I struggled with writing this new article / blog post / part of a series. I really did. During watching the segments I’m interested in, I made notes but later on didn’t have much ambition to write them out properly because the heat outside and me not really ambitious about it. So I somehow finally managed to connect the notes to full sentences and with each other for having just the really important stuff from last week in here. Maybe it’s better to read this way. Not much babbling from me towards the important facts. Just the facts this time. Enjoy.

Dean Ambrose & Cesaro_collage

RAW 2015/08/10: Dean Ambrose has to make Roman Reigns look strong, on and on and on, cont.
First of all let me ask a question: Why does John Cena need to be mentioned every time I’m watching a main event or a segment with the WWE title being involved? Even if the man himself is out injured, not a part of the show and not at all relevant to the very feud? Yeah, Seth Rollins is indeed in a feud with him and he’s got a match against him at SummerSlam but the way that came together was ridiculous as well. I mean, I guess WWE officials still scratching their heads about who’ll be the next John Cena. Because he’s not going to be around forever. He’s already 38 years of age. And he’s the top guy in WWE for ten years now, i.e. since he was 28. By that time he was only three years in WWE.

Now WWE indeed had a cunning plan for the succession of John Cena. They brought in the still heavily green and inexperienced Roman Reigns into WWE from NXT together with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Right from the beginning Roman Reigns was built to be the successor of John Cena. But as we all know most fans didn’t embrace this plan and weren’t satisfied with Roman Reigns being the top face for probably the next ten years. Mostly because not for Roman Reigns but because Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins would be lost in the shuffle that way. Two former Indie stars, not made by WWE, so they won’t have a chance to be at that top.

Now, also as we all know, plans were changed probably not long after the Royal Rumble disaster. And now the heel Seth Rollins has got the WWE title and occupies most talking time and several segments from every single WWE show. But he isn’t the top guy in WWE. The main attraction for SummerSlam is Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker, a part timer against an oldie – yes, also a legend – but he’s only there because WWE was frightened that after six Pay-Per-View main events including Seth Rollins, a seventh one probably couldn’t draw the needed interest and viewership. And rightly so. I’m bored by Seth Rollins for a very long time now. But that happened because we’re having to watch him basically non stop. While someone like Dean Ambrose is stuck back with Roman Reigns because creative don’t seem to have a clue what to do with him. That’s also why Roman Reigns still has got the Shield gimmick. Because creatives don’t have a clue about a fitting singles gimmick for the guy.

Now I assumed a few months back that maybe the Shield gimmick was the Roman Reigns gimmick right from the start. And Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were just there to help Reigns get popular. But Dean Ambrose was kind of the leader of the group when they started. At least he was the voice and he was portrayed as the leader, even though they always pointed out that The Shield doesn’t have a leader. Now whoever the leader of the group was, The Shield was popular because of The Shield, not because of Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins. But popularity isn’t transmitted. They has to be gained every single day. So, the WWE’s thinking probably was, The Shield was popular, so when we hand over The Shield gimmick to Roman Reigns after the break-up, he’ll take the popularity of The Shield with him.

But it didn’t work that way. Because fans wonder to this day why Roman Reigns kept the Shield gimmick and WWE occasionally teases with a Shield reunion or posts history of The Shield, etc. Now it’s not wrong at all to keep the history alive, but what sense does it make to tease a reunion when it doesn’t happen. Because WWE doesn’t really want a reunion – at least not now – they want Roman Reigns as the top face of the company. So they try to manipulate our memory in believing that Roman Reigns was the “big dog” right from the start. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins had their huge fanbases way before The Shield. And WWE thought Roman Reigns would take The Shield fanbase with him if he continues with going with this gimmick. But fans of The Shield love all three former members, not just Roman Reigns. And most of them want The Shield back together, mostly because WWE keeps the memory of The Shield alive every single time Roman Reigns makes his entrance through the audience. You can’t build your supposed next face of the company like that. He has to have a unique gimmick. Because as long as Roman Reigns appears as the One Man Shield, as long fangirls will cry after a Shield reunion.

