Open letter to WWE regarding Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and all other great wrestlers who are put down in favour to just one guy who needs a legion to get over with the fans

This is an open letter to WWE that I have written for as many people as possible to read. In here I’m expressing my feelings about the use of wrestlers (male and female) in WWE, the storylines and gimmicks. I’m just a fan, maybe a fan who thinks and cares too much, therefore I’m writing this open letter to feel a little better but also try to push forward demands for the wrestlers who won’t ever say anything bad about the company, so someone else has to do this for them. At the end this open letter will be nothing else but a drop of tear. But many tears will make a river and when you don’t change anything, WWE, this river will become an ocean that will finally run over your headquarters and your whole company.

I’m furious. And I’m calm at the same time. I’m furious because fans expressing their demands and feelings for so long already. But everything that WWE does is throwing out a few bones to their fans like they are dogs. And when the big wave of anger is swept away, it’s back to the usual business. But I’m also calm because I’m able to express my feelings; I’m able to put into words what’s wrong with the WWE, with this company that acts like it stands above all, like it’s the only true religion on Earth. But viewership goes down and apparently Vince McMahon doesn’t know why. So, please, lean back and read on. I’ll tell you right now.

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