This headline was written right after Night Of Champions. But I awaited the results of the following RAW before writing anything. This time I’m not just lamenting but also take you to my imagination of possibilities that WWE always throws out as hints but never realize for whatever reason. Feel free to join me in my frustration.

I didn’t expect anything from Night Of Champions, and I got nothing from Night Of Champions – so I didn’t lose anything

It’s really funny to me how really hard WWE tries to get anyone on the Super Reigns bandwagon. And people jump on it. Not that fast like WWE wants it to happen. But also the most hardcore fans will finally give in. Because at some point they just will be tired of being against Reigns, so they tolerate him to some degree. And then the WWE will shove the WWE championship title at Reigns.

Just this little review of Reigns history from Night Of Champions gives you this idea. Dean Ambrose is one half of this tag team but not once was his name mentioned in it nor were some words spoken by him used to illustrate this feud. It was just Reigns all over, this oh so poor fellow whose great career is in danger because of that evil Bray Wyatt. Boo-hoo. I couldn’t care less. But I still care about what happens with Dean Ambrose. He probably still just tries the hardest to get his pal over with the crowds. I say ‘probably’ because I haven’t watched anything WWE related as of the past months. The current Dean Ambrose is killed for me because of this ridiculously stupid and unworthy booking. He’s got the natural talent to be the best heel WWE has ever seen. But instead he’s just used as the punching bag for the entire WWE roster and the cheerboy for the WWE’s chosen golden boy.

I won’t turn this into a tirade that you can read in a few articles on this blog before. I’ve made my opinion clear not just once. But a wise man (Philipp Melanchthon) once said that it’s healthy to ramble about your misery, to cry it out loud, so it won’t stay with you. That’s actually a good advice for life as well! But again, I’ve done this before expressing my tiredness about wasted talent. So I’ll just jot down a few thought about what actually happened at Night Of Champions and then touch on some scenarios I had in mind knowing about the outcomes of this very Pay-Per-View.

Y2J bumps into a feud and leaves it immediately.
Y2J bumps into a feud and leaves it immediately.
Before the match really started we had just a little over ten minutes for entrances, one fan cosplaying as Reigns offering himself as the mystery partner complimented outside the ring again by security and Chris Jericho being introduced as the real mystery partner for Dean Ambrose and Reigns. I assumed it would be Randy Orton since he was attacked by the Wyatts just recently. But I guess that’s what we have to watch at Hell In The Cell.

The match started briefly with Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper, then had some strong spots for Reigns and gave Chris Jericho a few good spots that made it worth for him to participate in this match. And then we were back with Dean Ambrose being the punching back and looking weak and making Braun Strowman look really, really strong – a man who just started wrestling around two years ago, probably because someone said, “hey pal, you’re seven feet tall, you’re ugly, go and try wrestling.” Dean Ambrose at least got to show the Regal Cutter but was so exhausted after it that he could barely tag in Reigns. The guy now was made look strong by Luke Harper. And just re-watch the match and look at Chris Jericho: he applauds every little punch that Reigns does. He probably also applauds everything that Dean Ambrose does. But the cameras don’t show that. We only get to see cheerboy Y2J when Reigns is in the ring. That’s some great hidden manipulation, WWE, fabulous! Congratulation for all these efforts you do to get people hyped for your precious.

Then it was on the Wyatts to make the audience feel for Reigns when they beat them up in and outside the ring. Chants for Reigns only came from females and probably children. And I was sitting there enjoying the manhandling. Somehow Braun Strowman then was the main target and Reigns with help from Dean Ambrose wore him down at last. Then Chris Jericho tagged himself in on Reigns and I was cheering again. But it finished how to expect: with Chris Jericho passing out in Strowman’s hold. And the match was finished by the referee at just over 13 minutes with a win for The Wyatt Family.

Now the after match also was quite telling to me: Dean Ambrose and Reigns kind of confronted Chris Jericho about his behaviour. Actually they were just standing beside each other but by the acting of Dean Ambrose I have seen real disappointment and anger and him trying to hold back from beating up Y2J. And Reigns? He just stands there, shows off the same expression all the time, accompanied by a few shrugs. Is he really pissed off by Chris Jericho tagging himself in on him and losing the match? Well, could be but I’m not seeing it and I’m not feeling it. Also when Jericho goes off, bumping Ambrose arm to arm to get himself away, Ambrose’s visible anger now grows over his disappointment. And Reigns? He just occasionally looks at Ambrose, probably to get an idea of how to behave now. Jebus, show some emotion, boy! Don’t just stand there and act not knowing how you should act.

