Something went slightly wrong when the best part of Dean Ambrose’s outing on a Pay-Per-View is his appearance during a vignette to promote his forthcoming match. We had this for numerous times now. Try something different next time, WWE.

Dean Ambrose_collage

I’m disappointed about everything that happened at Elimination Chamber. The only good thing was that Kevin Owens beat John Cena. But I seriously hoped for at least one tiny William Regal appearance. Does WWE think that no-one knows him anymore because they only promote Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Steve Austin and Dwayne? The only bad thing about William Regal is that he’s such a humble human being that he never will demand anything for himself. So others have to do it for him. But most of them probably won’t.

On another note: Ryback of all people is now the Intercontinental Champion? I’m having a serious chuckle! And this is everything I’m going to say about that.

But of course the biggest joke of them all was the finish of the main event. I’ll write about that in length, of course. Just this tiny note before: WWE really goes for the worst possible ending every single time, because they believe that people will tune in until their favourite will finally have his (or her) moment. In their logic, if their favourite gets their moment, fans will be that satisfied that they’ll never tune in again. That’s why the most favourite guys or gals only get the tiniest little moments to enjoy. Ganymed and Callisto of Jupiter beware that we’ll put a title around the waist of a babyface!

But enough lamento for once; now for a little review of Elimination Chamber.

Make a note: Every time Dean Ambrose has got a pre-match hype / promo vignette, he ain’t got anything
Before the usual reason for me to rant, WWE put on some program to enjoy. Of course. So in case we still didn’t expect much, we were hyped because of some Dean Ambrose backstage interviews and promo vignettes, so the actual (and quite certain) disappointment at the end would be at its maximum. This strategy at this point should also be known by everyone who watched just a couple of months of WWE shows.

So, first of all, Dean Ambrose was seen for a backstage interview on the pre-show and he had the following to say to the question if he’d feel any pressure because all eyes would be on him:

Credit: geekypinky on Tumblr.
Credit: geekypinky on Tumblr.
“Pressure? What kind of pressure? Tonight I’ve got nothing to lose and everything in the world to gain. So tonight I’m relaxed, focused, even… calm. On the other hand I’m feeling a lot of pressure, pressure right here in my guts. And it’s building and building and building all the time. D’you know what that is? Different kind of pressure. That’s bubbling hatred for The Authority. D’you know, how you relieve that? Punching Seth Rollins in the face. It’s quite therapeutic. You should try it. D’you know what’s gonna feel even better than that? Taking Seth Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship! So I guess you could say the more pressure I feel the worst it is for that red faced suit wearing scumbag.”

And asked about if he’d expect Seth Rollins or The Authority to go even further in making sure that Rollins keeps the title tonight:

“Of course! Yes! Don’t you watch the show? Don’t you know The Authority? I’m sure The Authority right now is back in some office, plodding and scheming and coming up with the ways to make my life miserable tonight. But, eh, tonight I’m gonna be swinging… swinging! And whomever I hit, whether it’s Seth, Kane, J, J, any other Js or even Triple H – it’s fine by me.”

After that we had a slightly weird appearance by Roman Reigns who said that he already brought the alcohol (who cares about PG?) and that he would be at ringside to help Dean Ambrose take out anyone who’d stand in his way to get the title. Yeah, über Reigns all of a sudden became the personal R&R Security for Dean Ambrose. And the only thing I was thinking because of this: yeah, Reigns will finally turn on Ambrose. Of course WWE only teased this. They always tease things and tease things and tease things, so when they tease things for just another time, nobody falls for it anymore – and then they’ll do it.

Already during the show Dean Ambrose was seen backstage with R&R Security when Triple H joined them to make it clear that Dean Ambrose will get disqualified if R&R Security would be at ringside or interfere during the match. But Triple H said he had a good feeling about the match. And Dean Ambrose agreed.

