A few things happened in the last few days that need my commentary. A few things will happen that need a bit of promotion. And a few things might happen that need a bit of speculation. In this article I’m talking about the new shirt of Cesaro, the lack of any merchandize for William Regal, his possible match at NXT TakeOver: London, a few other things about NXT, and of course a few words about Dean Ambrose. Enjoy!

Finally Cesaro got a new tee shirt
After participating in the best matches in WWE for months and his mini push that really didn’t last long, Cesaro finally got a new tee shirt. It’s similar to the old Very European one but at least WWE put a little more effort in the design than they did with the King of Swing shirt that basically looked identical to the King of the Ring design. Now the Professional shirt is one I’ll definitely get with my next order at WWE Shop. I’m just waiting for the 30 per cent / order discount.

And already talking about Cesaro, I’m fully back at my disappointment with his booking and standing within the WWE roster. I was looking forward to his match at SummerSlam against Kevin Owens. But he lost after Owens lost the ladder match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn the day before. So, Cesaro isn’t just a loser who lost against a weak opponent; this feud also didn’t continue for whatever reason. I mean, the story to this match built up nicely, then Cesaro lost and didn’t get the chance of a re-match at the next Pay-Per-View? He actually did have another match against Kevin Owens one week after SummerSlam on RAW – and lost again. And after this he lost against Sheamus.

Cesaro is one of the best, if not the best, technical wrestlers that WWE currently have. And he’s definitely one of the strongest. He’s popular with every audience up and down the country. He definitely connects. He even got the stature that Vince McMahon loves so much. But he still doesn’t get anything. Which makes me believe that WWE doesn’t really want great matches in their program. Instead they want trash, they repeat boring and stupid storylines (if there are any storylines at all) and take away from gifted wrestlers because they aren’t the ones WWE once created. At least that’s my impression I get from the booking of Cesaro, Dean Ambrose and a few more.

Why some people still defending Zahra Schreiber and want her back in NXT
When the person responsible for the NXT Instagram account posted this little photo they probably didn’t expect the amount of outrage it would create. Around December 2014 I think a collection of racist, homophobic and misogynistic tweets from Zahra Schreiber were leaked and I was surprised that she was still employed by WWE / NXT after that. For a company always talking about their well-being policy and intolerant with racist and homophobic behaviour, this left a bad taste in my mouth.

Then Miss Schreiber was involved into this infamous leak of Seth Rollins’ nudes and ever since dated the guy. Now I don’t care about these peoples’ private life. Seth Rollins can cheat on his girlfriend all he wants. And he can date whoever he wants. I simply don’t care because I have my own life to live. But what I do care about is which persons I watch at NXT. I love the show and most people there. And just imagining this racist and homophobic women still getting paid for a job that some good people won’t ever have the chance of getting, literally made me sick. So I was glad that some dirt sheets jumped the bandwagon to write about mostly some Nazi pictures that Miss Schreiber posted, one of them talking baby gibberish about a Hitler Little Pony. And consequently the WWE finally made the only right decision in firing her the very next day.

Now the picture is still up and when you read the comments there are quite some people who want her back and blame the so-called keyboard warriors for her being released. They actually say that we’re just jealous that she’s with Rollins and the outrage was just about the nudes and him cheating on his now ex girlfriend. Well, actually this is why racists and Nazis get such a huge following. This is why Nazi Germany could exist for such a long period of time. Because people are just lazy to do some research instead of believing what they are being told. These people only read the yellow press and they care about private gossip. And therefore are ignorant about the important stuff because sometimes that’s not just there on the surface. You always have to dig deep to get to the truth.

I also usually separate from the characters portrayed in the ring and the private people. But knowing what kind of person Seth Rollins is outside the ring, how he defends his racist girlfriend, makes me not caring about the guy in the ring anymore. I’ve got zero tolerance for racist people and it’s a good thing that Zahra Schreiber got fired. It hopefully sends the right message. And I’m still able to enjoy NXT. Thanks for that, WWE. At least.

Putting Dean Ambrose into a tag team is worst for business
And re-uniting The Shield would be the most stupid thing since breaking them up. I haven’t watched basically nothing Dean Ambrose related since SummerSlam. I just watched the finish at SummerSlam including all the booing for Roman Reigns and there was hardly anything I couldn’t agree more with. Because Dean Ambrose hitting Dirty Deeds on Bray Wyatt, he only needed to cover him for the win but instead he tagged in Reigns? The same guy who tagged himself in to get the cover himself last year? Now Reigns did his usual circus before his spear on Wyatt and Dean Ambrose did his own best to hype the audience. But even he wasn’t able to get at least a few cheers out of their win.

