I quite enjoyed my absence from watching WWE. And still there is this new entry. Something really big must have happened. And it did indeed: William Regal liked my article about his last match and made me think of what I initially wanted with my writing about wrestling. So, if WWE continues with teaming up Dean Ambrose with Cesaro or have better booking for them, I might continue with these weekly articles.

Dean Ambrose & Cesaro_collage

Everything about Sir William Regal somehow stumbled upon my article about his last match and honored me with the most traffic this little blog here has ever seen
This blog here hasn’t been much personal in the last two years. I’ve written about wrestling, gave my opinion but nothing beyond really. And just recently I stopped writing about it (again) because I don’t really enjoy the current product of WWE. Saying that, I still watched NXT and enjoyed most of it. I also still cut together the segments with William Regal, if you’d like to have a look.

King tweet_comments So I certainly had time for other things. And speaking about William Regal I always thought about finally watching his last match (so far). His match against (Antonio) Cesaro in December 2013. I avoided watching it for the longest time despite having saved it on my laptop for over a year now, I think. There were some reasons why I wasn’t able to watch it so far, because it still is William Regal’s last match, because I’d seen pictures and made up a scenario in my mind that was too tragic to watch. I really had enough heartbreaking (in a negative sense) from the current WWE program that I thought I couldn’t stand the real heartbreaking stuff.

But then, on Monday, 27 July 2015, I finally watched the match together with a good, hot Earl Grey – first the promos and then the very match. It was just after high noon and when I watched it all, I certainly was impressed and got that deep desire to write about it, put into words what I just felt during watching it for the first time. There were enough connections to the feud between Dean Ambrose and William Regal, that I added the finished article as the last extra to this very shrine.

As per usual I put out the links to Twitter and Tumblr and then hoped for a few people would go to this page, reading it, maybe enjoy it and watch the match again to see what good storytelling and wrestling is really all about. But then something strange happened. Differently to the usual ten to twenty clicks I get for a new article, there were around 500 within five minutes. I just couldn’t believe it. I put out a question on Tumblr and there MxJoyride finally hit me on the head about what happened. This right here:

Exactly, William Regal somehow stumbled upon my Twitter link, clicked it, read it and thought it was worth enough to promote it on his very own Twitter account. What made it even more special is that he really doesn’t do something like this very often. So I felt very honored about it, also that Cesaro retweeted the link from William Regal. So he read it and liked it as well. The most clicks on one day I got to this day were 787. On Monday, 27 July 2015, I got 3,918. But what I even more enjoyed was reading the comments William Regal got for his tweet. You were already able to see these comments on the right side to this text here. Click the picture, so you can actually read them. Usually Twitter is rather prone to stupid comments or bad jokes or something. But here: nothing. All of them were just positive and nice to Sir William (someone even demanded for another NXT classic against Kevin Owens, something I also would like to see!). But like I already said in the article for the Cesaro vs Regal match, this one really is a fitting way to go. So, as unfortunate as it is, but I think we won’t see William Regal in another one. He’ll certainly have training matches with the up and coming stars of NXT, but not on TV anymore.

And not to finish this chapter of this article with a depressing feeling, I want to thank William Regal again. Yes, I needed some time to write the article. But he also took his time to read it. It wasn’t my desire to even think about that he could take notice. I always write my stuff for me in the first place and then for other interested people. So I didn’t shove this link forward directly to William Regal. He came to my blog himself and that made it even more special. I still can’t believe it but it makes me happy that somehow I might have made his day. Because he certainly made mine.

RAW 27 July 2015 | Welcome to the Dean Ambrose School of Selling
Now this day really was the highlight of my year, I think. First William Regal liking my article about his last match, then the trailer for “12 Rounds 3: Lockdown” arrived the public, and Dean Ambrose didn’t have to team up with Roman Reigns again. Alright, his singles match happened to be against The Big Show with The Miz on commentary. But this was still better than having to watch Reigns. To be honest, I haven’t seen any of these latest outings of Dean Ambrose having to sell Reigns because, well, I just don’t enjoy it. So I left that out.

Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
Dean Ambrose RAW 2015-07-27 Michael Cole hyped this match as a first time ever which made it even more shocking because I have seen Dean Ambrose fighting against Big Show for so many times now but apparently these matches had all been tag team matches. So I wasn’t hyped for sure. Surprisingly enough this match lasted for almost twelve minutes but most of this “match” time, Dean Ambrose was selling the hell out of it. I mean, most of the time Big Show was just standing there while Dean Ambrose got the match working. I really have no idea why The Big Show is still there. Maybe he’s lucky enough being the only guy left in WWE with that a huge stature, so he can have these kind of David vs Goliath matches. But really, this is degrading Dean Ambrose, who’s 6’4” himself but is made into someone standing on something like 5’9” recently. When it comes to “larger than life”, Dean Ambrose is made into someone being more lunatic than anyone else living apparently.

