You might have already noticed that I once again stopped writing about wrestling. This time because I don’t really enjoy the new stuff in WWE. I already teased one or two times that I won’t write about it anymore. But this time it’s true. I’ll explain later in this last article. I’ll still write in here but not about WWE. For my last thoughts, just continue reading.

Dean Ambrose_collage

First things first and that’s some common thoughts about why I stopped watching WWE. The most important reason is, I don’t enjoy it anymore. Yes, I used to rant a lot but I still had something to enjoy most of times. But right now I need a few days to even watch the Dean Ambrose segments and don’t really bother to look after results. I started to continue writing my #SagaFromHell again and I read a lot. Which I haven’t done much when I used to write my wrestling reviews every third or fourth day.

After this last WWE review here I’ll still post a few things about wrestling, especially Dean Ambrose and William Regal. If you are interested in this other stuff, just click on the little square with the three lines in it on the left hand side. There you find all pages / additional stuff to this website, including my shrines of Dean Ambrose and William Regal. Leave me a message if you liked what you saw / read or if it was useful to you.

Another important reason why I don’t enjoy watching WWE anymore is the use of Seth Rollins. Here is an excellent piece about it. Read it, so I don’t need to write all that for myself. These aren’t my words under the link, so I’ll give a shorter version here. Dean Ambrose or more like Jon Moxley at the time already famously said that wrestling is fun and you should enjoy it. That’s true. Wrestling used to be fun. And it is fun when Good and Evil at some point are even. You know, Evil wins a title, gets arrogant and finally Good takes the title from Evil. And the game starts again. Evil can get all this help by The Authority. But at some point Good has to overcome and win something. That’s basically the difference to reality. In reality there isn’t just Black and White, i.e. Evil and Good. There are all the nuances between and let’s face it: Evil always wins because Good usually has got this moral codex that limits its actions while Evil doesn’t bother about moral and codices at all. But wrestling isn’t reality; it’s a fantasy world many people like because Good does win against Evil at some point. Now, when WWE thinks that they need to have a world of Black and White in which Black always wins, where is the fun? Where is it so much better than the real world? Where is my need to watch this?

For numerous times now I’ve expressed how much I don’t enjoy watching Roman Reigns. And he’s put on the side of Dean Ambrose that much recently that you might think he’s his shadow. And I don’t enjoy watching Seth Rollins. But he’s part of almost anything in WWE, so there’s not much left. It’s like The Shield never broke up the much time these three men appeared together on the screen during the last year. Yes, Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins are usually good matches but I’d like to see something else than only them circling around each other on and on. Saying that if Dean Ambrose isn’t around Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns, he’s automatically out of the main event. He always has to put over other guys. He has to lose all important matches because, ooh, he’s unstable and a lunatic. He always makes feuds interesting and hypes them with great promos. Then he loses and promises he’ll come back even stronger. But that’s not a linear told storyline; it’s a circle. And Dean Ambrose – at this point – seems to be stuck in it for ever.

Like I said, this game of Good vs Evil isn’t about Evil always wins and Good only gets a few useless pranks. Good vs Evil is more like a good old game of chess (or ping-pong for the easier minded people out there) – one wins this time, the other one wins next time. And everything between is fun and good matches. And the matches actually have clean finishes from time to time. But Seth Rollins is basically all over the shows and I don’t like him, I don’t like watching him, I don’t like listening to him. And the same goes for Roman Reigns. And because I can’t see that Dean Ambrose at any point gets some booking I can legitimately enjoy, I’m not writing about it anymore. I might not even watch it anymore.

I still don’t own every Jon Moxley DVD out there. But I’ve seen some on Ebay for some rather low price. So, I’ll complete my collection and watch these from time to time.

RAW 2015/06/01: Dean Ambrose helps out his shadow to overcome the lapdogs

"I won this title fair and square last night but I only get a couple seconds of Raw? Ya gotta be kidding me!"
“I won this title fair and square last night but I only get a couple seconds on Raw? Ya gotta be kidding me!”
We just saw a Super Reigns show – well, not me of course – with him having to “earn” his place in the Money In The Bank ladder match with matches against Wade Barrett, Mark Henry and Bray Wyatt. When the so-called Big Dog “surprisingly” won against his final opponent Bray Wyatt, he was a so-called “Sick Dog” (Michael Cole) and Seth Rollins with his lapdogs were on the verge of killing him, when Dean Ambrose’s music hit.The man was part of the main event at the Pay-Per-View the day before and now he only appears at the very end of RAW to help his shadow. Makes all the sense of the world.

Now Dean Ambrose didn’t came out from ramp side but “appeared” on the announcers table with the kidnapped WWE World Heavyweight championship belt. He first fooled Seth Rollins, then headed into the ring to help his shadow clearing the ring. Finally also Seth Rollins made it into the ring but just to eat Dirty Deeds from Dean Ambrose. And of course also JBL had to make a fool of himself in congratulating Reigns but straight bashes again on Dean Ambrose. It’s that ridiculous that it’s almost funny. And with a little mocking by Dean Ambrose towards Triple H and Stephanie McMahon we closed this irrelevant episode of RAW.

But not before we got the announcement that we would have the re-match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. So, no Dean Ambrose to fight for the briefcase and with Reigns being the only one to have fought for his spot in that very match, it seemed obvious that he would get the briefcase. Well, just a little too obvious to become actual reality.

WWE RULE #1: Make things too obvious to happen, so they won’t happen.

SmackDown 2015/06/04: It’s Promo War, part 1
I seriously think by now that The Shield was only split up, so WWE was able to mock CM Punk through the mouth of Seth Rollins (and JBL) who at least once every WWE show says that he was the one who created The Shield. Yeah, and he was the leader and the only one who could wrestle and cut a promo, blah, blah, blub. Like I once said, I usually like heels more than babyfaces, but Seth Rollins is just annoying to me and he does nothing for me. At all. So CM Punk in his chit-chat with Colt Cabana said that it was his idea to get a three-guy-squad to protect him and his belt at the time. He had Dean Ambrose, Rollins and Chris Hero a.k.a Kassius Ohno in mind but we all know the end result. Now the split was way before the chit-chat and Rollins did say that he apparently created The Shield since day one. But WWE could have cut it a long time ago. Instead mentioning this increased potentially since the chit-chat – just to rub it in (like Punk would care!). And at this point I’m not even angry about it. I just get bored because what Seth Rollins has to say is the same litany again and again.

And today was no difference. I mean, how many times we had a lengthy promo by Seth Rollins telling us the history of the break-up of The Shield and his path towards winning everything he won ever since? We should know by now, shouldn’t we? And since I’m really glad about Dean Ambrose being on his own now, I’m definitely not mad about the break-up. I’m not hurt about the break-up; I’m not sad. I’m just mad about Dean Ambrose’s stupid lunatic fringe / unstable gimmick, him being compared to several old guys when he could be his very unique Indie / FCW character. Not to mention is most of the time ridiculous booking. And quite honestly, did The Shield really broke up? Because most of the time, these three guys have certain segments together.

Back to the SmackDown there was at least one funny moment when Rollins stated without even an ironic smile that he would have won the Money In The Bank contract last year all by himself. WWE really thinks their fans only remember things as far as two weeks ago. Or is that heelish behaviour to lie about something everyone knows it’s not true? Oh, dear.

When Rollins said that he would be the greatest WWE champion of all times, that was the perfect opportunity for the audience to chant “CM Punk”. But they only like to chant his name during divas matches or apparently boring matches. So, what do I know?