Right before the match started we got just another promo for it, this time via a vignette that brought a bit of history and a black / white backstage scenery in which Dean Ambrose had the following to say:

Credit: fuckwrestling on Tumblr.
Credit: fuckwrestling on Tumblr.
“You know, it’s truly amazing to me how one bad decision can change your entire life. How you can choose to put your trust in someone. Treat them like family. Treat them like blood. Together, you build a juggernaut. Become absolutely invincible. And watch as they plunge a knife in your back. Watch as that betrayal sends them straight to the top. Right where they wanted to be.

The world needs someone like Dean Ambrose to make sure someone like Seth Rollins doesn’t get too comfortable. You see, Seth Rollins thinks that because he calls himself the future, that he’s untouchable. But he’s not.

You can surround yourself with all the suits and sycophants you want. It won’t matter. Tweedledee and Tweedledum can’t save you. The big red lapdog can barely stand you, let alone save you. Even Mommy and Daddy can’t save you. Even Mommy and Daddy can’t save you! Even Mommy and Daddy can’t save you. I mean, did you honestly think that a trip to a local clink on some trumped-up charges was going to keep me from getting my hands on you?

Credit: fuckwrestling on Tumblr.
Credit: fuckwrestling on Tumblr.
Truth is, Seth, once upon a time, you made a bad decision. You betrayed your brothers. You betrayed your brothers. Now, I’m gonna take everything from you. Your safety. Your security. Your smile. Your peace of mind. Your well-being. And your WWE World Heavyweight Championship.”

What I’ve marked with bold letters now seems to be Dean Ambrose’s only legitimate reason why he’s in WWE. The company finally revealed it. They don’t want Dean Ambrose as champion. They only want him as a counterpart for Seth Rollins. They want him as someone who makes Seth Rollins and all the titles he’ll collect during his WWE career important. Dean Ambrose might be back in the main event picture but his role hasn’t changed in the slightest, except for, well, now he doesn’t put over one guy but two guys. He makes Seth Rollins even more hated and appear like an even better heel than before. And he puts Roman Reigns over as a face.

I’m seriously sick and tired of all this all over again. I can already imagine that Dean Ambrose will indeed win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Money In The Bank just for Roman Reigns to cash in immediately. Because Reigns certainly will win the briefcase in the respective match before in that show. I’m usually completely wrong with my predictions but this time there can’t be any other choice. I’m still reading that Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar is still on for SummerSlam. So what? If Reigns doesn’t cash in immediately, he will cost Dean Ambrose the win. And we’ll have Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns at SummerSlam – and you don’t even need to guess who’s going to win that match!

You can sense that I’m seriously pissed when I’m already talking about all that before I even mentioned the match. So first things first.

Dean Ambrose goes from having the longest title run in WWE history with the United States championship to having the shortest with the WWE World Heavyweight championship

Credit: digitaldegeneracy on Tumblr.
Credit: digitaldegeneracy on Tumblr.
Dean Ambrose_EC 2015-05-31 I usually give out the match time but this isn’t quite easy for the newest edition of Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins. Because there were basically two finishes. The first one clocked in when the referee of the match was knocked out by the shin of Dean Ambrose. Technically the match was over at this point because Seth Rollins shoved the referee in the way of a jumping Dean Ambrose, so Seth Rollins was disqualified at exactly 22:00 minutes. But because the referee was temporary unable to make this call, the match went on for further 48 seconds in which Dean Ambrose could hit Dirty Deeds on Seth Rollins, first the audience counted to three until another referee came down into the ring running from backstage to do the official count for an apparent Dean Ambrose win and him getting the title.

