(Semi) Goodbye Eire + Alba, part 1

For the last few months I considered buying in to WordPress to get more space for pictures, Gifs and all around content. Some people go for advertising and / or begging for money. But I’m not someone for both. So I semi-close this blog and opened its new chapter called Eire + Alba, part 2. Here is your guide to use it. Enjoy!

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TLC 2015/12/13: Dean Ambrose doesn’t need to steal any title belts any more because he’s finally earned the Intercontinental Championship

Finally there was a reason to watch WWE again because Dean Ambrose finally won a belt fair and square without having to steal it. Dean Ambrose is now the Intercontinental Champion and these are my thoughts about it. Expect a few exciting words, also because of something that took place on the RAW show that followed TLC.

Dean Ambrose_collage

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