Somehow after all this history lesson Rollins made it to mentioning Dean Ambrose, that the man wasn’t the real champ and everyone would know that. And to prove this Rollins further claimed that he wouldn’t need anyone from The Authority to get his title back in that ladder match at coming Money In The Bank. And a few slurs later, Dean Ambrose thankfully interrupted him for a promo via Titantron:

"I am the sole sane one in here. You all are the lunatics. And what does 'unstable' even mean? Do I look like f***ing Polonium?"
“I am the sole sane one in here. You all are the lunatics. And what does ‘unstable’ even mean? Do I look like f***ing Polonium?”
“Seth. Seth. Se-eth. Up here. I couldn’t help but hear your little story about doing things all by yourself. My question is, do you have a bad memory, or are you just a liar? ‘Cause as far a I can remember, you always needed help. You couldn’t get through an airport without breaking down and asking one of us to help you with your bags. You got more luggage than a rich girl with daddy issues.

But I always knew you were a liar, Seth, and who am I to judge? I’m every bit the scumbag that you are. But if there’s one lie that I can’t stand, if there’s one lie that will drive me nuts when I hear it, it’s you calling yourself WWE World Heavyweight Champion after I beat you in the centre of the ring and the whole world saw it.

So you can put on your little dog and pony show all you want, but we all know that The Authority will do everything in their power to protect their precious investment. They’ll send monsters, they’ll send demons, they’ll send giants, they’ll sent the cavalry, they’ll send J and J – everything to make sure that this never slips through their fingers ever, ever again, and you know that. That helps you sleep at night. And that’s made you soft. And that’s made you weak.

You wanna talk about doing things by yourself? You know what I’ve been doing for the last year, Seth? Surviving. I’ve had to grow eyes in the back of my head living in this world The Authority’s created. Every time I step in the ring, I’m on the endangered species list, and that’s made me stronger, stronger every day that I scrape and I claw. Every day for a year, I get stronger and finally I reached the top of the mountain at Elimination Chamber.

The thing about the top of the mountain is, to get there you can’t be afraid to fall off, and I ain’t never been afraid to fall. That’s why we’re gonna do this one more time. This time, in a ladder match. No excuses. Win, lose, or draw. You wanna get it? You gotta climb the ladder and take it. I am the real, rightful WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I’m walking in to Money in the Bank – with this, and I’m walking out – with this. Or I’ll die trying.”

And that was it with Dean Ambrose for this episode of SmackDown.

WWE RULE #2: Teasing something means, the exact opposite will happen.

RAW 2015/06/08: WWE spams Instagram with Dean Ambrose having fun in New Orleans on Bourbon Street

"Of course this is Bray Wyatt. And we discussed a great plan of how to put down Roman Reigns."
“Of course this is Bray Wyatt. And we discussed a great plan of how to put down Roman Reigns.”
In case it was the plan of WWE to keep me away from watching RAW live because I knew Dean Ambrose was roaming Bourbon Street in New Orleans, they actually did a great job. Because all night WWE posted pictures of Dean Ambrose on Instagram of him meeting up with some fans and enjoying himself with the WWE belt in the city WWE was currently in. So, I can still remember being awake at the time but I just refreshed Instagram from time to time when I realized what WWE was doing. It was definitely more entertaining than most of what I’ve seen recently in WWE.

However, Dean Ambrose of course appeared again at the very end of the show like he did one week ago. His shadow just had finished his match, when he took a chair and waited at ringside for the music of Dean Ambrose to hit. Stupid smile on his face he awaited Dean Ambrose, so he could take just a little more attention for himself as well. Now Dean Ambrose took his seat at ringside with a ton of popcorn and some soda, the belt firmly placed on his left shoulder. He was there for the main event and that was Seth Rollins against J&J Security. When they came out they were accompanied by Kane, mostly because they don’t have their own music, I guess. Second reason was that Seth Rollins said he doesn’t need any help during matches and his cockiness and arrogance led to this handicap match against his bodyguard.

During the match Dean Ambrose did everything in his power to entertain the people and to get some reactions out of them because this crowd was basically dead. A few cheers here and there but almost every audience nowadays is almost dead – well, compared to crowds around fifteen years ago, even a Chicago crowd feels like being dead. Most people just looked at Dean Ambrose, waiting what he would do next instead of being a part and co-create the atmosphere by themselves. People nowadays want to be entertained but they hardly do anything to deserve to get entertained.

Riding that horse like a real cowboy...
Riding that horse like a real cowboy…
After almost nine minutes of match time, Rollins was about to hit the Pedigree on Jamie Noble. But Dean Ambrose finally made his way over the barricades and threw the belt into the ring. Rollins just grabbed it when Joey Mercury got Rollins from behind to win the match for his team. And after letting J&J have their moment for a little, Dean Ambrose made it inside the ring, hit Dirty Deeds on Rollins and got “his” title back. Then he got himself a ladder that were standing near the ramp, positioned it right in front of the ring, climbed it and posed like a real champ to mock Rollins and to close the show.

WWE RULE #3: You always have to be kept disappointed, so you’ll tune in again with hope for better outcomes for your favourite.

SmackDown 2015/06/11: It’s Promo War, part 2
Dean Ambrose opened this edition of SmackDown and for some reason he entered the ring through the audience, long and mainly green beaded New Orleans chains still hanging around his neck, belt firmly on his left shoulder. And when Tom Phillips and Jerry Lawler were finished babbling, Dean Ambrose started talking:

"Call me Lord of the Beads."
“Call me Lord of the Beads.”
“Man, it’s been a wacky week. You guys really know how to party. It’s amazing what you can see for a handful of beads in Louisiana. There’s a saying that my new friends in New Orleans told me and it goes something like this: ‘Laissez {p}les… {ples} bon… {bopkis} [temps rouler]‘ … I don’t speak French but what it means is, ‘Let the good times roll!’ And that’s exactly what I did this Monday night in N’Orleans. I took my WWE championship and I hit Bourbon Street. And I gotta tell ya, I had the time of my life. So I’d like to give a special thank you to everybody who joined me on my tour of The Big Easy, especially these gentlemen here:

Check out this guy who’s either doing his best Bray Wyatt impression or unfortunately he just looks like that. And then this guy… eww… put that thing away before you hurt yourself, man! And then, of course, The Undisputed, Undisputed, Undefeated Mechanical Bull Riding Champion Of The World! Yeah, it’s true, I set a new all-time record of the Bourbon Cowboy. And after that I went down and I hit the casino. And I’m playing Roulette with the WWE championship. And I look at the TV and I see an ad for Monday Night Raw with Seth Rollins’ face on it. So I did what any normal person would do, I hopped on a cab, I made my way down to the arena, and I bought a ticket. And now I come to think of it, I don’t even think that was a real ticket. Luckily Roman Reigns saved me a ringside seat. You know, even after a night full of… who knows what in New Orleans, the best was yet to come!

Eww, oh yeah, that stinks. I hope, you’re watching, Seth. And I hope you remember what that felt like. I hope you remember what it felt like to be abandoned by your so-called friends. I hope you remember what it felt like when your whole Authority security blanked you, your whole world was crumbling down around you. I hope you remember what it felt like to lie on your back and look up at me holding this title. I hope you remember well. And if you’re having trouble remembering because I put you in the Dirty Deeds and dropped your head right on this mat and your brain is a little bit scrambled, then we’re gonna replay the whole thing this Sunday when I walk outta Money In The Bank WWE World Heavyweight champion!”

So, we’re fully back with the revenge story from last year. And I guess that will be the sole storyline around those two for their whole career in WWE. It’s easy to remember for the dumb and easy thinking common WWE fan, isn’t it? And easy for the writers as well. Yeah, I guess you can smell the sarcasm of my enthusiasm about all this. Easy to guess as well, that Seth Rollins had to come out now for his ever the same mocking towards Dean Ambrose that turned into a little conversation:

"And now for some stuttering from the personified scumbag."
“And now for some stuttering from the personified scumbag.”
“Ambrose, I am so tired of this crap. Ohhh, I’m Dean Ambrose, I’m so crazy. You know, Ambrose, I know you think that you’re different, somehow different than every challenger that’s come before you. But let me tell you something, you are not different. You are just like all the scum in this arena. You are not in my league. At Money In The Money, I’m going to take my WWE World Heavyweight championship back. So let’s stop wasting all this time. Why don’t you give that title back to me now before I come in the ring and take it from you.”