Within the first seconds of this match, Big Show ripped off the tank top of Dean Ambrose, so the guy wrestled the match with showing off his bare chest for no other reason, I suppose, than for not making all the fangirls angry about his stupid loss via countout because at the third time Dean Ambrose was unlucky and couldn’t make it back inside of the ring before the referee counted to ten. After the match Big Show took his own time to make a decision and that was wanting to spear Dean Ambrose into the barricades to finishing him off for good. But Dean Ambrose jumped aside, so Big Show crashed into the barricades himself. And a still selling Dean Ambrose made it slowly back through the ramp to backstage for an afterwards shown WWE Exclusive:

“I’ve seen Vince McMahon in the hallway a few minutes ago and he said ‘hey, you’re a cockroach!’ I said ‘Nah, Vince, you can stomp on a cockroach, you can poison a cockroach; I’m a T-1000 liquid metal terminator cockroach, you know what I’m saying? You can’t kill me! And believe me, we all know a lot of people have tried.’ I didn’t get in this business to play patty cake. I didn’t get in this business to wear a suit and make nice with people. I got in this business for whiskey drinking, skirt chasing, fighting to an absolute bloody end every single night until my knuckles are worn down and I can’t feel them anymore, until every ounce of sweat and liquid is drained from my body, until I can barely stand up straight again. I love that. It’s so much fun. Until I get to that point it’s just not even worth it sometimes. Sometimes I get in the ring, like tonight with The Big Show, and I have these visions where I start feeling like I’m a lot bigger and a lot stronger than I am. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that well for me. Luckily, my best friend is a 250-pound Samoan. The bottom line is it sucks when you’re crawling and scratching with every fiber of your being and your will to get back into the ring to fight a giant and you just can’t get there in time. It really chaps my ass! But I’ll bet my last dollar Big Show can’t do it twice.”

I’m still not really sure if these backstage interviews aren’t also written by creative or if Dean Ambrose at least gets a few phrases he has to work in or if these interviews are completely free from any creative mind. If so Dean Ambrose still promotes his good friend Roman Reigns like he wants him to succeed more than himself. I get that, Dean, you want to do anything for your friend. But shouldn’t he be able to get over himself? And he would be if he was really talented and a joy to watch. He should talk for himself. And he shouldn’t depend on Dean Ambrose who really does everything and more for him. At some point there should be enough, Dean. I really hope that he doesn’t have to team up with Reigns again when he comes back from his family vacation. Because apart from making himself tinier than he actually is, this promo once again was a great one, and with the next one he actually should talk for himself and himself alone.

As for Cesaro, he just had a little outing on this episode of RAW. After Sheamus caused a disqualification to Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton, Cesaro threw himself into the mix to beat down Kevin Owens but finally ended up being pop-up powerbombed himself:

As of right now we’ll get Cesaro vs Kevin Owens at SummerSlam and if this isn’t on the Pre-Show, then it’s a step into the right direction for Cesaro.

NXT 29 July 2015 | William Regal likes to send his messages auld style

Now this is the latest issue William Regal has to deal with: Tyler Breeze demanding a great match for himself at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn on 22 August 2015. He already had a funny segment with the General Manager last week. But also this week Tyler Breeze was left without a clue of who his opponent will be. At this point he might be the very last person left. Because these NXT episodes are always recorded – three to four shows at a time – and WWE already promotes a few matches for the coming NXT special, we already know that Tyler Breeze will go one-on-one with Jushin “Thunder” Liger. I think it’s a little bit unfortunate that we are spoilered in such a way. But it definitely doesn’t take away any fun from this very segment here.

William Regal was kind of involved in another segment this week but this was just a review segment for Bull Dempsey and his fitness issues. I have to admit that I like him better this way. He could grow into some role model for overweight guys and gals who struggle with ambition or focus and just eat too much fast food and stuff. So, the segment he had was certainly meant to be funny with all the colours and the ridiculous clothes. But it did send a good message across: people can talk on and on at you that you need to change something. At the end, you have to do it yourself. No-one will help you if you don’t want the help. So I’m actually curious to know where this is going to.

I also very much enjoy Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. They are a really great tag team. Especially I love their basically two gimmicks of them being these “real wrestlers” who do pretty amazing stuff on the mat. Plus Chad trying to prove to and impress Jason. They are both, serious and funny, and what better can you wish for?