And I guess most people believed at that point that Dean Ambrose indeed would be the new WWE World Heavyweight champion. The most ridiculous spot about all this certainly was to send out this second referee. At least every referee should know the rules, shouldn’t they? So instead of making the three-count temporary official, he should have cared about his colleague to get him conscious again for making the right call. But this only shows how diabolical the WWE actually is, making most of the fans believe that Dean Ambrose finally got what he deserved just to take it away from him 108 seconds later. But we should consider ourselves lucky. Because this time it wasn’t an exploding TV screen…

Dean Ambrose_EC 2015-05-31 So the match itself was a good one with a decent length. Could have been a great one if the audience would have participated in any way. There were periods not only in this match but all over the show when these people were basically dead silence. There was no atmosphere whatsoever. So it’s usually the case when the crowd is enthusiastic, the both (or more) wrestlers inside the ring will put on this extra level to make the match an extraordinary one. And both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins did their best to get some reactions from them. But it looked like these people only wanted to take but didn’t want to give something back. Apart from that there were some good moves again – the Hook and Ladder was back (I couldn’t resist to put in here another Gif of it) – a few killer spots like Ambrose and Rollins went over the announcers table or the double crossbody in the middle of the ring to give both guys a few seconds to recover. Of course Dean Ambrose had to take (and sell) much while Rollins talked trash like he’d be the man and Ambrose couldn’t even come close to his level. Usual heel babbling during a match.

Credit: taka-sobie-kupa on Tumblr.
Credit: taka-sobie-kupa on Tumblr.
Also of course during the entire match Dean Ambrose not only had to deal with Kane and J&J Security who all were at ringside. Especially at the end of the match Dean Ambrose took out all three of them, most noticeable with a jump from the top rope to outside the ring. Just a few seconds after that Dean Ambrose was back on said top rope and from that jump the referee incident happened. A few seconds of teasing a few moves later Dean Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds, the other referee did the three-count, Dean Ambrose got the belt and was announced as the new champ. This was basically the one moment when the audience somehow came to life.

But like I said, this joy only lasted for 108 seconds. Because after a little debate between the two referees, Lilian Garcia announced that Dean Ambrose indeed won but with disqualification. So Seth Rollins was still the champ. This announcement now was the starting gun for Kane, J&J Security and Seth Rollins to take the belt away from Dean Ambrose again – of course this didn’t happen without violence. But it wasn’t surprising that once again R&R Security came out to help Dean Ambrose out of this. So Dean Ambrose reclaimed the championship belt, grabbed a microphone from the Spanish announcers table, said:

“I won this match. That means I’m taking the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.”

And off he went through the crowd together with the belt and R&R Security.

And one note about RAW from 01 June 2015

Credit: WWE.
Credit: WWE.
The ridiculousness with R&R Security went on on the following episode of RAW with him demanding a re-match for his master Dean Ambrose. It was generously granted as a ladder match at Money In The Bank. But R&R Security had to fight for his spot in the Money In The Bank ladder match not just against Wade Barrett but also against Mark Henry and Bray Wyatt. Only if he’d win against all three, R&R Security would be in that ladder match for the briefcase. Needless to say that he won all three matches. Bray Wyatt had just rolled out of the ring when Seth Rollins, Kane and J&J Security teased a beat down when all of a sudden Dean Ambrose’s music hit. He was standing on the announcer’s table with the WWE World Heavyweight championship belt and later on helped R&R Security against The Authority. Once again he hit Dirty Deeds on Rollins, had a good laugh with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon who were standing on the ramp and then left again through the crowd.

It’s great that we’ll have a singles ladder match between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, there’s no doubt about it. But I’d still preferred Dean Ambrose being part of that other ladder match for the briefcase. R&R Security will certainly get it. And in case Dean Ambrose legitimately wins this time, he won’t be champ for long. Maybe longer than 108 seconds. But who knows?

5 thoughts on “Elimination Chamber 15/05/31: Dean Ambrose was the WWE World Heavyweight champion for 108 seconds -OR- The Age of Ambrose begins with the theft of just another championship belt

