01 April 2012

This pencil was a gift from my ex-colleague and now it’s half done. I only used it to correct the papers I got from my students and I blame them for the too short of a life this pencil had to live. May he rest in peace after the next 15 papers I have to read.

02 April 2012

I needed a tranfer to a doc today. So I went to the general doc that sits in a high building with an imposant spiral staircase as you can see. The picture was made from halfway up the stairs.

03 April 2012

Was at my parents for dinner today. It was hot. Really, just too spicy and chillies containing. But surprisingly black tea afterwards did its magic. After that I went to my school town for a doc visit. Had a nice chat with the neurologist (as ever) after taking some pictures from my old stadium. And last but not least I went back home and did another little walk to the library to take some books and DVDs with me. The picture of the day shows a slogan against world poverty but slightly different than possibly meant.

04 April 2012

I am very much a voice focused person and so after watching “Galaxy Quest” for around 10 times now I needed something else spoken by the genius that is Alan Rickman. I googled around on the internet, especially Amazon and found the audiobook “The Return of the Native” written by Thomas Hardy. It is 13 discs, 15 hours and 45 minutes of pure audio porn and I just can’t get enough of it.

05 April 2012

Not a great day today when it came to the post office. It’s day 2 now that the package with the student’s papers are missing. I hope someone somewhere finds them. But it was a good day when it came to the library where I got the two volumes of the Carchemish excavations by Woolley and Lawrence. What you can see in the picture is the Lucas church where I went by today.

06 April 2012

This is my preparation for the night currently: putting the headphones on my pillow, making the lights out and then it’s Alan Rickman for me until I’m almost sleeping.

07 April 2012

These are the first 25 parts of my 90 parts containing patchwork quilt I’m doing for my mum for birthday in December. Finished the 25th part today so made this picture.

08 April 2012

The second home of my life was a flat within a railway station building. Unfortunately the bathroom wasn’t part of this flat but a building itself around 50 metres from the railway station building but right on the platform. These days the bathroom doesn’t work anymore as you can see and the railway station building looks quite ruined.

09 April 2012

My old home where my parents still live.

10 April 2012

My first visit to my old University library and I left with five books and three DVDs. The picture is a view to the main entrance.

11 April 2012

In the evening I was at my first lecture at my old university for ages. The lecture was good — some old points I’ve once learnt about logic in philosophy but remembered very well and met some old pals. The picture shows one random painting on the interior of the Hörsaalzentrum, the main university building.

12 April 2012

Not really my opinion but I like the pun / the double meaning.

13 April 2012

Spring comes round — just on the corner of my flat.

14 April 2012

Found this beautiful green beetle on my walk today but… he was dead 😦

15 April 2012

This is now year 2 of my balcony plants growing very wild and rough. This is part of it: one tiny tree or something.

16 April 2012

The little girl in my house seems to learn how to use a bicycle.

17 April 2012

Some random place for cheap student’s meals right on the periphery of Dresden university campus like Tusculum is situated on the periphery of ancient Rome.

18 April 2012

Another day, another walk. This time with some dandelion strolling around on some random fence.

19 April 2012

I felt a bit sad when I recognized this poor little fellow lying in the grass. I was almost in the mood to save him but then left him there where he died just to honour his final rest.

20 April 2012

I have already posted this little Leprechaun but do it again because it’s so lovely.

21 April 2012

This is part of the music and lyric book of one of my favourite music albums ever: “Animals” by Pink Floyd. And in this very case it’s the beginning of my favourite song of this very album: “Pigs (Three Different Ones)”. I mostly like it because of the lyrics by Roger Waters and the strong bass line.

22 April 2012

Used my PSP Go with their three Irish charms for my photograph today. The PSP Go wasn’t and still isn’t a hit in the market but I quite like it because of it’s tinyness and all-around style.

23 April 2012

Just under the roof of the house I live in: scene with a lamp.

24 April 2012

A tiny collage of spring blossoms right in front of my door.

25 April 2012

Jupp, this locomotive is quite right: sometimes the rail is some adventure.

26 April 2012

This is another picture from the lecture hall the Star Trek lecture I attended took place today.

27 April 2012

I had something in mind: a heart formed with two pages of a book. The result wasn’t a heart but only because it was very late, I was tired and wanted to finish this session.

28 April 2012

Temperatures just over 30°C / 86°F and I can’t stand temperatures like this but the opportunity was there to play table tennis with a pal so I did it. You can watch a tiny video of the session here. Yes, I know it’s a bit slow but I definitely didn’t want to hit the camera!

29 April 2012

Tulips and other flowers just around the corner of my house.

30 April 2012

The back side of a Citroën 2CV. In German it’s called “Ente” (duck) so the sticker is explained 🙂

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