Credit: mithen-gifs-wrestling on Tumblr.
Credit: mithen-gifs-wrestling on Tumblr.
I just had to smile at myself because what I just rambled about I came up with after re-watching the little interruption game from the beginning of RAW last week. I started with John Cena and ended up with Roman Reigns again. Just shows that I kind of care about these two guys, right? Well, both of them take away some of the enjoyment I could have while watching my favourite wrestlers, so yeah, I do care about them to some very tiny degree. I want for these two guys to know their place, take their place and don’t take away the places from other guys. And I don’t want them being in the segments of my favourite wrestlers show after show after show. It’s alright when they are in feuds against my favourite wrestlers. But I seriously don’t like all this tag teaming without any sense and cause or direction.

So, for this episode of RAW, Cesaro interrupted Seth Rollins way too late again to challenge him for a match. But the chicken that Rollins is, he wasn’t up for it. So after the interruption by Kevin Owens and Randy Orton, Triple H came out to announce a triple threat match between all three challengers, so the winner would face Seth Rollins in the one-on-one main event match for the WWE title. Little side note here: apparently Randy Orton wasn’t sent out to ask Kevin Owens if he’d have gained weight lately. Apparently that came directly from Randy Orton. Well, if so, Kevin Owens should ask Randy Orton next time if he took a line recently. Apparently Randy Orton is a babyface character. Let that sink in, dear reader of my blog!

Cesaro - RAW 2015-08-10 And because Randy Orton is a pampered baby boy to the hierarchy of WWE, of course he won this triple threat match to face Seth Rollins. He didn’t win the title because Sheamus attacked Randy Orton, I’ve heard, because I didn’t watch the match. It’s pretty obvious that WWE wants more focus on Randy Orton vs Sheamus at SummerSlam than on Cesaro vs Kevin Owens. I know that Cesaro vs Kevin Owens has the potential of being the best match of the night. But only if they are given a decent enough amount of time. But with this end result of RAW I’m afraid we’re given twenty minutes of Orton vs Sheamus while Cesaro vs Kevin Owens get eight minutes at best. And when it’s not on the pre-show then it will be the first match of the night. After all Kevin Owens will have a championship match against Finn Bálor as the main event at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn the night before, so Cesaro won’t be allowed to show the best he has got but only the best he is allowed to show. For a little statistics to the triple threat match on RAW: it lasted for 16:47 minutes – not that bad for a show that mainly is about so-called entertainment.

Now for Dean Ambrose he had to show again that he can’t get a win without Roman Reigns, hell, even with this guy at ringside Luke Harper pinned him clean. We’re really well back at this stupid weak link gimmick, only now Dean Ambrose is also a stupid lunatic who doesn’t have a plan. And he has Reigns on ringside during his matches to take away the last drop of my enjoyment for the guy. So Dean Ambrose now is a crazy lunatic who lives in the Ambrose Asylum and doesn’t have a plan – thank you very much, WWE! But there were still a few other things I’ve noticed during his 10:53 minutes long match against Luke Harper. For example the Tornado DDT didn’t look very well this time – Dean Ambrose was up straight in the air for too long and then hit heavily onto mat with the back of his head (the little “fuck” he said afterwards definitely wasn’t in kayfabe). Plus this David kind of character very much fitted Daniel Bryan but not Dean Ambrose – the WWE can repeat on and on and on (continue as long as you like) that Dean Ambrose is kinda small, but we see him and we know that he’s tall, so what’s the point?

On Wednesday Michael Cole had his weekly sit-down for a special interview. And this time his guests were Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. So, as we were able to witness during the last weeks, the motto for their match at SummerSlam against the Wyatts is “Family vs Family”. I’m still not sure how Luke Harper is related to Bray Wyatt (it’s probably a Mafia kind of “family”). And since Dean Ambrose doesn’t have family, Roman Reigns probably adopted him as his lapdog. The best thing about this interview was that Dean Ambrose wore the barbed wire belt. Apart from that? Not much else. Apparently the strategy in WWE for Reigns is hill after hill after hill (little win after little win after little win without any big target?) while for Dean Ambrose it’s the top of THE mountain he wants to climb. But still Dean Ambrose had to sell Reigns’ babbling as “beautiful” and I guess that’s what this interview was all about it. What really frightened me was the statement that the “war” (with the Wyatts continues) and I really hope it just continues until SummerSlam but not beyond.