  1. I feel ya on what they’re doing with Ambrose. My big fears are that 1. They have no intention of him carrying the belt, especially for any length of time and 2. If he actually wins, they will have Reigns cash in that night, although, this seems as though it would be out of character for Reigns. He seems to live by a certain creed, loyalty, and it seems if it were left to him, he would hold out for a bit. He’s not Seth. However, WWE, and Vince by extension, are different animals, and would certainly do this.
    My preference would be that Dean wins @ MITB (since my first preference of him winning the briefcase and taunting Rollins is gone) and that Reigns tells him he will hold off cashing in in the event Dean loses the title. Dean would win with an assist from an angry Kane, who maybe has been cost his chance at MITB briefcase by Seth, or maybe he just hits his breaking point with him and makes the full face turn. This leaves Seth with Kane for Battleground and I don’t really know what you would do with Dean there, except give him an easy opponent to beat for a title defense. Roman maybe has to defend his briefcase. At SummerSlam, Dean is pitted against both Seth and a returning Brock Lesnar for their rematches in a triple threat. Seth wins the title back by pinning either Dean or Brock, and at that point, Roman returns the favor by cashing in immediately on a beaten down Seth, winning his first title. It would likely satisfy Vince’s wish for Roman to win on a bigger stage and he would be keeping his promise to Dean. At that point, if you want to have a feud between Roman and Dean, I guess it could be facilitated, or they could just do the rematch as a mutual respect thing. Or they could have Dean hold off asking for his rematch clause until Wrestlemania 32, or he and Seth win the Royal Rumble together, leading to the wished for Shield Triple Threat match for the title that so many seem to want.
    Any of these would be my preference as opposed to what WWE will do, which is have Roman cash in on a vulnerable Dean after winning.


    1. The end result definitely is Reigns as WWE WHC. It’s a shame really because both Ambrose and Rollins working for exactly this target. And you can basically see all the work by WWE to make Reigns the champ with finally being embraced by the WWE Universe. And they all fall for it. It would be okay if Reigns would be really great but only booking wouldn’t have done him any favour. But as for me his style hasn’t changed. His in-ring ability hasn’t changed. I just don’t like to watch him. But I’m forced to watch him because he’s basically the shadow of Ambrose right now. I usually don’t hate on people. I just ignore them when I don’t like them. But WWE forcing me to watch Reigns makes me hate him. I might be different and kind of strange with this but it is like it is. I just don’t like someone forced on me whom I just want to ignore because I don’t enjoy watching him. And I don’t need to waste my time with things I don’t like if it’s not for work and I need to do it.

      Ambrose is always entertaining and I like what he’s doing. But him being involved with Reigns so much recently takes away a lot. Because there is always this tiny thought inside my mind that all the work Ambrose does is only done to get Reigns over as a future champ whom the majority will cheer, not boo. This way to think might be ridiculous and strange but it’s the way I feel and I just can’t help it.


  2. “Because there is always this tiny thought inside my mind that all the work Ambrose does is only done to get Reigns over as a future champ whom the majority will cheer, not boo” : this is not some ridiculous thought, this is the truth. Raw was Reigns when it was supposed to be “is DA the rightful champ or not!”. I felt like it was the RAWs after his RR victory all over again where they put him in matches against the Big Show nearly to start every RAW to make the people feel bad for him. That totally felt like them trying to make the people accept him. They seem truly desperate to make him the champ. As if he will be the solution to every problem they have. He can’t hold his own, will they stick him to Dean to the “End Of Days” to make him likeable!? That sucks. I didn’t watch RAW live, so I watched it all this time just for Dean & I didn’t hate a thing except: Axel & Sandow (for being like jokes) and R&R security (for being heavily featured). I put my hand on my cheek and waited for Ambrose to come during his matches. 3 matches,and a win over Wyatt after being destroyed by 2 other “Sports Entertainers”.Hhh, the new “FEAR of facing any FACE” is running wild, brother. I still can’t stand the guy ’cause they can’t fool everyone. He was as awkward as hell in the opening promo. I am glad Steph told him to erase that smug smile of his face. So true, maybe she doesn’t know that’s the only expression he has besides the duck face. Anyway.Make no mistake about it, they are using Dean to make the people accept R&R.