“Relax, man, you really need to take a chill pill. I mean I didn’t think you’d get that upset about all this. It’s just a gag, man. Just relax. I mean, if it’s that important to you… you know, I mean… take it. Sorry, man, I didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers, you know, sorry.”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. About time you came to your senses, punk.”

“I gotta level with you, Seth. I mean, me and you go back a long way. I can’t lie to you. That’s not the real WWE championship. That’s just a replica I bought at the concession stand.”

“This is a replica! This is a replica! Where’s my title? Where’s the real title?”

“Hey, don’t get all mad at me, man. Monday night was a long night, and Monday got really weird, and it got weirder after I left Raw, and I, truth be told, I don’t remember exactly where I left the real championship. It’s somewhere in New Orleans, or somewhere in between here and New Orleans. I don’t remember. The last few days have been a bit of a blur, and they all rolled into one. I mean, it still feels like it’s Tuesday to me today. But look, I’m gonna retrace my steps and I’m gonna find the real Championship, and I promise I’ll bring it to Money in the Bank this Sunday. I promise I’ll find it, and I’m gonna walk into Money in the Bank with it, and I’m gonna walk out with it. I’m gonna find it right now. So…”

"Gawd, they really put a photo on this Instagram from me looking at this Instagram?"
“Gawd, they really put a photo on this Instagram from me looking at this Instagram?”
“No, no, no, no, no! You get back here! Get back here! I’m not done with you!”

Of course, Dean Ambrose continued his walk back through the audience and Kane thankfully interrupted any further attempt by Seth Rollins to let us hear his annoying voice. Kane said that Rollins can prove himself again in a match without help from The Authority, this time against Dolph Ziggler.

WWE RULE #4: The more of a shitty personality you have outside of the ring, the more success / belts you’ll have inside of the ring.

Money In The Bank 2015/06/14: Dean Ambrose sacrificed his dead cowboy belt but still didn’t get the WWE World Heavyweight championship belt instead
After Dusty Rhodes died on Thursday, 11 June 2015, all of Money In The Bank was about “The American Dream”. WWE showed a vignette in his honour on the pre-show, all match endings had a Dusty Finish, i.e. a complete nonsense and rubbish way to end a match and after the show Dean Ambrose cut a “hard way” like promo inside of the ring to end this Pay-Per-View. It’s kind of ironic that we had the mother of all Dusty Finishes at the end of the Elimination Chamber when during Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins the latter knocked out the first referee, so the second referee came out for Dean Ambrose to win, just for the first referee to reverse the second referee’s call for Rollins still losing but retaining the belt. And almost two weeks later Dusty Rhodes was dead.

RIP, Dusty.
RIP, Dusty.

During the pre-show Dean Ambrose was seen backstage in the locker room for a little chit-chat with his shadow. They both teased winning the briefcase and the WWE World Heavyweight championship respectively, so chances were neither of them would be successful in the end. And to make this even more clear for Dean Ambrose’s part, he even had another promo during the show:

“What kind of animal do you take me for? What kind of lunatic would parade around on Bourbon Street with the richest price in this industry? … Wait, I did do that, didn’t I? One year ago at this very event I was robbed by Kane and Seth Rollins, and every day since then, week after week, month after month I’ve been getting robbed, screwed over, pushed down, living in this Authority ruled world. And then you come to a point in time, eventually you just have to turn up for yourself and take what’s yours. So The Authority can say Seth Rollins is the WWE World Heavyweight champion all they want. I know in my heart and soul… I know in my heart and my soul, I earned this with my blood, my sweat and my tears – I won this championship fair and square in the centre of the ring. And I don’t care what anybody says, this belongs to me.

So if you’re this kinda person that lives for paperwork and official rulings and all that, then Seth Rollins is your champion. But if you’re the kinda person that believes when you are robbed, when you’re denied of what you deserves in life, that you have to stand up for yourself, then I’m your champion. At least for tonight. Because I’m gonna put my money where my mouth is. And this title is gonna hang twenty feet in the air. Seth Rollins, we’re gonna risk our lives, our well-being, our careers tonight. For the first time, errand boy, we’re gonna be all alone – no Shield, no Authority, just me and just you. Taking this was about taking respect. But tonight, I’m going after the payday. And I’m walking out WWE World Heavyweight champion.”

Dean Ambrose MITB 2015-06-14

And then the main event started. From first bell to second bell Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins lasted for 35:40 minutes. I have read somewhere that initially it wasn’t planned to happen that long. But some matches before were supposedly cut shorter than expected, so the main event had to last longer. But this “rumour” doesn’t really sound legitimate to me, at least when knowing that Vince McMahon seems to be furious about one man staying four seconds in the ring than the planned one second in a Royal Rumble match. 35 minutes for a main event match at a Pay-Per-View isn’t that seldom.

I also read somewhere that some people were bored about the slow beginning and built-up and about the more technical match. Apparently they missed more suicidal moves. Do I really have to comment about this? I mean, what is the health of the wrestlers? They just need a WWE career of three or four years, right? And after their career they can straight up head to the cemetery anyway, so what? Really, sometimes I’m just shaking my head in sheer disbelief and let people talk without saying anything because every word would be wasted. And by the way, my two favourite matches ever are the two matches that Dean Ambrose had against William Regal – these were technical matches of the royal order, without any suicidal move. If people are unable to appreciate and enjoy these kind of matches, then why are they watching wrestling anyway?

Dean Ambrose MITB 2015-06-14

The match started with Dean Ambrose firmly in control inside of the ring. The first three minutes belonged to him with a few chops, kicks and holds. Then the action went outside the ring, first to the commentators table where Seth Rollins used the steel steps to get Dean Ambrose a few seconds of breathing. Seth Rollins then made it around the ring, apparently with a ladder as his target. But during his very slow walk Dean Ambrose had made it back inside the ring for a suicide dive on Rollins. Then Rollins also met his targeted ladder with his head while Dean Ambrose now was the one who carried the ladder towards the ring. Just for Rollins now to shove Dean Ambrose into the ladder and the ring ropes from behind.

Now with this new toy at hand, the played around with it for a little while until finally Dean Ambrose got the ladder inside the ring, put it up just under the title belt and started climbing. Now Rollins, back inside the ring as well again, pulled Dean Ambrose down and started climbing himself. This went on for a couple times until Dean Ambrose chose the other side of the ladder, so both men were standing on the top for a little exchange of punches. And soon after both men were down again. To prevent Rollins from climbing again, Dean Ambrose put the ladder onto the second rope of one corner of the ring. Usually the one guy who sets something up, actually is the one who finally ends up on his own set-up. But this time it worked for Dean Ambrose with him suplexing Seth Rollins back first on the very ladder.

And Dean Ambrose went on with using his toy to Seth Rollins’ disadvantage. He set up the ladder into the corner, standing this time, climbed on top and hit a Bionic Elbow on Seth Rollins. Nice tribute to Dusty Rhodes. A few Dusty chants from the audience but the all around atmosphere was quite disappointing. Like I already said a few times before: people just watching these days and don’t contribute much themselves. You have so much more fun and a better experience when you create something yourself. If there are no atmosphere, just start creating one yourself. Chances are that more and more people will do it with you. I know it’s easier when there is already some atmosphere. But it can always be bigger. Masses always work this way. If a mass is dead, it stays dead. But when some people interact, more and more will join in to create an atmosphere. And that means, the people in the ring want to do better – for this very audience that creates such a great atmosphere. It’s not that hard to understand. But some people think that it’s enough for them to pay the ticket and then let the guys in the ring entertain them.