I just don’t get it. Reigns is obviously booed because he only depends on Dean Ambrose, he got his laurels while Ambrose does the work, Ambrose always loses in this tag team while Reigns wins everything. WWE even books Ambrose worse than in April 2015 to make people believe that Ambrose is the weak link all over again, that he needs Reigns to get at least a tag team win once in a while. But the modern day WWE fan doesn’t depend on what WWE tells them. We also have a long term memory. We still know what Jon Moxley is capable of; we still know the FCW Ambrose and we still know that Dean Ambrose at first was the leader of The Shield, no so-called architect or big dog. We don’t live from one match to the next. We connect matches, we remember things and put them together to storylines that WWE refuses to give us. We want stories. Desperately! And we want them deep and believable and with clean finishes.

Instead we get a weak Dean Ambrose who acts ridiculous and foolish and is only there to make Reigns look strong. And he’ll be in that tag team until the audience gives up and cheers for Reigns – which will never happen. Then The Wyatt Family gets a third member; Stardust and The Ascension make a three men tag team and we have The New Day, also a three men tag team. Rumours are that also Ambrose and Reigns will get a third member on the coming RAW and people already speculate that it might be Seth Rollins. The guy has got two belts, is part of The Authority, once wanted to kill Ambrose and Reigns and now these two men would be happy to open their arms for him?

Seriously? I almost have no words for this scenario, it’s just so stupid that my brain hurts from just thinking about it. What would Rollins gain by joining his former Shield brothers, the guys he turned his back on? And how would especially Dean Ambrose be able to work together with the guy again? Also Seth Rollins already has got a match against Sting at Night Of Champions – so this scenario makes no sense at all.

And this tag teaming might hurt Roman Reigns because of all the booing. But it hurts Dean Ambrose and his character far more. He could be the best heel the WWE has ever seen. Instead he is the stupid lapdog of Roman Reigns who doesn’t have a plan to get wins – he also just doesn’t care anyway – and is just seen as the crazy idiot who isn’t to fear at all. The best use for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns would be to get them off television for a while, create a new character for Reigns and give Ambrose back his FCW heel persona. And then make them go their separate ways when they come back. Reigns has to built his own fanbase. As long as Dean Ambrose is used to built Reigns, as long Reigns will get booed. I promise.

Bringing back old wrestlers isn’t the solution for WWE
This paragraph will be a short one. Because I’ve already talked about stories, that we want them instead of generic wrestling matches and 20-minute-babbling that repeats itself on and on and on. I just read that the latest episode of SmackDown had its lowest viewership ever. The downward spiral is huge, also for RAW and the Pay-Per-Views. And what’s the solution for WWE? Exactly, they bring in Sting, they bring back The Dudley Boys and they have Stone Cold Steve Austin on the cover of the 2K16 video game. Triple H probably will have just another match at the coming Wrestlemania and of course The Rock has to be there as well.

I’ve already talked about that WWE already has got great young guys. But WWE doesn’t trust most of them. Seth Rollins now has got the WWE World Heavyweight championship and the United States championship belt. I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE would indeed reunite The Shield to get him the tag team belt as well. Reigns and Rollins would be in the match with Dean Ambrose as cheerboy at ringside, of course.

Instead of Steve Austin, Dean Ambrose could have a Network exclusive podcast. Instead of putting all belts on the shoulders of one guy, bring back the European Chamionship, the Hardcore Championship and make several important storylines. Make them personal, make the guys and gals fight for a honorable reason, put cliffhangers to every story at every show. Let all people say what they like to say, in their own words. Listen to the guys and gals and let them give their input and ideas. And please, don’t say they wouldn’t reach for the brassring when you cut off their arms for doing so (thanks to Lady-Regal for this statement!).

Looking forward to the arrival of 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown
If you haven’t noticed already, I’d like to put your head on the sub-section I created for 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown, the movie that will hit cinemas and iTunes on 11 September 2015, i.e. not even one week ahead. We’ve already seen the trailer and three teaser clips. The whole movie seems to be like Die Hard and I’m already afraid that I could like Roger Cross in his role as the villain way more than the actual hero that is portrayed by Dean Ambrose. And I’m also afraid that Europe has to wait way longer than 11 September 2015 to get to actually watch the movie. But expect a review that I’ll put into the sub-section, the day I get the chance to watch it.

Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

The day I read in the spoilers for the NXT tapings that Tommaso Ciampa would appear in NXT, I was excited. I really like the character – he just has got that intensity about him that excites me. Obviously this segment with William Regal and Tyler Breeze and Johnny Gargano as Ciampa’s tag team partner was hilarious to watch. If you like to get to know these two a bit better, just head over here for an exclusive WWE interview. And I’m already looking forward to next week when we get to see Gargano & Ciampa vs Breeze & Bull Dempsey, even if I already know who’s going to win.

Speculating about another match for William Regal at NXT TakeOver: London
But speaking of Tyler Breeze and his ongoing issues with the General Manager of NXT, there are already rumours about Sir William Regal could compete again at NXT TakeOver: London on 16 December 2015. And most of these rumours talk about that this could be his retirement match.