What we can dream of but will never get

Despite for me saying from time to time that WWE creative doesn’t know what to do with Dean Ambrose, they know exactly what they are doing with him. They use him to get Reigns over. Plus they stuck him in this tag team with Reigns, so he doesn’t get cheers just for himself and get too popular. Now with the outcome of all results from Night Of Champions all these scenarios would be great for my liking but won’t happen because these wouldn’t be good for Reigns:

  • Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho
    Dean Ambrose has proven in the past that he is able to carry a feud basically alone with his opponent just being a part timer or busy elsewhere. We have seen this with his glorious feud against William Regal. It’s still my favourite feud ever and I can’t imagine any feud to top that (except maybe for a second feud of Dean Ambrose vs William Regal). Now that Jericho tagged himself in, lost the match, shoves Ambrose away and later on has got no explanation for his behaviour, Ambrose could demand one, emotions climb the ladder, boil over and we have a first match of these two at Hell In A Cell. We know that Dean Ambrose likes Chris Jericho and being disappointed by him would add an emotional depth that is great for any feud. But with Chris Jericho just going away and throwing in Randy Orton to Ambrose and Reigns again, gives you an indication that this shoulder bump by Jericho was just done to finish this story, not to continue it.
  • Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens
    I’m not that deep into Kevin Owens getting shoved every title at him like Seth Rollins getting shoved every title at him. But I’m able to (kayfabe) hate Kevin Owens to some amount while I’m just annoyed by Seth Rollins. Also, Ambrose vs Owens would be fresh and something the Indie marks are begging to see. Both men are great on the mic and could promo the hell out of each other. And their matches would be great. Of course the main target would be the Intercontinental championship belt that Owens just got against Ryback. But the story would be Owens being all over confident because he’s just winning everything and Ambrose gets opportunity but always loses in the end. Also here, in their first match Owens would win but after a good fight. Then Ambrose gets some mysterious help – backstage attacks on Owens etc. – and it’s finally revealed that William Regal is Ambrose’s manager. And that’s basically two loose threads making one strong storyline: William Regal had to deal with Owens for the longest time in NXT, and now he helps Ambrose to finally get even with Owens. Plus, Ambrose finally have some major win as a singles competitor.
  • Dean Ambrose & Cesaro & Damien Sandow
    Not really my favourite scenario but something I would stand strongly behind. A new formed three man tag team with these three guys – all three of them either booked horrendously, being underappreciated by the company or not being on television for ages. Now they could team up and tell us what’s wrong with the company, demand better for great talent – a team of three Robin Hood’s that also stands tall for the mistreated women in WWE. Won’t happen for obvious reasons.

What will be thrown at us until we like it

I just said that WWE teased already with Randy Orton, so at Hell In A Cell we will have just another tag team match of Dean Ambrose and Reigns against The Wyatt Family. And Ambrose and Reigns will lose again. Next we have Survivor Series maybe with John Cena as the partner for Ambrose and Reigns this time? He also had some beef with Bray Wyatt, so that would make some sense. And we have TLC as the last Pay-Per-View this year – maybe Cesaro now just to give the man a Pay-Per-View appearance? And the first Pay-Per-View of 2016 of course will be the Royal Rumble. At this point the WWE Universe will be so worn out of being against Reigns and getting shoved him down their throats that they won’t boo as much as they did last year when Reigns will win his second consecutive Rumble. And WWE will try again to shove the WWE title at Reigns at WrestleMania 32 while Dean Ambrose will be in a 4-way match for the inaugural Red-Lantern-Award. Also participating: Cesaro, Damien Sandow and Brad Maddox.

And what about the best technical wrestler in the WWE right now?

Well, Cesaro lost against Big Show at SmackDown last week. He wasn’t nowhere near Night Of Champions and he lost against Big Show again on this week’s edition of RAW. Very soon I will lose my head from constantly shaking it because of Cesaro’s ridiculously underappreciated booking.

What I like about Seth Rollins

Just leave him there; I won't miss him.
Just leave him there; I won’t miss him.
After the demon Kane had punished Seth Rollins for his sins at Night Of Champions, he’s taken him to hell the next day on RAW. Now this WWE championship is a little hot, isn’t it? I kind of like it that Kane is back and after Rollins. But unfortunately I can’t see anything changing here. Kane will be punished as always and Rollins keeps the belt. Not that I thought Sting could really take the belt off the Authority puppy. Not that I wanted. I’ve read some comments moaning and crying about Sting being nothing but a joke since he joined WWE and gained nothing. Well, talk to me about Dean Ambrose and Cesaro who have got their future still ahead of them, then we can talk about Sting who just sold his soul to Vince McMahon. No sympathy there.

2 thoughts on “Night Of Champions 2015/09/20: Talking about imaginations that could happen and would be great but will never be done -OR- The story of Dean Ambrose’s life

  1. I think we can take comfort with something happening with Jericho and Ambrose, as he confirmed on his recent podcast that his Night of Champions appearance was just the start of seed planting and storytelling. He was being intentionally vague about coming back to Raw due to his schedule (he’s been doing house shows and he’s going on tour with his band soon). I’m really hoping this would be a storyline just for Ambrose because it’s being perceived by a few people that Jericho will be putting over Reigns, who clearly hasn’t been the one involved in choosing their third man. Sadly, we’ll have to wait and see how booking and creative plays this out for the next few weeks, or if they’ll even acknowledge it.


    1. Thanks for pointing out his podcast. Need to listen again, I guess. And yes, I’ve already read that Jericho will come back next year. And if he goes after Reigns for just another guy trying to put Reigns over, WWE need to realize that it just takes too much effort to make Reigns popular universally (which will never happen) and it needs too many guys doing their utmost to make the guy look strong. They’d need much less effort if they’d push the guys who can get over by themselves and don’t need others doing this for them. Their ratings would be much higher if they’d use talent to their potential and don’t use better guys for lesser guys. And if they’d actually surprise us from time to time.


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