SmackDown 30 July 2015 | And now for a tag team made in heaven
The only thing I hoped for this episode of SmackDown was that Cesaro could have interrupted Seth Rollins way earlier. So, I still skipped his babbling about his history (again) and John Cena’s broken nose to hear what Cesaro had to say:

Credit: Cesaro's Arms on Tumblr.
Credit: Cesaro’s Arms on Tumblr.
“Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, I know. You were just gonna go on and on and on and on and on… and on and on and on… and on and on and on… and on and on and on… and on and on and on about how great you think you are – like you do every week. But see, see, by talking about your match from Monday Night RAW, you left out the best part. And that was when John Cena made you tap out.”

Now Rollins tried to see that fact as a strategic move to concentrate on bigger things and demanded for Cesaro to leave “his” ring. But since Cesaro already said they would have a re-match later that night, he rethought the situation for a second to finish this segment with this announcement:

“Unless… you know, since you’re here and I’m here, how about I make you tap out right now!”

And the first match of the evening was on. But with just a few seconds into it, Kevin Owens had to come out for some annoying commentary. And he created even more heat when he caused disqualification to the match right when Cesaro was about to swing Rollins. Until then we had Cesaro basically dominating Rollins for most of the eight minutes of match time and because he was attacked by Owens, he also won the match.

So, yeah, we’ll definitely have Cesaro vs Kevin Owens at SummerSlam because Owens is jealous of Cesaro. But also Owens and Rollins have their issues because Rollins wanted to deal with Cesaro himself. For now they let out their frustrations on Cesaro together and would have the chance later on in the main event tag team match of them both against Cesaro and a mysterious partner who was no less than Dean Ambrose.

But before Cesaro would know, he was asked in the locker room if he’d found a partner already. This is what he had to say:

“Ah, as of now, I haven’t found a partner yet… well, here. But see, I’m the one with the issue with Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. And to be honest, nobody in this locker room owes me anything. So, if anybody wants to join the fight, that’s fine. If not, see, everything I’ve achieved in my career, I achieved to my own hard-working sacrifice. So, if I have to go out there alone tonight, that’s fine. I know what I’m walking into.”

I really like that WWE finally gives Cesaro the chance to be himself, without having a non-fitting gimmick. Just being the hard-working, in-ring sensation that he is and still reminding people about his injured tag team partner Tyson Kidd. WWE finally seemed to recognize what they have in Cesaro; they even did this great compilation of his wrestling history. I’ve copied this to this blog here because it’s worth keeping it for myself as well. You can still head over to WWE.com if you’d like to click yourself through five pages. In my copy I’ve linked to the specific YouTube-links when on WWE.com there are mostly links to the Network. So, if you don’t have the Network, you’ll know what to do, I guess.

Credit: dimsey87 on Tumblr.
Credit: dimsey87 on Tumblr.
Now for the main event match I have no idea when this match started. Actually I do, it was during the commercial break. Cesaro was just about to go Owens and Rollins alone, when Dean Ambrose finally stepped up and make his way to the ring for a quick brawl. Cesaro and Dean Ambrose cleared the ring, then we went for the commercial break and when we came back, the match was already underway with Dean Ambrose and Rollins fighting.

Dean Ambrose with Cesaro SD 2015-07-30 I still see some fangirls having freaked out about Dean Ambrose calling Roman Reigns “baby” a few weeks back. Well, he also called Cesaro “baby” tonight. So, apparently he calls everyone “baby” he works together with. Nothing special. Also, these around twelve minutes of match time weren’t destined to make any of these four competitors look strong. It was a fast forward match with four former Indie guys who know how to wrestle and to put a great show on. WWE still went for Ambrose vs Rollins for a good amount of time. But the last few minutes showed every guy out there having his moments. At the very end Owens was about to pop-up powerbomb Ambrose, but Cesaro threw in his veto to counter into the win for his team. A really nice match with an even better finish and a celebration I was finally able to enjoy. More of this, please, and I can imagine writing about WWE shows again.

Now this wrestling week started so well. But it still had a very sad ending. Because yesterday “Rowdy” Roddy Piper died at the age of only 61. He was one of the really nice old guys. He knew about his worth for the company. But he didn’t feel the need to shove it down everybody’s throat. One of the best talkative wrestlers out there and a joy to watch every time he appeared in or near a wrestling ring. He’ll be missed and we’ll definitely have just another heartbreaking last goodbye segment on the coming episode of Monday Night RAW.


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  1. Whenever I feel angry now, I just go back & watch this
    DA & Cesaro VS. Seth & KO tag match
    & it is all right again. 🌻


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