Dean Ambrose MITB 2015-06-14

Around ten minutes into the match Dean Ambrose had Seth Rollins thrown over the top rope outside the ring. Now he had the ladder all for himself. Dean Ambrose set it up, climbed on top very slowly, just for Seth Rollins hitting Dean Ambrose’s left knee with a chair. And now Seth Rollins had a prime target: this very knee. He realized that he had to injure Dean Ambrose enough just for him being unable to climb the ladder again. So he started to work on this knee. He used the ladder, then put Dean Ambrose into a Figure-Four around one ring post and then again inside the ring. Especially this second Figure-Four could have created some really good atmosphere inside the arena, and there were some cheers, but right after both men separated, everyone was dead again.

And the punishment continued when Dean Ambrose was hanging from one corner of the ring. One chair met his kneecap again, a few stomps to the chest and finally Seth Rollins jumping from the top of the corner onto Dean Ambrose’s chest. Then he tried to climb the ladder again, but Dean Ambrose somehow made it onto his feet again to knock over the ladder, so Seth Rollins landed onto the ropes first and back on the canvas. The audience kind of came to life with some Yes! chants corresponding Dean Ambrose’s punches onto Seth Rollins and after Dean Ambrose teased the Pendulum Lariat but hit the ladder instead. Both men were lying on the canvas when a We Want Ambrose chant made it into the arena.

Dean Ambrose MITB 2015-06-14

Now with Dean Ambrose having to sell his left knee he had to be inventive when it came to moves he could do without relying on his right leg too much. And he did with an impressive lariat from the bottom rope to Seth Rollins who was hanging on the ropes as well. Then Jerry Lawler was able to blast out his favourite “punch, chop, punch, chop, cont.” commentary (it seems to me that these are the only moves he can call correctly) when Dean Ambrose did the exact thing. For some reason (inhumanly strength!) Dean Ambrose was still able to run a bit, so he could throw Seth Rollins and himself over the top rope outside the ring.

Seth Rollins now moved up to the ramp and for some reason Dean Ambrose followed him there. It was pretty clear that the one guy with two functioning legs would make his way back inside the ring way faster than the guy with the injured knee. Dean Ambrose should have used this time to get back inside the ring to get the belt. But apparently the “Lunatic Fringe” isn’t just unstable but also dumb. Well, almost every babyface is naive and dumb, so I get this. So, Seth Rollins threw Dean Ambrose into the very end of the barricades and then moved back fast inside the ring to set up the ladder again. But Dean Ambrose was faster than expected, so Seth Rollins threw the ladder outside the ring but missed Dean Ambrose. When he made it inside the ring as well, Dean Ambrose teased the Pendulum Lariat again but only with his third attempt in this match he was able to connect for both man having a few seconds of breathing time again.

Dean Ambrose MITB 2015-06-14

After teasing a Dirty Deeds inside the ring, both men chose to have a little brawl through the audience. Dean Ambrose was thrown into a wall and stayed there for the moment. Seth Rollins meanwhile made it back to the ring to find another ladder under the ring. But “The Architect” did have some problems to get this ladder out. So Dean Ambrose used the announcers table to throw himself on his arch rival. And here – 24 minutes into the match – the audience decided that “This Is Awesome”.

Back inside the ring, Dean Ambrose tried to set up the ladder but Seth Rollins made it back as well, so the ladder was still hanging between the canvas and the announcers table when Dean Ambrose threw Seth Rollins back first over the top rope onto the very ladder. And the ladder almost broke in half. But there were still other ladders that were usable. From the other side Dean Ambrose got himself one of them from under the ring, then spent a bit of time to set it up. Naturally he gave Seth Rollins too much time to get up again. So after Seth Rollins got Dean Ambrose down again, both men ended outside the ring again and then over the Spanish announcers table for another few seconds of recollection. A bit later on top of the announcers table there was a little punching fest, then Seth Rollins teased the Pedigree but Dean Ambrose was able to hit Dirty Deeds. Despite Dean Ambrose visibly hurt from it as well, the audience wanted “One More Time” but didn’t get it.

Dean Ambrose MITB 2015-06-14

Dean Ambrose sold the hell out of his left knee when he made it back inside the ring, just for Seth Rollins hitting his knee with a monitor from the announcers table, when Dean Ambrose was half up the ladder. Then Seth Rollins started climbing but Dean Ambrose tore him down as well just for him having to eat the Pedigree. But that still wasn’t enough to keep Dean Ambrose grounded. Both men left the ring again and now Seth Rollins shoved Dean Ambrose into the destroyed ladder, then throwing him into the barricades twice. After that a few chairs were carefully dropped onto the ladder, plus Dean Ambrose thrown on top of that pile. And finally Dean Ambrose was symbolically buried with the big ladder and several chairs on top of him.

But when Seth Rollins was on top of the ladder, Dean Ambrose raised from being buried to the ladder and tried to get Seth Rollins down. After a moment both men were standing on the same side on top of the ladder, Dean Ambrose had his arm around the belt but Seth Rollins loosened it and both men fell from the ladder. Seth Rollins ended up having the belt after the fall, so he was the winner and still WWE World Heavyweight champion.

After Money In The Bank went off air there was the post show when we saw Dean Ambrose still struggling inside of the ring. But this time he had a microphone in hand and he addressed the audience in Columbus, Ohio, with a speech that is now referred to as a “Hard Times” promo as just another tribute to the late Dusty Rhodes:

“When I stole that championship belt all the couple of weeks ago, it was about respect. It was about taking what you feel you earned. Now life ain’t always fair, and I’m from right here in Ohio. And you people know life ain’t always fair. You can’t get a car loan ’cause on a technicality, you don’t have a good enough credit score, so now you gotta walk to work, your children gotta walk to school on a technicality. Your boss pushes you around even though you’re better at his job than he is, and he talks to you like you’re an idiot, but he’s the boss on a technicality.

So when I took that championship it was about screw technicalities, it was about taking what’s yours, what you deserved, what you feel that you earned, what you know in your heart and your soul that you deserve, that you earned. It was about just taking it. And I’m a grown ass man and I lost fair and square tonight. I climbed that ladder, and I didn’t like what happened when I came down. I lost fair and square and I’m man enough to admit that. So I’m gonna fix this leg and I’m gonna stand up on my two feet again. And one day I’m going to be World Heavyweight Champion and there ain’t no paperwork, and there ain’t no technicalities, and there ain’t no bullcrap that’s gonna stop me.”

When it came to intensity there were a lot similarities to his promo he once cut in FCW on William Regal. And when it came to the essence of what he said, I thought that he would be off television for a while. Or what exactly was meant with “I’m gonna fix this leg and I’m gonna stand up on my two feet again”? I seriously thought that maybe “Lockdown” was finally about to come out. But like the very next day showed us, there still the bad leg. But there was no break for Dean Ambrose.

WWE RULE #5: A guy or gal who has a promo at a Pay-Per-View before his or her match, has no chance of winning this very match.

RAW 2015/06/15: Dean Ambrose still likes the big, red monster but Kane not so much
It didn’t need much foretelling that Seth Rollins would open RAW to celebrate himself. I tried to listen but at some point I just skipped time to the point when Dean Ambrose thankfully interrupted him. It came with huge relief. So when Dean Ambrose walked to the ring, he was still selling his left knee, so the storytelling slightly continued. But Rollins didn’t wait for Dean Ambrose but came straight out of the ring to meet Dean Ambrose halfway for a little brawl. Dean Ambrose shoved Rollins into the ring just to throw him out again over the top rope to the announcers side. Rollins then went for Dean Ambrose’s knee but the latter countered and shoved Rollins back inside the ring again. And finally Rollins fled, still pulled out his shirt for some reason but wasn’t man enough for a one-on-one fight against an injured Dean Ambrose.