Now I already called his to date last match against (Antonio) Cesaro “The Last Match of William Regal”. But like I’ve already implied, I wouldn’t have any problem at all if Sir William would have just another match. NXT teased for months with His Lordship finally having a go against Kevin Owens. But this wouldn’t make sense anymore since Owens is now part of the WWE main roster and doesn’t have any issues in NXT. Right now the only match possibly happening would be William Regal vs Tyler Breeze because after his loss against Jushin “Thunder” Liger at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn and the GM putting him into the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classics with Bull Dempsey of all people, Tyler Breeze could demand another high profile legend as his opponent at the next NXT Special. And this one could be no less than the GM himself.

Now with the rumours about such a match already out there, William Regal was asked on Twitter about if he’d have his retirement match in London. His answer was ‘NO’. And just today the following tweet appeared together with Regal’s reply to it:

Now with all his answers and replies to these rumours, there are three possible outcomes:

  1. William Regal won’t have a match at all because he already had his last match against Cesaro in December 2013;
  2. William Regal won’t have a match in London but maybe later;
  3. William Regal will have a match but it won’t be his retirement match.

For all the people out there who say or think that William Regal has already retired, I can assure that this isn’t true. Because in an interview a few months after his surgery he said that he is still free and allowed to wrestle and he’d do it whenever WWE / NXT wants him to do it and have got plans for him. As for my opinion about it, I’d definitely enjoy a match between William Regal and Tyler Breeze but I still hope and beg and pray for Dean Ambrose to be the one who will finish him off for good, so this storyline that started basically on 03 July 2011 and fully evolved on 30 October 2011 will be finally finished and complete.

And by the way, my sub-shrine for the Ambregal feud is finally complete. You can have a look on all matches, promos and extras right here.

And will there ever be new merchandize for The King, His Lordship Sir William Regal?
And all this makes me scream out a last demand:


At least one tee shirt. The man scouts new talent all over the world for you, WWE. And he’s your best on-screen authority figure. People just love the guy. But they don’t have nothing official to put on their bodies to show their appreciation and love for the man. Do something, WWE, and put some new merchandize in your shop.

And after WWE yesterday leaked the spoilers themselves, we already know that Baron Corbin will join Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to go after the Wyatt Family at Night Of Champions. Another thing that I don’t get. Because I don’t feel that Baron Corbin is ready to join the main roster. I’ve read that he worked some dark matches and house shows already, so WWE possibly feels that he is ready. I just hope that they won’t make him say something. Because at this point he’s not even as “good” as Reigns.

Another point that I don’t get is that NXT put a lot of effort into getting Corbin over as a heel. And now the crowd has to flip 180 degrees and like the guy? I’m not entirely sure if this will work. Just imagine Dean Ambrose hitting Dirty Deeds on Braun Strowman, then he generously tags in Baron Corbin – the crowd will boo the roofs off. You might think that WWE won’t do something so stupid for a second time? Haha, of course they are capable of such stupidity. Just to see the crowd’s reaction, not caring about Dean Ambrose one bit.

I just imagine now Reigns and Corbin doing all the talk for The Shield 2.0, stumbling through their few sentences, trying to remember what they have to say, forgetting all good acting advice while they do. And Dean Ambrose has to stand beside them, listening to them while mentally counting to ten, desperately trying to avoid screaming and grabbing their microphones.

The day Dean Ambrose will finally go solo again, will be the day I celebrate like the end of the world will happen just one day later. And, yes, of course you can believe that.

2 thoughts on “Rassling Ragbag 15/09/05: I’d have no problem with adding another match review to my Ambregal shrine

  1. Agree. Corbin being mystery partner for Ambreigns really make no sense at all.
    NXT crowd is boo the heck outta Corbin, can’t imagine how the main roster crowd will boo Corbin.
    Main roster crowd has already boo Reigns, and they’ll boo Corbin too, I can’t imagine if they boo Ambrose too just because he team up with the guy they hate.

    Sorry for bad english, I’m Indonesian.


    1. No worries about your English – it’s always great for me to get some comments, so thanks for that!

      We will possibly see on RAW if they really go with Corbin or if the leak was just done on purpose to see the reactions from the Internet Army. I would have liked if they would have gone with Cesaro, since the man is lost in the shuffle once again. I mean, I still hope that this Shield 2.0 isn’t a long-term thing, so it’s not permanent anyway. Tyson Kidd will be still out for a while, so Cesaro will be solo for a couple of month. WWE won’t push him, so he would be the ideal help for Ambrose and Reigns.

      Instead they go for a young guy Ambrose needs to carry along with Reigns. It’s nothing wrong with introducing young guys and I once liked Corbin. I just don’t think he is ready, plus him actually being a heel in NXT doesn’t really help.

      Hopefully this is just a strategy by WWE to finally turn Ambrose heel because he’s fed up with getting booed all the time because of his tag team partners. He could turn on them because if he gets booed he wants to get booed for the things he does, not because of the things his partners do.

      You know, I still try to find any reason in WWE bookings when there’s probably no reasons at all. But that’s the way I am.


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