This is an open letter to WWE that I have written for as many people as possible to read. In here I’m expressing my feelings about the use of wrestlers (male and female) in WWE, the storylines and gimmicks. I’m just a fan, maybe a fan who thinks and cares too much, therefore I’m writing this open letter to feel a little better but also try to push forward demands for the wrestlers who won’t ever say anything bad about the company, so someone else has to do this for them. At the end this open letter will be nothing else but a drop of tear. But many tears will make a river and when you don’t change anything, WWE, this river will become an ocean that will finally run over your headquarters and your whole company.

I’m furious. And I’m calm at the same time. I’m furious because fans expressing their demands and feelings for so long already. But everything that WWE does is throwing out a few bones to their fans like they are dogs. And when the big wave of anger is swept away, it’s back to the usual business. But I’m also calm because I’m able to express my feelings; I’m able to put into words what’s wrong with the WWE, with this company that acts like it stands above all, like it’s the only true religion on Earth. But viewership goes down and apparently Vince McMahon doesn’t know why. So, please, lean back and read on. I’ll tell you right now.

To Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and all guys who have got anything to do with booking and story writing in WWE,

first of all, don’t be afraid. This won’t be too much to read. I could write novels, and hell knows I’ve already done that. But I have done that just on my little blog here. This is intended to go out. And I’m telling you why.

The latest episode of Raw made it obvious once again that you don’t care about certain wrestlers. And that you will push other wrestlers to the Moon and back. It would be so much easier if you would book wrestlers to their specific potential and would get them more freedom with storylines. Some wrestlers need a hand and they need their promos written for them. But if a guy is able to cut the best promos on his own, why writing him promos word by word? Or don’t let him cut promos at all?

Let’s throw some names in here to make myself very clear. Dean Ambrose is the most gifted male wrestler in WWE right now when it comes to cutting promos or just talking. And still you let him stand beside Roman Reigns who tries hard to get his message over but it always sounds forced. Roman Reigns was good at this silent assassin in his Shield days. He doesn’t need to talk, and he shouldn’t talk. He’s got a catchphrase and that’s enough.

Dean Ambrose on the other side needs to talk. Because if he doesn’t, that’s just cutting off his talent. He’s still great in the ring but his booking is the worst. He’s only used for other guys but not for himself. He’s made looking weak for others to look strong. But I’m asking you something, WWE, isn’t it a terrible waste of talent and resources when you need wrestler after wrestler after wrestler to push Roman Reigns and he still gets booed? Dean Ambrose needs one properly booked show and he’s over with the fans again. He can do this with a snap, with just a gesture or a backstage promo after Raw. Dean Ambrose doesn’t need other guys to get over. So please explain to me why you are wasting legions of talent to make Roman Reigns into someone that he won’t ever be?

Roman Reigns now had Dean Ambrose by his side for the longest time. I have watched your shows for years now. But at some point I quit because I couldn’t stand any more watching Dean Ambrose being used for Roman Reigns for the longest time. When I actually watched there was always mixed reactions: cheers for Ambrose, boos for Reigns. Sometimes crowds just didn’t know how to react, so they didn’t react at all. Now I’m not only saying that Dean Ambrose needs to be on his own again; also Roman Reigns has to be on his own again. Because he needs to get over by himself. If you are continue using other guys trying to get Reigns over, he will never learn to do this all by himself. Throw him into cold water, give him a fitting gimmick and don’t waste better wrestlers for him.

And also don’t occasionally remember fans about The Shield. You want Roman Reigns as your top guy? Then don’t put the Shield gimmick on him and use Dean Ambrose to make Reigns look strong. The Shield days are long over but it doesn’t feel like this. As someone who doesn’t want The Shield back, I’m living in everyday’s fear that The Shield could be back sooner than later. And regarding the history of Dean Ambrose with Seth Rollins this wouldn’t make sense at all.

Which brings us to Seth Rollins. I’m actually someone who usually likes heels better than faces. Dean Ambrose would be a great heel. But Seth Rollins is just annoying. And where is the need for him to occupy most time of Raw and certain Pay-Per-Views? I also stopped watching your shows, WWE, because of the use of Seth Rollins. Since Day One the guy got titles shoved at him from left, right, front and behind. He even gets two matches at Pay-Per-Views while guys like Cesaro, Damien Sandow and others don’t even have a tiny appearance. They just have to train, eat properly and appear backstage for weeks or even months. And aren’t even on TV?