So Rollins headed backstage and when Dean Ambrose realized that he was left alone, he got himself a chair and a microphone, and made it back inside the ring for a little promo:

"You all know that I'm unable to sit still for very long anyway, don't you?"
“You all know that I’m unable to sit still for very long anyway, don’t you?”
“That title might have slipped literally right through my fingers when we crashed on the mat last night, Seth. But when you were out here running your mouth, you reminded me just how much I’ve enjoyed making your life a living hell over the last few weeks. Hell, I don’t think I want it to end. So, we’re gonna change things up tonight. And I’m gonna tell you what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna take a seat right here in the great state of Ohio! And I’m not leaving until you get your ass back out here!”

So, like Mr. Ambrose said, he took a seat on his chair and waited. Of course, Rollins didn’t came back out. Instead Dean Ambrose did have a whole four-minute commercial break time to think about what he had just done. We all know that Dean Ambrose is probably the least patient human being in the entire galaxy, so him waiting, just sitting in the middle of the ring, must have been torture.

And while he was still sitting there, a little backstage vignette was shown with Rollins complaining to his Mommy and Daddy that Dean Ambrose just took over “his” show. But Mommy and Daddy already seemed to have enough from their little golden boy. Because like it turned out at the end of the show, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon picked Brock Lesnar as Rollins’ next opponent. The funny thing about that is that people already discuss of how WWE will turn Rollins face when Brock Lesnar is the heel here and WWE apparently never sends out heel versus heel.

First of all, that’s nonsense. There are matches with one or more faces against one or more faces and vice versa. And secondly, in a match of Brock Lesnar versus Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar will always be the babyface for me or at least the guy who I want to win. So, I don’t care if Rollins is face or heel. The same amount of I don’t care if Roman Reigns is face or heel. I like the guy and his character and style, not an attitude. And that’s it. To me Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were quite likable to me during this backstage segment like any other guys or gals would be if they gave Rollins or Reigns a literal or physical slap in their respective face.

"Take this ass off me, come on!"
“Take this ass off me, come on!”
Now the solution for the momentary Ambrose occupation was called Sheamus and like I said for a numerous times now, I really like his new entrance music. But I still don’t like his exaggerated Irish accent. No-one in Ireland speaks this way, not even when they’re drunk (and like you know the Irish are almost always drunk). Now Sheamus for whatever reason is Mr. Money In The Bank this year (at least it’s not Reigns, so that’s a pro) and told every guy and gal out there that he’ll be the next WWE champion. And he was send by The Authority to Brogue kick Dean Ambrose for his own enjoyment. Dean Ambrose didn’t have to say anything about that. He just threw the chair out of the ring and the match started.

Of course Sheamus went straight for Dean Ambrose’s left knee and that also was his only strategy during this match. After the commercial break Dean Ambrose sent a salute to William Regal with the Regal Cutter (or like Michael Cole referred to as a twisted neck breaker). Shortly after Dean Ambrose needed a while to escape out of the Cloverleaf – more damage done to that left knee. When Sheamus hit a few Beats of the Bodhrán to Dean Ambrose’s chest, Ambrose reversed this favour quickly, climbed on top of the ropes and hit a flying elbow on the Irishman. Then Dean Ambrose set up Dirty Deeds but Sheamus slipped away, took his briefcase and said that he doesn’t need this because he’s Mr. Money In The Bank.

Credit: hiitsmekevin on Tumblr.
Credit: hiitsmekevin on Tumblr.
Dean Ambrose RAW 2015-06-15 Randy Orton came out at this point to distract Sheamus. So Dean Ambrose was able to get his opponent back inside the ring and got the cheap win here after around ten minutes of match time. But his celebration was cut short when Randy Orton went straight after Sheamus for a little brawl. Orton set up the RKO but like Sheamus was the viper in this scenario, he slipped out of the ring again. Later on we saw Dean Ambrose enjoying himself in the locker room while playing darts with a picture of Seth Rollins pinned on the dart board. When the camera moved we saw Kane stopping by for a visit. And, yeah, I’ve transcribed their conversation as well because… hey! why not?

“Dean, as director of operations, it’s my job to ensure that everything in WWE runs smoothly.”

Ambrose (laughs the hell out of that statement)

“What’s so funny?”

“I was just picturing you as WWE World Heavyweight champion. You’re a funny guy, Kane, you really are. I don’t think you’re getting enough credit for it. That should change.”

“Unlike you, Dean, I have been World Heavyweight champion.”

“Yeah, but that wasn’t you… you. And I was like, the all hellfire and brimstone guy, the big, red monster Kane; tombstone, yeah! The guy who used to tear people apart in the most sadistic ways possible. That guy. I kinda liked that guy. That guy was World champion. And what are you now is some sort of glorified messenger errand boy in a suit?”

“I am the director of operations and executive of a global company.”

“What it says on your business card and what you actually do are two entirely different things. You talk a big game when it comes to Seth Rollins and The Authority but in the end you are loyal to The Authority, that means your heart is not all in this. For you this is just a job. Me, this is my life. This is what I live for, laying it on the line, every single night. And, last night, I had the WWE World Heavyweight championship literally in my fingertips. I got a taste of it, and I like it. And I will not stop, until I get another taste. I need that title and I will never, ever stop until I get it. That’s what I live for. What do you live for?”

And then Dean Ambrose left Kane thinking about his last question. I could probably like this hint of direction if WWE would really go for it. Yeah, we’ve already had Dean Ambrose vs. Kane for a couple of times. Kane is also one of the old guard who really should retire to make place for some young guys. As should Mark Henry and The Big Show and a couple others. But I would actually like it if Dean Ambrose would get under Kane’s skin to get out this big, red monster for one last time – or for two times. First he comes out at Battleground and there he’ll defeat Dean Ambrose. And then they’ll meet again at SummerSlam for a brutal fight with some good ideas and a good show with Dean Ambrose retiring Kane in the end. Yeah, it wouldn’t be a match for a title for Dean Ambrose but retiring Kane would be something huge regardless. But like I already said, WWE usually likes to tease really promising things or feud directions, just to throw blocks on these roads and go the usual main streets.

WWE RULE #6: A guy or gal who never complains backstage regarding their ridiculous booking will get even worse booking just for Vince McMahon’s amusement and knowledge of how far he can go with a certain guy or gal until they complain.

SmackDown 2015/06/18: Dean Ambrose is back at work, i.e. making Roman Reigns look strong
This episode of SmackDown was opened by Sheamus with an in-ring promo. He repeated what he already said on Monday, that he would be the next WWE World Heavyweight champion, that he wouldn’t look stupid with that briefcase in hand and that nobody would stand in his way. Saying that, it was a great announcement speech for Dean Ambrose to come out for an answer to that last statement:

"I'm here to help Roman Reigns to become John Cena 2.0. That's the only reason why I'm in WWE."
“I’m here to help Roman Reigns to become John Cena 2.0. That’s the only reason why I’m in WWE.”
“Sorry, Sheamus, I don’t speak Irish gibberish, so help me out here. Did you just say that nobody is going to stop you? Because, brother, I’m pretty sure that somebody already did when I pinned you in the middle of that ring Monday night on Raw. And let me also remind you that if it wasn’t for Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns would be holding that contract that you got in your hands. But if you’re keep standing there, spinning lies in front of an arena full of people who paid their hard earned money not to listen to you running your mouth, well then maybe I beat you for a second time tonight, maybe I take that briefcase out of your potato-farming hands and give it back to its rightful owner.”