Gawd, can Dean Ambrose not make Reigns look strong with beating him up every week? And regarding to gossip and dirt sheets and stupid internet pages that only want clicks but not handing out half decent written articles with a bit of logic and proof, Dean Ambrose will turn on Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. Now I’ve talked about this possibility last week and I’d be the last person on Earth whining about a heel Ambrose going after Reigns. I would rejoice for a moment; and then I would await the time when WWE screws up Dean Ambrose again to use him for Reigns to get over. He’d be a member of the Wyatts or a lapdog to The Authority. But he probably won’t be that heelish lone wolf kinda guy he was in FCW.

Also, this rumour is all over the gossip blogs and forums. And experience from watching WWE taught me that we won’t get something that is discussed all over the gossip blogs. It’s also discussed that Reigns could turn on Dean Ambrose. So, the most possible thing that will happen is nothing will happen, no-one turns on anyone and this stupid brotherhood continues. I very much hope I’m wrong. But I doubt it.

Just for the fun of it, I still wanted to do some silly preparation for SummerSlam and wanted create a “SummerSlam Commentary Bingo”. I’m not yet sure if I’ll get there in time, so here is just a list so far with a few catchphrases you should pay attention for. And whatever you do after you heard any of it, have fun!

  • bodies flying everywhere
  • COVER!
  • vintage Orton
  • He’s a lunatic!
  • CLOTHESLINE! (when it’s actually a lariat or something else)
  • oh, come on! (extra point if combined with “this is ridiculous”)
  • this table exploded!

NXT 2015/08/12: Salomon Crow is in NXT to make newcomers win against him
I’m also going for a little – more written out – list about this week’s episode of NXT. The interview General Manager William Regal had given after last week’s episode I’ve already posted, was showed right at the start of the show. You can still watch it here. And now for the list and some things I have to point out:

  • Salomon Crowe vs TYE DILLINGER (4:35min) – I still don’t get this Perfect Ten gimmick by Dillinger but it’s easy to chant, so he’ll make places, I guess; I also wonder if Crowe still has got his hacker gimmick, also is he heel or face? The match was okay for a short one and Crowe got a few good spots but in the end he still had to lose against the new guy (even if it was just a new gimmick);
  • Zack Ryder had an outdoor promo with his tag team partner Mojo Rawley, and he seemed as much annoyed by Mojo Rawley as I am;
  • BARON CORBIN gets another win – this time the poor Axel Tischer had to bite the dust after just 33sec … yaaawn (and there were indeed boooring chants, mostly due this was the fourth match like this during the taping) [extra gimmick: Tischer (who came to NXT from the city I live in, btw.) has got “RING KAMPF” written on his butt, which means “wrestling match”] Corbin grabs a microphone to demand a real opponent because he acknowledges that his matches are indeed boring. But he doesn’t have the voice to stand a chance against a booing crowd. Steve Cutler, the victim from last week came out to taste another End of Days and Samoa Joe finally came out to get Corbin a real opponent (no way Corbin will win against him at TakeOver!) [extra gimmick, the second: yeah, they’ve changed Joe’s music – about time!] – Samoa Joe doesn’t look people in the eye and Corbin doesn’t have any acting talent whatsoever. At the end of this segment Corbin is out choked by Joe;
  • Bull Dempsey: Iron Sharpens Iron could be his new motto but his new shirt says “Bull-Fit” and “Fit Happens”. I do wonder now if he will be allowed to lose a few kilos for a working gimmick;
  • Tyler Breeze wants to become the Face of the Rising Sun;
  • Marcus Louis still has no music? And he’s still creepy as hell. Now THAT’s a crazy lunatic, not Dean Ambrose! And he had a match against FINN BÁLOR (btw, dear announcer, it’s “Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland”). Within just 2:45min Bálor won the match, Owens attacked Bálor from behind and finished him with the pop-up powerbomb and steps on him as he leaves again [SPOILERS: there were already taped the next three shows and the one that will be shown after NXT TakeOver Brooklyn had Kevin Owens with the NXT title, so apparently Owens will win; he could also have stolen the title from Bálor like Dean Ambrose did for so many times this year – so both outcomes are still possible; wouldn’t make any sense to make Owens NXT champion again when he’s already a big part of WWE shows;
  • After the interview the Vaudevillains had backstage I’m pretty sure that they will have a lady of their own at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn to finally take the NXT tag team titles off Blake & Murphy (and the slap queen);
  • BAYLEY vs Becky Lynch finished after 14:47min with the right ending in Bayley winning this match for having a championship match at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn against Sasha Banks.

