For the last few months I considered buying in to WordPress to get more space for pictures, Gifs and all around content. Some people go for advertising and / or begging for money. But I’m not someone for both. So I semi-close this blog and opened its new chapter called Eire + Alba, part 2. Here is your guide to use it. Enjoy!

The New

With all fresh and new in the new blog, there certainly will be a different index and other pages. This first blog right here started in 2010 and lasted for almost the entire year of 2015. That’s five years of my own life and from 2013 mostly wrestling. Whatever strikes me from 2016 for the coming five years will be in there, Eire + Alba, part 2 to cover my new interests for your (and probably) my enjoyment. But since this is all in the future and still unknown to me, the new of this second Eire + Alba blog will be a surprise to all of us.

The Old

I’m able to be more specific when it comes to the things that stay the same because I’ve got a few categories that I will continue because they are part of a series or aren’t finished right here quite yet. Here are the series that I will continue writing over there:

  • The books that I’ve read.
    I’ve started this series in 2011 and listed all books that I’ve finished reading from start to finish. Recently I also added article (Aufsätze) and journal (Zeitschriften) pages for the respective year. I don’t write reviews about the books in here but maybe you’re getting inspiration from the authors / titles alone. So, just have a look and feel free to follow the links. On the second Eire + Alba blog I’ll start with the year 2016. The other five years you’ll still find in here.
  • The creative writing stuff.
    As you can see (when you click the link), this specific main page for my own creative writing is still almost empty. And the link itself is kind of creative as well. When I first started with Eire + Alba everything was new and interesting and kind of an experiment. I still try to get some order in these pages and the whole index. But I’ll certainly continue writing stuff – and some of it I’ll publish in here. For most of it I’ll have passwords, so you can’t just read it. You have to ask me for access, i.e. the passwords. If you’d like to get in touch, just click here and get your preferred information.
  • The wrestling stuff.
    I will also continue writing about and collecting stuff about Dean Ambrose, William Regal and Cesaro. Especially their career sections will be highly cross over, i.e. these both blogs linked together. I haven’t done much for Cesaro, so the most from him you’ll certainly find over there in the new blog. I also have got the highly recommended Ambrose vs Regal feud section right here with a few pages that might get some new content. But there won’t be any new pages in here. I still have got the Eugene angle with William Regal and Triple H in mind. I really like that feud because it’s different and with more depth than most storylines in WWE. So, if I’m in a good mood I might cover that one over there. You can still write me some words of encouragement on this very page, of course.
  • And just for the fun of it.
    I also have this fun section in this first Eire + Alba blog. And this is another main page that needs to get written. Basically I’ve got two pages with funny words (German / English), funny paintings and a very silly page about Mark Clattenburg. Lets see what other stuff I find funny in the next five years.

The ambivalent

And of course there is the new blog section in Eire + Alba, part 2. I already know about the first three blog posts. The first one I try to finish within the next two days. And then there will be a review about the German TV-series Deutschland 83. And next will be another review about the WWE series Breaking Ground because William Regal is a major part of it. And I might write about at least all Dean Ambrose title defenses as Intercontinental champion. The old love still isn’t back but I’ll have my say here and there and maybe you’ll enjoy reading.

Also of course I appreciate every comment I’ll get from you in the future. And if you have questions, I will try to answer in time. So feel free to connect and don’t forget the most important thing in the world:

Have fun!

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