Like basically (almost) every heel out there, Sheamus spoke the truth with stating that Dean Ambrose never wins the big matches, just steals other people’s property – actually two basic points about Dean Ambrose’s gimmick that I hate like hell – and Sheamus even mocked Dean Ambrose in a quite likeable way when he put the briefcase down and told Dean Ambrose that he should take it if he wants to. Now, this is the type of heel I like – arrogant, yes, but rightfully arrogant because he knows about his qualities. He’s a winner and he knows that these little stealing games don’t take his opponent up the food chain. And even if Dean Ambrose should steal the briefcase again, he’s not automatically gain the contract. So, babyface Dean Ambrose just plays his little games while all the guys around him are winning things. What a great gimmick that it!

Now despite Sheamus saying that Dean Ambrose wouldn’t have the stones to get inside the ring with him, of course he did. But Kane interrupted, saying that nothing would be stolen tonight but since Dean Ambrose wouldn’t have respect for both, Sheamus and Kane, he would get an arse-kicking by the two of them in a 2-on-1 handicap match. And this match would be… wait for it… right now!

Dean Ambrose SD 2015-06-18 And from the start Dean Ambrose looked like he already had a strategy thought out of how to beat these two guys. He first fled the ring for Sheamus to come after him, got back inside to beat up Kane, dropkicked Sheamus, suicidal dived Kane. Eventually both guys got Dean Ambrose in one corner but, you know, we’re talking about cockroach Dean Ambrose who’ll always find a way to survive. But no, the Shield music hit, the fool Sheamus went for Reigns’ usual spot to come out when the oh so clever “Big Dog” fooled everyone when he entered the ring from ramp side to attack Kane to finally cause disqualification after just one and a half minutes. If I was Dean Ambrose I’d have been angry but no, it’s his great friend, the “Über Dog” Super Reigns, so he was just super glad that he lost that match and his friend’s music was played to end this segment. Gawd, I’m so tired of this.

Later on it was announced that the main event of SmackDown would be Dean Ambrose and his shadow against Sheamus and Kane and before that happened we saw the two babyfaces together in the locker room. Dean Ambrose tried to hype them up for the match but Reigns was just staring until Dean Ambrose noticed and told Reigns that he shouldn’t let Bray Wyatt go inside of his mind. Certainly Reigns is immune to advices, he always knows best, so he played Mr. Untouchable and told Dean Ambrose that he shouldn’t mention Bray Wyatt. They’ve got business to do and afterwards he’ll go home.

"Why is it called tag team when I've got all the work to do?"
“Why is it called tag team when I’ve got all the work to do?”
Now this match was no different to any other Shield match: Dean Ambrose had to do all the work and get all the beating, so Super Reigns was able to look strong on few occasions. He was tagged in for the first time after around ten minutes. Says a lot, doesn’t it? Now he did his usual punches and moves – and what’s he doing after every move? Really, all this pumping and hyping himself up after basically every single move annoys and bores me to death. No story telling whatsoever. That’s just living from one move to the next and showing the audience that he’s glad that he hasn’t botched the very last one. Seriously, what’s he doing there and who told him that this is something really good? I just don’t get it. Sorry.

Also, this match was only about the Reigns vs. Wyatt feud. After a few seconds of pumping and hyping himself he was distracted by Wyatt showing the photograph of Reigns with his daughter and right after had to eat the Brogue Kick from Sheamus for losing this match for his “team” after around thirteen minutes (and Reigns being in it for barely two of them). So Reigns basically cost Dean Ambrose two matches in one single episode of SmackDown. What a friend. What a great super human being. And of course, Dean Ambrose wasn’t seen anymore after this. Who cares about him when we have such a great feud between Super Reigns and Bray Wyatt?

WWE RULE #7: WWE (= Vince McMahon) hates it when wrestlers get over with the audience on their own, especially when it’s ex Indie stars. Because it’s the WWE (= Vince McMahon) who tells you which wrestlers you should like. Damn it!

RAW 2015/06/22: Dean Ambrose feels like being stuck in Punxsutawney on the 2nd of February
The coming Monday Dean Ambrose had to deal with Kane alone and I wasn’t mad or sad about it because at least Dean Ambrose didn’t have to make Roman Reigns look strong. Anything else than that is a step in the right direction. But of course I had reason to be mad nevertheless because – I mean – there is a match going on between Dean Ambrose and Kane and all the commentators are talking about is Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins. It happens in almost every single match in the U.S. I have watched soccer in the U.S. for some time and the whole match they are talking about the very next match. Or this Super Bowl – why don’t you tell me what’s going on on the pitch? All you’re talking about is promotions and next season and everything else but the very match. Now I understand why William Regal doesn’t do commentary anymore, because he calls the very matches and this obviously is something that you apparently don’t like or need.

"Not the Regal Cutter but something equally craaazyyy... I'm calling it 'Juniper Jungle'. And now print that on a shirt."
“Not the Regal Cutter but something equally craaazyyy… I’m calling it ‘Juniper Jungle’. And now print that on a shirt.”
For the very match there wasn’t anything particularly special about it (maybe except for the Regal Cutter again). We had one commercial break that we don’t have the opportunity to watch anymore because there isn’t any live coverage on the WWE App anymore. Question here: has anyone out there checked the WWE App since WWE decided to cancel this service? Well, I can tell you that I haven’t and I missed it so far. Now the match lasted for just over ten minutes when Dean Ambrose wanted to hit Dirty Deeds on Kane but Seth Rollins’ music hit, the man himself came out and Dean Ambrose was momentarily distracted. He still overcame Kane’s chokeslam, hit a suicide dive onto Rollins but then was hit by a chokeslam from the top rope for Kane to win this match after around 10:47 minutes (I usually add three minutes for the commercial break). Like I said, the match wasn’t special but mainly because of the oh so slow Kane. The man is almost 50 years of age and shouldn’t wrestle anymore – as simple as that. I also don’t really get the distraction by Rollins. Shouldn’t he be concerned about Brock Lesnar. Well, maybe he is and he just wants a loyal Kane Lapdog by his side after all this bitching by Rollins towards Kane in recent weeks. So whatever it is, Dean Ambrose is just the stupid peasant as the random victim.

Now after RAW Tom Phillips ran after Dean Ambrose to get a few words from him about what happened there with Seth Rollins. And this is what Dean Ambrose had to say:

“Of course, you do. How many times you gonna ask me the same question? How many times are me and you backstage gonna have the exact same conversation? That’s a sad state of affairs in WWE these days. I know this is a business that, you know, was built on cornies and circus sideshows and stuff. But I thought there would be a little more honour, more respect these days in a publicly traded company. People interfering on matches, on other people’s behalf; people accepting interference from people who they claim don’t need any help from. I am an evil, evil, sick, sorry son of a gun, alright. I have treated poorly, neglected and lied to almost every woman I’ve ever been with. I have been charged with everything from, well, it’s a litany of misdemeanors, and some things that I was not proven to be at the scene of. I’ve done some horrible, horrible, horrible things.

But I have never to my recollection, ever accepted interference in a wrestling match from anybody else, alright. Because I believe, when you punch your time clock, and you put your hardhat on. And you come to work, you do the job on your own. So you don’t have to ask anybody else. I do things my way. Sometimes it’s a hard way. Sometimes things don’t get done at all because some people run in and help people, and this happens every single week. But I’m not gonna be mad about it tonight, alright? I’m just gonna accept that this is the world we’re live in. I’m gonna come back next week and I’m gonna do it all over again. And you’re gonna ask me for my reaction again and we’re gonna have this exact same conversation. Thank you! Good evening!”

Before someone starts moaning about this statement because there were actually a lot of interferences during his matches when Dean Ambrose had to defend his United States championship, he said that he never accepted any interference. So back in the day when he defended his U.S. championship he obviously wanted to do the job himself. But Rollins and Reigns always wanted some attention, so they interfered in Dean Ambrose’s matches to prove that he was (and still is) the weak link of The Shield. I love continuity and I do remember all these little things from months or even years ago, so I like to think that Dean Ambrose never enjoyed these interferences from his Shield “brothers”. He might have had a shorter title run but he would have held it with dignity and pride and in his own strength and ability.