Please, explain this to me as well, WWE! Explain to me why the best wrestler in WWE right now, Cesaro, has to lose against Big Show, has short matches with Bo Dallas when he should main event every single Raw and SmackDown! Don’t talk to me about grabbing brass rings when you continuously cut off certain wrestler’s arms. Cesaro was one half of the best feud in WWE this year when he went after Kevin Owens. The built-up to their first match was brilliant and I couldn’t wait for the next show to see how it would continue. But then Cesaro lost not only this match but also the feud that should have been stretched out at least until the next Pay-Per-View and for a (real) second match. Then we have Damien Sandow who can work any gimmick and make it popular with the fans within one single show. He’s one of the best actors in WWE right now and still he’s only working dark matches at best.

And then we have the female wrestlers. You promised oh so much change when the hashtag #GiveDivasAChance boiled over a couple of months ago. And you know what? I didn’t believe you one second. All the storylines circling around female wrestlers in WWE are about jealousy and one woman shaming another one for being too female or not female enough or any other things that most have to do with one girl’s look or appearance. One of the lowest points were these cat fights you did with Lana and Summer Rae. I honestly couldn’t watch because it was too painful. Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that NXT belongs to WWE because of the great use of female wrestlers in NXT.

Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Damien Sandow still have got a good part of their in-ring wrestling career ahead of them. Don’t waste their talent that you’ve got right here. Bring back the European Championship and the Hardcore Championship to give more guys something to fight for. Let them not just point out their ideas, also make them work their ideas. Let them act to more grown up gimmicks. PG doesn’t mean you just have an audience of 5-year-olds. And by the way, also 5-year-olds get and enjoy deeper storylines. And last but not least, use the likes of Big Show, Kane and John Cena, guys who have had their careers, to put younger talent over, not vice versa.

I’m far from finished but I promised you not to write a novel. So I’m wrapping up this letter with demand, not just hope, to finally change and use your talent to their potential, not put down better wrestlers because you like better the faces of lesser wrestlers. Because despite the ‘E’, the WWE is still a wrestling company and should appear as one.

21 thoughts on “Open letter to WWE regarding Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and all other great wrestlers who are put down in favour to just one guy who needs a legion to get over with the fans

          1. Not at all.
            I did nothing.
            About complaining forever : it kinda became our (WWE fans) thing.
            That’s what being constantly disappointed does.

            Liked by 1 person

                1. “Yeah, it is almost like they tell us :
                  “we can & we won’t” give you what you want.”

                  They’ve been telling you that for the last five years though. WWE doesn’t care about the ‘hardcore’ fans. They’ve as much as admitted it. Sad that people missed the Wyatt/Reigns match though. I’m not a big fan of either one but, it was the best match of the night.


                  1. If you enjoyed it, good for you. But I don’t think that I’ve missed anything. Because I hate it when people want to tell me what I should like. And even worse, take the guys off TV or use the guys badly that I like. Because to me that feels like, “you like these guys? well, you can’t have them until you like what we show you”. No, I won’t watch anything. I have better things to do. I watch what I like. And if my guys aren’t shown, then I’m not watching. It’s as simple as that.

                    So, it’s actually not sad that I “missed” this Wyatt/Reigns match. It’s sad that WWE can’t do something for all fans because they could. What WWE is doing with their employees is modern slavery.


    1. Thanks.
      I have just realized that I wrote “me” instead of “my” comment.
      Sorry again.
      Mistakes!! When will I stop making them!!
      Maybe never!


  1. Word. Just word. I am utterly sick of where WWE is going and what they are doing to Dean, Cesaro, Damien and countless others. I actually now have just started to tape the shows and fast forward through the crap I don’t want to see. It has cut down viewing time immensely, but there is no satisfaction in watching the storylines, which is sad. I wish they would use the folks in NXT just to see if they could do better with the current talent, because the talent is there. It’s just not being utilized properly at all.


