their job so much easier and avoided all the criticism of having favourites based on their families. Am I right!


        1. Well, to put this first, for my liking Dean Ambrose doesn’t need to be in every main event at every Pay-Per-View. That would be boring and unfair to most of the other (talented) guys in WWE. Also the WWE champ doesn’t have to be necessarily in every main event at every Pay-Per-View. For example, the WWE champ can also do commentary during the main event that could be a match for the #1 contender.

          Back to Ambrose and talent use. The biggest issue I have with his use is that hierarchy, i.e. low card < mid card < the one guy who has to carry the company with using up at least one third of an entire RAW show. Mid carders get at least 7 minute matches with rubbish storylines; low carders get 3 minute matches at best without any storyline (in case they are used at all; if they are lucky they are used as a punching bag for a mid carder).

          This basically has to go. WWE needs a second main event title, maybe the Hardcore Championship. Or just re-separate the WWE and the World Heavyweight Championship. Or they could separate RAW from SmackDown – one main feud for RAW; one main feud for SmackDown and have some kind of feud / war between RAW and SmackDown – also different writers for both shows and a bit more freedom for the wrestlers. There is enough TV time for everyone, if WWE wouldn't do all these replays and app / Network promotion. But I've written this already a few times, so I stop here.

          Another issue I have with the use of Ambrose is that – like you said – WWE can't decide where to put talent. Right now Ambrose is decently enough booked. But the fear is that he could be a jobber next week again. It's this up and down I don't like. I mean I've got nothing against wrestlers getting some time off to relax a bit, have some rest. Instead basically all the guys have to go to every show around 300 days a year working, almost every day for hours in a car or a plane. And what for? Some guys just sitting in the back doing nothing. Some others at least are getting beat up for two minutes. So they worked for five minutes for a four hour trip by plane or stress driving a car. Just give some talent the day off if he isn't on the show. But the bad thing is they can't do this because plans could change at last minute, so this one jobber all of a sudden is needed, while another one doesn't have to work.

          Another bad thing is that you also can't give jobbers more freedom, because the big fear is that these jobbers with their own ideas and storylines could be better than the main WWE storylines. So the jobbers also have to act everything they are told, so they don't outplay the main guys. And that's basically why Ambrose wasn't kept in the main event scene last year: because this Rollins vs Ambrose feud was just too good when Reigns should have been the biggest attraction out there. It's quite ironic by WWE that we have Rollins vs Ambrose again as if WWE finally noticed what they have in this feud. But again, there is still Reigns lurking – and once again he'll ruin everything.


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