SmackDown 2015/08/13: Dean Ambrose doesn’t have anything to say and I’m just baffled that WWE still don’t realize what they have in him
Wow, just wow. Really! I mean, Bray Wyatt talks on and on inside the ring, then Dean Ambrose finally interrupts him and we’re awaiting one of his great promos that blow the doors and the roof off and give Bray Wyatt the right verbal answer to his babbling. And what did he say? Just that he doesn’t have to say anything. He’s just there to play cheerboy to his master Roman “The One Man Shield” Reigns. I’m just sick of this crap and only watched this match in serious physical pain. Of course he won against Luke Harper by disqualification because Bray Wyatt attacked him.

Credit: superwrestlinguniverse on Tumblr.
Credit: superwrestlinguniverse on Tumblr.
The main event to this episode of SmackDown happened to be a(nother) tag team match of Cesaro & Neville vs Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens after Neville and Cesaro interrupted Rollins’ monologue at the start of the show and Owens attacked Cesaro from behind. This match lasted for 11:14 minutes and it was really all about the strength of Cesaro. So Cesaro held Rollins up high for the whole lot of 18 seconds until he dropped him down. Then there was a brilliant sequence of Neville doing a flip row to get Cesaro tagged in, Cesaro hit six flying uppercuts to Rollins, Cesaro gets Rollins up again, now on full stretched out arms and threw him out of the ring. What you can see in the Gif on the right hand side happened when Cesaro did an uppercut outside the ring on Rollins and Cesaro finally landed sitting quite comfortable on the announcers table. The finish of the match started when Cesaro hit a Sharpshooter on Rollins but had to break it when Owens entered the ring. Now Cesaro teased his swing on Owens (and I’m sure the audience at SummerSlam will go nuts when he’ll finally do the swing on Owens then) and Rollins got the cheap win for his team on Cesaro.

After the match Owens beat up Cesaro and Neville a bit but Cesaro countered with getting Owens up for a few seconds, then placed him nicely for Neville’s Red Arrow that finished this SmackDown. During the Fallout show, Cesaro was seen backstage with JoJo for a cheeky little interview about his new hobby (and I just hope that WWE don’t overdo this how they overdo anything – so I have very little hope):

William Regal magazine original William Regal / Dean Ambrose manipulation PS.
For some reason this went longer than originally planned. As always. And for all these people who went on reading until here, I’ve got a fabulous little gimmick for you. I just had a great conversation with lady-regal over there on Tumblr about the new Twitter profile picture of William Regal. Right from the start we wondered if he used the manipulated picture with Dean Ambrose because of Regal’s reddish index fingers in the profile pic. Now we found both versions, the original from the magazine and the manipulated one with Dean Ambrose as you can see here.

And it’s quite clear, because in the original photograph Regal’s fingers aren’t reddish at all, that the old villain used the manipulated picture for his new Twitter profile pic. Now I’m not sure if Mr. Regal knows that we all know this manipulated picture and if he wanted to tease a new gimmick and storyline for Dean Ambrose (with himself). I highly doubt it. But I still find it hilarious that he uses such a photo for his new Twitter profile pic that he hasn’t changed for ages. Not to mention that I wouldn’t mind this kind of use for Dean Ambrose. Better him being the lapdog for William Regal than the lapdog for Roman Reigns.

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