    1. Yup, taping shows and fast forward the crap was the beginning of the end for me as well. And when I realized the fast forwarding was way too much, I started to just read results / spoilers. It’s actually sad because with all this great talent that WWE have, they could put on a great show. But for whatever strange reason they make a handful guys work the same boring stuff on and on and on and force the big rest to watch.

      I wish Ambrose and Cesaro could have a story with William Regal in NXT. Like they are treated in WWE, they wouldn’t be missed there for everything they are currently doing.


  2. Your observation couldn’t have come at a better time. Last night’s RAW showcased numerous examples of bad booking and storytelling as well as poorly utilizing their young new talent once again. Ambrose only appeared in a backstage segment. Cesaro had no screen time whatsoever. And the women are back to all being catty instead of being passionate on wanting to lead the so called Divas Revolution.

    And now the TV ratings have reportedly scored even lower than last week’s numbers, despite heavily promoting the main event with Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt throughout the show. WWE needs to change something here if they’re worried about their low ratings. It’s getting difficult to get excited for their monthly PPV events when their RAW and Smack Down shows deliver inconsistent and mediocre storylines every week.


    1. Maybe not “despite” Reigns vs Wyatt but “because”. I’m telling you that people wouldn’t be that sick of Reigns any more if he wouldn’t be sent out to kill talent left and right of him.


  3. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments. I have enjoyed wrestling since I was young, growing up watching British wrestling on a Saturday afternoon in the 1970’s/80’s with my gran and then in the attitude era with my own children discovering the excitement of the WCW, WWF/E and even TNA. I should be the perfect target consumer for the WWE being a network subscriber, watching on Sky, paying for myself and family (now in their early 20’s) to see at least 4 live shows each year, we also buy merchandise regularly and follow online. However, do I feel like I am getting a product that is value for money or something that I am enjoying? I think the answer is NO! This time last year it seemed we were on the verge of something exciting and engaging with HIAC and Ambrose and Rollins match being the main event – I was hooked (putting the ending of that match to one side…). I had enjoyed the Shield, but Ambrose won me over after the ‘chair shot’. I watched the old promos, matches, basically anything I could and I loved it all. Everything from the storytelling, the wrestling, the promos made sense and he had a level,of authenticity I hadn’t seen in a long time. There is so much exciting talent on the rosters at the moment and yet we are faced with a disappointing yawn fest every week – the Rollins promo, the Big Show win over someone who needs it more, the Authority, the diva’s non-revolution, Reigns ‘being strong’… I probably don’t need to go on. We need heels to hate , but we then need some of the other wrestlers to overcome the odds and get that big win otherwise we will never feel satisfied with the result and like you will switch off ( or at least Sky + and fast forward 95% of the show). By the way, Always enjoy reading your blog and look forward to more.


    1. Thanks for your comment, even if this “open letter” is already a few weeks old. It’s very appreciated.

      I’m very much able to sense your disappointment because I feel the same – like you’ve already noticed with my letter and probably a few reviews before. But I have to confess that I haven’t watched anything new in recent weeks. I’ve got a huge novel to finish and need every free minute for it. So WWE kind of did me a favour as sad as it sounds. I might watch the Ambrose & Orton match on the HIAC pre-show because, hey, it’s free… yeah! Definitely won’t watch HIAC itself. I don’t even read the RAW results or SD spoilers anymore because I just know that there won’t be any surprises or exciting happenings / news. And from what you’ve written, I wasn’t that wrong.

      And you’ve pointed out this very important fact that someone once had written an excellent article about (put the link in here somewhere, but maybe you know the piece). At some point the face has to overcome the heel, also if the guy isn’t called Cena or Reigns. I’m still slightly furious (when I think about it) about the fact that Ambrose had to lose every important match against Rollins and Wyatt, not to mention his status as a lapdog to Reigns plus that Cesaro’s feud with Owens wasn’t continued. It’s like WWE seem to think that if they are giving the fans some satisfaction, they won’t tune in again. So they continue to disappoint the fans for the fans to hope and hope and hope. But no satisfaction – ever. The problem is – like with me – that it’s the opposite. I don’t get some enjoyment from something that should enjoy me? Well, I’m off.


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