It feels like years ago that Cesaro got his tiny little push that fell on a Friday. But also in his very short matches he’s probably more entertaining than any participant of so-called main event matches recently. Mid-week was a lot better with the debut of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa in NXT. Plus: I’m losing all of my enthusiasm for the current Dean Ambrose character. All this in the newest edition of The Wrestling Week That Was. Enjoy!

RAW 2015/09/07: And just like that… it’s gone

Credit: indycena on Tumblr.
Credit: indycena on Tumblr.
You might remember that I was really baffled when I noticed that WWE indeed didn’t continue the feud between Cesaro and Kevin Owens. That was the best thing going for months, not just from a match perspective, mostly because of the storyline perspective. Probably this was the reason why WWE cut short just another great storyline because that went on with the wrong participants. They just don’t want to push Cesaro and the Cesaro Section isn’t that strong going like it should to get the guy what he deserves. And why is that? Because he’s not your typical underdog, so the smart marks don’t really feel the collective need to protect their precious boy. He also isn’t American, so chances aren’t that huge that Cesaro will ever get such a great and demanding fanbase that WWE were forced to give him something back for the hard work he does.

Cesaro And so come Monday Night RAW Cesaro was way back in lower midcard where he had a match against The Miz because he refused to take advice from him how to make the Cesaro Section into the Cesaro Nation. Great reason! (I hope you can smell the sarcasm dripping from every single letter I have already written in here). The match only lasted for just over four minutes and it was abandoned / both opponents counted out, so it probably was a draw in the end, when Big Show came out, went after The Miz and being frustrated because he was too slow to get him, hit Cesaro on the floor who at this point supposedly was only an “innocent bystander”.

Cesaro But despite all this Cesaro still got a few highly entertaining spots. First and foremost the borrowing of JBL’s cowboy hat. I just love Cesaro doing this running at ringside and hitting his opponent with an uppercut – like I love his series of uppercuts in the ring. Just after Cesaro was standing on the commentary table to get some well deserved cheers from the audience, Michael Cole really had the nerves to ask, “Who said he doesn’t have charisma?” Well, ahem, Vince McMahon probably? Then various demonstrations of Cesaro’s strength followed when he manhandled The Miz like he was some 5-pound light rice bag. And the top rope flip that just shows that Cesaro isn’t just strong but also agile. What else can you wish for in a wrestler?

NXT 2015/09/09: There’s nothing wrong with some sharp iron

To have some good auld statistics first here are the results of the first round matches of the inaugural Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classics, one really fascinating and entertaining tournament so far:

Round 1

  • ENZO AMORE & COLIN CASSADY -vs- angelo dawkins & sawyer fulton
  • FINN BÁLOR & SAMOA JOE -vs- the lucha dragons
  • THE VAUDEVILLAINS -vs- blake & murphy
  • SCOTT DAWSON & DASH WILDER -vs- tucker knight & elias samson
  • THE HYPE BROS -vs- noah kekoa & alexander wolfe
  • JASON JORDAN & CHAD GABLE -vs- neville & solomon crowe
  • RHYNO & BARON CORBIN -vs- the ascension
  • JOHNNY GARGANO & TOMMASO CIAMPA -vs- tyler breeze & bull dempsey


  • FINN BÁLOR & SAMOA JOE -vs- enzo amore & colin cassady
  • the vaudevillains -vs- SCOTT DAWSON & DASH WILDER
  • The Hype Bros -vs- JASON JORDAN & CHAD GABLE
  • RHYNO & BARON CORBIN -vs- johnny gargano & tommaso ciampa


  • FINN BÁLOR & SAMOA JOE -vs- Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder
  • RHYNO & BARON CORBIN -vs- Jason Jordan & Chad Gable

Final [at NXT TakeOver on 07 October 2015]

  • FINN BÁLOR & SAMOA JOE -vs- Rhyno & Baron Corbin

You might have noticed that there are a few spoilers in it, because NXT has already taped the next three episodes and unfortunately I already know what’s coming. Will also update this chart when all the question marks can be erased. But right here I have to talk about the debut match of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. Last week William Regal introduced them to the NXT Universe, this week they defeated Tyler Breeze and Bull Dempsey in their first round match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classics.