    I didn’t watch EC live, and before I saw just Dean’s match the next day I watched the WWE YouTube video of Dean saying he will leave with the belt, since he won. So I knew he won by DQ. I was really angry when I saw the address of the video ’cause I thought Dean won, and was afraid I didn’t watch his long awaited crown live. Then I realized it was a joke. When I watched the match, and that first ref was out I felt something bad was about to happen. Am I the only one who didn’t buy Seth being out cold for about 10 seconds from the first Dirty Deeds!! I mean it is the same move we saw Wyatt and Cena kick out of!! Can’t Seth, the world champ, kick out of. And that is why I thought it was impossible for Dean to win, I didn’t buy it. I didn’t believe Seth was out. Am I supposed to think Seth was dead, or that he was sure the first ref was gonna reverse the second ref’s decision ( we can’t claim that since Seth was extremely surprised that his eyes widened to that extent when he was announced as the champ, still). Ah.

    The ladder match is great, but it is a no DQ which leaves the door open for Seth’s goons again. The biggest reason why Seth is a paper champ is the authority, but they are the only reason he is a champ, too. He is yet to have a great match as champ ’cause of all the stupid interference game. On RAW he looked all angry accepting the match as if he is a man on a mission to prove himself as a worthy champ, calling Kane a “7-foot tall piece of crap” and pushing & screaming at HHH’s face. Not surprisingly,it was just for him to appear with his full crew at the end of the show all in the same page. What was the use of Kane’s tension with Seth, then!! What was Seth’s assault to Kane for, then!!The only good part was Dean’s invasion. It is a really Scary thought that they don’t see Dean as championship material. And it is a nightmare they see Roman as one.

    Just a couple of thoughts on this episode since I watched it all.
    1- How on earth are we supported to belee dat Mark Henry is now a R&R hater or a heel since the last we saw him he put Roman over after a superman punch(yea, it is stupid, but he did so). Now all the sudden he is blind attacking him.
    2- How can a f’n superman punch knock Henry out. How can another one knock Kane out.
    3- How in the world can they use “twin magic” between 2 sisters who don’t look alike anymore! They have different hair color & different outfits. Even if you think we are that stupid, put some effort. Do they enjoy making fool out of their stars, officials, and fans!? If Nikkie is dominating the entire match, why does she need help at all! Who is a face & who is a heel. Yea, I shouldn’t ask this question about the divas since they are unstable people who the company doesn’t give a damn about.
    4- What the …. are they doin’ with Axel & Sandow!?

    Done ranting, Salam.


    1. Alright, there are a lot of points you made that need comments. And I try to keep it short to make this not too long. Here we go:

      I’ve decided a long time ago that I only write about Dean Ambrose segments. Plainly because my reviews would be too long. But I also like Cesaro and Damien Sandow (the real one). If I’d write about these two as well, my complaints would easily grow into 10K+ reviews because I just can’t understand their current use. Cesaro is such a hard trainer, he’s entertaining and brings a different European style. But still Vince thinks he’s not entertaining and doesn’t connect with crowds. I mean there’s nothing wrong about tag teams but I feel that Cesaro is put into them because Vince thinks he isn’t working as a singles competitor which is completely ridiculous. And what about Damien Sandow? He had such a great gimmick with the intellectual jerk – something I really miss these days when heels are usually cowards and faces are beat up all the time. Instead Sandow and Axel have to act gimmicks from 20 years ago. And they aren’t even able to create an own version but appear exactly like the originals (just like bad copies). People always complain about Ambrose not being an “original” because he’d remind people of Austin, Pillman, Roberts, Piper, etc. But nobody seems to have a big problem of Sandow and Axel just being lame copies of the past. Plus, Ambrose reminds people of at least 5 or 6 guys combined. This would be original as well if it was true. But for me Ambrose is just the first Ambrose and that’s it.

      The other thing from your first paragraph: every time Reigns has got a promo with The Authority and I for some reason watch it, I always wholeheartedly agree with almost everything Steph and Triple H say towards him. And when Reigns is beaten up by a lot of guys, I enjoy it. It’s funny, isn’t it?