But the second part of this promo / backstage interview basically was the main reason why I’m fed up with WWE at this point, point-blank sarcasm on everything WWE does all the time: the same storylines like from twenty years ago; the same characters (with Macho Mandow and Axlmania just the peak of ridiculousness); heels who win everything and babyfaces who lose all the time; heels who basically telling the truth and babyfaces who lie and steal. The “divas” are all about jealousy while the “superstars” demand respect and if they don’t get it, they beat up the people who lack giving them respect. Plus, there is basically only one main storyline with a lot of stupid babbling by The Authority while the mid and low card guys get the old jokes, storylines (if any) and stupid catchphrases from thirty years ago. Everything is in a loop. Everything repeats itself on and on and on. And I’m really, really tired of it.

WWE RULE #8: WWE has got a handful of gimmicks and storylines created for the enjoyment of the five-year-olds.

SmackDown 2015/06/25: Because of Roman Reigns we still don’t know what Dean Ambrose would do with a 5 lb weight and a sock
For the next episode of SmackDown we had to deal with Dean Ambrose having a segment together with Roman Reigns… again. I’ve already heard some rumours about either John Cena, Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns turning heel “very soon”, maybe at Battleground. Now, one is for sure, John Cena will never turn heel (or this only one time to shock everyone in the WWE Universe, especially little children). Plus, Dean Ambrose is rumoured to turn heel basically since November 2014 while Roman Reigns is rumoured to turn heel since around February 2015. When I read headlines like “WWE is thinking about Blah or Blub to turn heel” or “WWE is considering blah” or “WWE might be blub” then I’m usually getting really angry. Because at some point WWE thinks about or considers or might do just anything and everything.

The truth is, some gossip or (fake) wrestling news page has got a cunning (and usually stupid) idea, put it into a catching headline and will then get a lot of clicks for this. The actual article is hardly 200 words of saying nothing at all and leave the wrestling fan disappointed or furious, both moods maybe letting him leave an equally disappointed or furious message in the commentary section. And that’s all these pages want, clicks and comments for a top ranking on Google. Just don’t click too catchy headlines and especially don’t believe what these gossip blogs are saying. When it comes to WWE, chances are that everything stays the same and only on very few occasions something spectacular happens that no-one expected. Something like breaking the streak, we will only have once in ten years. Something like Rollins cashing in at WrestleMania (even if some people including me expected that), once a year – at Wrestlemania. Turning Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns or John Cena heel has to be a very, very special occasion. If done, I don’t expect that at Battleground, maybe at SummerSlam, the second important WWEE event of the year. So, mark the 23 August with “major heel turn”, but not the 19 July.

Anyway, like I already said, we had Dean Ambrose being with his shadow again and we got a backstage segment of these two, being in the locker room, Dean Ambrose showing off one of his new merchandize tees and talking about Bray Wyatt:

"First I'm unstable; now I'm the Master of the Ambrose Asylum... sigh..."
“First I’m unstable; now I’m the Master of the Ambrose Asylum… sigh…”
“This Bray Wyatt thing is really ticking me off, right? He’s messed with me in the past, now he’s messing with my boy. Hiding in shadows; sending spooky little messages; trying to get inside of people’s heads. You gotta show yourself… show yourself! You know? You know what I think we should do? We search every hallway in this building, then we deliver a little message of our own, some real nasty stuff, some real Cincinnati style tricks. You got a five pound weight and a sock…”

Of course, Reigns didn’t want to hear some advice or some practical joke with a sock because he’s Roman Reigns who doesn’t take advice not even from the one friend he has. He even told Dean Ambrose he should worry about The Authority and not Bray Wyatt. You know, Reigns, if you were my friend, I wouldn’t care about you any longer. You always know better, you always win anyway (but let Dean Ambrose get beat up before, so you make sure that you look the strongest possible) and you basically tell your friend that he should leave you alone. So, why the hell does Dean Ambrose still care about you is beyond me, really. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it would turn out in the end that it was actually Dean Ambrose who helped Bray Wyatt placing his own little messages into Reigns’ stuff.

So, Reigns was later seen backstage searching for Bray Wyatt when he finally met Kane there. I laughed my arse off the camera angle because WWE tried really hard to make Reigns appear as standing on almost the same height as Kane but they always make Dean Ambrose appear as short as possible in the presence of Kane. But Kane actually did something great because he threw Reigns out of the building because Reigns would be a liability to this workplace. Naturally Reigns didn’t let anyone get himself out but he walked for himself.

"I'm bending fingers for a living, just like my old yoda used to do it."
“I’m bending fingers for a living, just like my old yoda used to do it.”
The main event of SmackDown happened to be Dean Ambrose against Seth Rollins. And of course Seth Rollins had Kane and Joey Mercury with him again. Usually I’m not satisfied at all about interferences in matches but during this one Kane and Joey Mercury actually did a good job for entertainment. Dean Ambrose had to deal with a lot of interferences again but it made for a really fast and interesting match with lots of near falls. Also there were a lot of moves here I always enjoy to see like the Tornado DDT, Hook and Ladder and the Regal Cutter. I was still annoyed at some point because after Dean Ambrose jumped from the top rope on top of Rollins, Kane and Joey Mercury, Jerry Lawler blasted out, “Welcome to the Ambrose Asylum” – like it was written on Dean Ambrose’s new tee. So, Dean Ambrose isn’t just crazy and The Lunatic Fringe, he’s also a certified maniac now. Sigh. Now the match went on until Joey Mercury tried to interfere again. He was standing on the apron, when Dean Ambrose got him inside of the ring, wanted to hiot Dirty Deeds on him but Seth Rollins came from behind and hit The Pedigree after 12:38 minutes for the win. And for some reason Dean Ambrose wasn’t beat up afterwards. Rollins, Mercury and Kane were just standing tall behind Dean Ambrose who was lying flat on the mat. And that was the end of SmackDown.

WWE RULE #9: If a guy isn’t beat up after a match by a couple guys of The Authority, this very guy isn’t that important.

RAW 2015/06/29: Monday Night Rollins will soon become Monday Night Reigns – I promise
One question for starters: you, WWE, wonder why I don’t watch RAW anymore when we have to start every single episode with Seth Rollins talking us to death? It’s a rhetorical question by the way. You don’t need to answer. But I didn’t expect one anyway, so. This first quarter of an hour now was basically a bad delivered advertising show for watches, vacations and cars. I just zipped through it to get an idea where the Dean Ambrose fandom got their idea from that Dean Ambrose would steal / destroy the car of Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. But like we saw throughout the rest of the show, Dean Ambrose didn’t do anything because – let’s face it – Dean Ambrose isn’t important for WWE. But I’m also glad that something like this didn’t happen because overdoing things is never a good idea.

And another question: does anybody still know that Ryback is the Intercontinental champion? Does anybody care? What a waste for this belt after the great promotional built-up.

Credit: hiitsmekevin on Tumblr.
Credit: hiitsmekevin on Tumblr.
I actually did watch Cesaro vs John Cena from this episode of RAW because of Cesaro, of course. But isn’t it quite funny that we have Kevin Owens on commentary and he only talks about John Cena? Cesaro puts on a hell of a show and only barely there is talk about him. But then when Cena finally connects with a barely impressing move, all three commentators erupt into orgasms. You can say that Kevin Owens has got a feud with John Cena, so he’s got to talk about him. And I say, no, he doesn’t have to. You can also ignore your feud counterpart and talk about his current opponent to show how less respect you have for your enemy.