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
First of all I have to point out something. This match actually worked as one part of the Tyler Breeze vs William Regal storyline. Breeze had to team with Bull Dempsey whom William Regal handpicked for Breeze for his very own diabolical amusement probably. Still this match wasn’t just about Breeze and Dempsey bickering; it was also about introducing Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa who were able to show off some cool moves. First Tyler Breeze sold the hell out of Ciampa’s slap – Breeze was kind of struggling from it even after the match as it seemed.

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
And then Johnny Gargano introduced himself with this spear through the ropes. One special mention also has to go to the NXT crowd once again. When Bull Dempsey entered the ring for the first time, they chanted “Bull is gorgeous” which obviously was a taunt towards Tyler Breeze. Actually this is just one reason why NXT is so great: because of this audience that almost always finds the right and overly funny chants (exception here: Eva Marie who really should be given a second chance, even if her wrestling still isn’t very good). Now after just over six minutes of fast paced and entertaining action, Gargano and Ciampa came up with a cool finish. And it was Ciampa who pinned Bull Dempsey for the win, so Gargano & Ciampa progressed in the tournament. Of course Tyler Breeze was far from amused, so Bull Dempsey was beaten up after the match for a very sudden end to this just blossoming new tag team. The post match interview of Gargano & Ciampa you can watch here.

Credit: NXT on Instagram.
Credit: NXT on Instagram.
And since I have already mentioned that I know about the results of the next three episodes of NXT, here is some announcement that NXT has done that isn’t really a spoiler. It was done yesterday after the taping and actually made the re-match for the NXT Women’s Championship between new champion Bayley and former champion Sasha Banks official. Of course it takes place at the coming NXT TakeOver special in Tampa, Florida, but it will be an inaugural 30-minute Iron Woman match. Plus: this one will be the main event. Just look at how proud General Manager William Regal looks in the picture!

And speaking of William Regal, a few days ago the article Analyzing the Importance of William Regal to WWE’s NXT Brand by Graham Matthews was published on Bleacher Report that actually and finally gave William Regal some credit for the success of NXT. Usually you only hear about Triple H when word comes to NXT. So this was quite refreshing, even if the article doesn’t have much depth. And I’m not sure if this certain Graham Matthews is related to William Regal (real name: Darren Matthews) in some sort. It’s still good that someone finally speaks for him because William Regal himself certainly won’t.

SmackDown 2015/09/10: Cesaro probably just finished another pointless minor feud – at least with a win

Once again this match was the only one from SmackDown I was interested in. And Cesaro is back with already being in the ring after a commercial break, waiting for his opponents – just like a good old jobber. How sad this is. And I’m deathly honest here. At least Cesaro won against The Miz this time in highly entertaining but still very quick manner. But I won’t say much more. Just watch the match and be a little sentimental because for a decent push of Cesaro we probably have to wait very long. They even might have told Cesaro again to stop using the swing because he started to become too popular on his own.

The current state of Dean Ambrose

Actually it’s more about what’s my current feeling about the use and the character of Dean Ambrose. And quite frankly, I’m rather annoyed by him right now. I can’t stand all his tag teaming with Reigns and to make it even worse for the latest episode of SmackDown WWE added the non injured Uso brother to his team for a 6-man tag match against The New Day. At this point it’s like WWE’s version of NXT’s Hype Bros – and I can’t stand the Hype Bros as all.

To be honest I haven’t seen much of this match on SmackDown and nothing Dean Ambrose related from RAW. I have tried a few times but when you cringe about what you see after just a few seconds, you don’t need to stand the pain any longer. At this point I’m really begging and praying for a Dean Ambrose heel turn, breaking up from Reigns completely and portraying a more serious character. All this “Lunatic Fringe” and “Ambrose Asylum” nonsense plus the tag teaming with Reigns basically killed Dean Ambrose for me. Thank you very much, WWE!

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