      As for some people kicking out of finishers, that’s part of the storytelling. Of course no-one thinks these guys are really out cold or unconscious. It’s like in movies when there are fighting scenes. These actors also don’t die or are left unconscious when they are beat up. So, when Cena kicks out at 2 all the time, that’s basically his “never give up”-gimmick. He kicks out at other guys finishers because he’s Cena. It’s as simple as that. And little kids love it because – let’s face it – John Cena is a great role model for little kids. When you are older you’re mostly annoyed by it because it’s ridiculous and you see that the guy isn’t really that good at wrestling. But I can understand it when little kids are crying over their hero being beaten by a guy they have no idea about. Kevin Owens was just this unknown evil guy who’s beaten their hero, who usually never gives up. And I guess parents had a hard time that evening to explain things and got their moods up. But there are other guys as well who kick out of other guys’ finishers. It also depends on the storytelling. For example, I hate it if one guy kicks out of three or four finishers in one match but hits his own finisher and instantly wins, esp. when there isn’t any real difference between both guys’ gimmicks. It’s something else when Sami Zayn is basically destroyed by Kevin Owens but kicks out two or three times of Owens’ finisher. But then Owens hits his finisher for the fourth time and finally wins. It needs to make sense. That’s because I didn’t like the EC finish because – like I said – at least the referees should know the rules. If it would have been Reigns dressed like a referee and doing the three-count, it would have made more sense than the way they did it. It was a real referee and he should have told everyone that the match was over with a DQ win to Ambrose. That would have been the logic finish. But WWE went for this way to fool all fans to make it an even bigger disappointment. And THIS is what I hated.


      1. What they are doin’ with Sandow totally sucks. To say Cesaro doesn’t connect with the crowd is a total joke. Vince has to be not only blind, but deaf as well to say so. Cesaro was so over after leaving Swagger. Every body was cheering him & they were all impressed by the fact that he is a much more likeable real life Superman than Vince’s golden boy Roman Reigns. He turned him heel, made him a jobber & maybe would have done more than that if the people stopped supporting him. Being one half of the tag team champs isn’t that bad compared to losing to BNB (who is another underutilized talent) . But now that Cesaro & Kidd lost the titles, Kidd is reportedly injured, and “millions of dollars” are the number 1 contenders to “new day sucks”. things aren’t looking good for him. He was neither on RAW or SD. The bad thing about tag teams is that once your partner is injured you can pretty much consider your self in a ” firing ” angle ’cause the “Not very creative” team has nothing for ya as individual. One USO is injured, they are both out of the Picture (which doesn’t really bother me).
        About Dean reminding people of legends from the past: You nailed it.

        I agree with ya. When Reigns is fighting anybody, I am firmly in that person’s corner. He have this weird ability to make the authority faces to me. Not only the authority, but any person standing against him. And it is so funny seeing him getting beat up, but so rare as well.

        Yea, totally understand your explanation for my disbelieve to Seth not kicking out. I know they are not dead for real. Actually they should find another name for “finishers” since they barely “finish” anybody or any match these days. I think I should suppose that once a guy hits his finishing move out of no where, the match is over. But since you see people kicking out of it several times it is no longer affective, then. Right! How can it knock somebody down and another one or that exact same person kicks out at 2 of it! That’s my point.

        About the second ref, here is the way I saw it:
        The 1st ref was out, so another one went in. He didn’t realise what happened to the 1st one, maybe he thought he was knocked out as an accident not a work from Seth. I thought the 2nd ref’s decision was supposed to apply since he was the legal one at last. But when the 2 refs argued, I thought they will force the match to restart & in that case I would ‘ve expected Seth to win due to Dean being in disbelieve. I was surprised they both asked Dean to surrender the title. Why didn’t the 2nd ref insist on his decision since he believes Dean is the rightful champ is beyond me. That’s the way I saw it, maybe totally wrong. That’s why I like reading reviews, to help me make an opinion.

        Will ya review RAW or is your next review is SD’s! Since Dean barely appeared on RAW and you talked about it a bit here.

        Thanks for answering, Salam.
        Do you hate my comments, since you don’t “like button” ’em!


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