But because it’s Cena, we certainly just talk about Cena. And it’s Cesaro who apparently doesn’t connect with audiences anyway, so what reason do we have to even lose one single word about him? And what about JBL? The man is a heel commentator who always hypes the heels to glory but where is he when Cesaro has got a match? Another funny aspect of the ridiculousness of JBL, because even as a heel commentator he still hypes John Cena, so he almost kept his mouth shut for the entire match time regarding Cesaro. Quite fabulous, isn’t it?

Credit: hiitsmekevin on Tumblr.
Credit: hiitsmekevin on Tumblr.
Just look at the counter Cesaro did from getting out of Cena’s (horrendously weak looking) AA into the Sharp Shooter. And then compare it with this jump from the second rope by Cena that Cesaro had to sell the hell out of it to make it at least a little impressive. Like I said time and time before, John Cena might be a great guy for promotion and advertising but the man can’t wrestle at all. But still the commentators have to tell us that he’s apparently the best in the ring at the moment. How stupid do you think we are, WWE? Cesaro deserves so much better but he won’t get anything as a singles competitor in WWE because Vince McMahon has given him the thumb-down a long time ago.

But the funniest thing about this match was that Cena vs Owens for the U.S. title was already announced on 22(!) June, so this U.S. open challenge actually has got no meaning at all. Even way before Cesaro vs Cena we knew that Cesaro won’t beat Cena clear to get the title. The only meaning that match had to it was Cesaro making Cena look strong. So, of course, Cena had to kick out of The Neutralizer. The only good thing was that Cesaro at the very end of the match was attacked by Kevin Owens to get Cena a disqualification after almost 20 minutes of match time. Cesaro had been furious after Cena kicked out of The Neutralizer, so he hit several German uppercuts on him, the Cesaro Swing (yeah!!) and even a second Sharpshooter, so Cesaro was on the brink of winning the title belt and Owens had to stop it because only him is able to win against John Cena – yeah, alright; whatever. I guess, even that Cesaro has got enough reason to return the favour at Battleground – it won’t happen.

After a horrendously stupid and degrading cat fight between Summer Rae and Lana we got a backstage segment of Dean Ambrose talking to a Terminator standee:

Credit: hiitsmekevin on Tumblr.
Credit: hiitsmekevin on Tumblr.
“It’s not a physical thing, it’s a mental thing. You get hit, you get knocked down and you choose not to feel any pain. And you get up and you keep moving forward. You know what I’m talking about, right?”

Then Reigns strolled by to seriously ask Dean Ambrose if he was ready for the match. And to that useless question Dean Ambrose had this to say:

“I’m ready. I’m always ready. I was born ready. The question is, are you ready? Cause you look a little uptight. You look a little tense; you look a little stiff. Bray Wyatt get in here a little bit? Making you a little upset? Making you a little angry? That’s good! I like my Roman Reigns angry! I like my Roman Reigns upset! The guy who got kicked out of SmackDown last week for roughing people up, that’s the guy I want in the ring with me tonight in the main event against Seth Rollins and Kane because you already know, baby, no disqualification!”

And then Reigns got out his usual bad acting that always makes me cringe when I have to watch it. And to be honest, with his bad and always fake looking acting, Reigns brings down Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose is so good when he’s on his own. But right now he’s no better than any other girl in WWE who has to stand by a guy during a match to hype and shout for this very guy. All this bromance nonsense was already getting on my nerves to its maximum. But now it even crossed that very high laying line of stupid writing and booking.

"Yeah, I'm fighting Kane... again!"
“Yeah, I’m fighting Kane… again!”
And the very match was even worse. It started off with Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins and Reigns vs Kane at the same time to make it clear also to the last guy and gal out there that this was a No Disqualification match. After the commercial break we got only Reigns vs Rollins left inside the ring for some boredom to follow. Then the scenario changed to Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins and we got a match again. I especially liked when Dean Ambrose got out the table from under the ring and didn’t care about Reigns lying hurt at ringside at the same time. But this joy was short lived, of course. Because J&J Security pulled the table out of the ring before Dean Ambrose was able to use it. Then Reigns saved Dean Ambrose from a cover and that was the moment when ridiculousness kicked in. Reigns took out anyone and everyone around him like it was nothing. Why just make it a 4-on-1 handicap match and Reigns winning anyway? Oh, yeah, right because Dean Ambrose wouldn’t look weak in that scenario.

Because we still needed him to lose this match with selling a Pedigree from Seth Rollins after just over eleven minutes of match time. Just a little before Bray Wyatt had attacked Reigns, so the so-called Big Dog was unable to help Dean Ambrose. After the match it was all about Super Reigns, so I’m not writing about it. Because I seriously couldn’t care less.

WWE RULE #10: Vince McMahon doesn’t want for his wrestlers to take high risks, not because he’s concerned about their well-being but because he wants them in the ring 24/7. That also means when Vince McMahon has got the last word with match bookings, we only get generic, boring stuff.

And there it is: the end of June and this novel of an article can finally be published. But only after I’ve written my last hurray to WWE. After I had wrapped up my writing on The Dean Ambrose month of April, I’d thought that this was his worst month so far. But right now Dean Ambrose is even worse off than two months before. Back then at least he was on his own. Yes, he was fighting short matches with no reason. But at least he was fighting for himself. Now he’s fighting for Roman Reigns; he cuts promos for Roman Reigns; him being in WWE is just because of Roman Reigns as it seems. And people (= fan girls) eat it up because, awww, this bromance is sooo cute; Dean called him ‘baby’ – hashtag ‘heart eyes’. I’m fed up with all this nonsense. I can’t have it anymore.

I very much enjoyed the match Cesaro had against John Cena at the latest RAW. After all he was just a tool thrown into the feud of Cena vs Kevin Owens. And not one single commentator even acknowleged once during the match what a great wrestler Cesaro is, what a hell of a show he put on that mat. Almost the same happens to Dean Ambrose. He has to take and to take and to take, he has to cut great promos to hype irrelevant titles or his mediocre opponents. He got a pile of new merchandize tees lately but this isn’t compensation for weak booking and the amount of enthusiasm Dean Ambrose puts on the mat and behind the mic every single time.

WWE has got NXT and developmental for a reason. It’s there to create superstars on their own, not depending on already made and popular Indie stars. So WWE basically buys the Indie stars, so they can’t outshine WWE in other companies or on the Indie circuit. And then WWE uses the Indie stars to put over their own talent and make their own talent look strong. What WWE should do is using all of their so-called “superstars” to their full potential, telling several important storylines, having a few more title belts to fight for.

When you only start wrestling in NXT you don’t have the experience and all these nuances of different styles from all around the world in your arsenal. You only learn one style and later on you have to fight this one style. Apparently Vince McMahon wants for his matches to look all the same. Apparently he wants some certain WWE fighting style that would be recognized all around the world. But it’s with reason that someone like CJ Parker left NXT to try the Indie scene and get some experience that he won’t get in NXT.

You can still say, but Seth Rollins also is a former Indie star. And look where he is now. Yeah, sure, for whatever reason Seth Rollins since FCW / NXT was the chosen golden boy for Triple H and when it came to the split of The Shield, Vince McMahon probably said to him, “You can have Seth Rollins and make him as big as possible as a heel. And I have Roman Reigns to make him as big as possible as a babyface. And then there is Dean Ambrose; we’ll both use him to make Rollins and Reigns as big as possible. And if it doesn’t work, it’s all Dean Ambrose’s fault.”

I’m almost sure that in a few years time, when Jonathan Good is looking back at his career in WWE, he won’t regret it because he’s such a humble guy that he’s happy enough with just being a part of that WWE roster. But WWE misses out on big opportunities with that guy and with Cesaro and Damien Sandow as well. They waste talent on such a large scale that it’s just criminal. And if WWE doesn’t change that, it will go down within five years time.

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