01 August 2012

In some strange way I like thistles and as a kid I sometimes liked them too much. My mother wasn’t impressed.

02 August 2012

I always wanted to visit the castle Oybin, never had the time for it but today I somehow managed it. Went there with my mum with a little steam train and then via a nice but misleading path. It was too hot and some spots up there looked like Toskany. All around it was good and I took some good photographs that I still have to put into an own article.

03 August 2012

Just in front of the so-called Potthoff-Bau, one of the main building of the traffic studies in Dresden you can find some rail parts as this one. I have only waited for some people walking by in the distance to get some movement into the picture.

04 August 2012

At the Germany historians conference 2006 in Konstanz I also had the time to visit this beautiful city and in some moment of weakness I bought some used cheap Pink Floyd LPs. I should mention that I hadn’t got a LP-player at home at the time and didn’t had until now. But as my birthday comes around for another time I got my parents to buy me a player that can play LPs, cassettes … and … yes, also CDs.

05 August 2012

One of these old-fashioned pieces a today’s teen wouldn’t recognize what it is. It’s a brand-new cassette I will use to make my own tape of music with the new multi-player I will get tomorrow.

06 August 2012

And there it is: my multi-player that I got today (but it’s not my birthday yet).

07 August 2012

My pencil case and I put the most used pencils there where you can take them first.

08 August 2012

This is my birthday today and because of that I got the opportunity to visit some great museums in Dresden completely free. I also did many photographs today that I have to put in a special article with an experience report on the offer.

09 August 2012

Because I had to rest today because of my museum marathon yesterday I still managed to make a fun gif of my very favourite table tennis balls.

10 August 2012

With the interruption of the museum marathon I also did a cleaning marathon because of my birthday party on Saturday. It was a mess before but now it’s all nice and clean again. This candle flame is put into water that is in a huge glass and it looks beautiful in the dark.

11 August 2012

Birthday party today. And my brother came with his brand-new racing bicycle. Never had the opportunity to take a ride on this type of bike and when I did tonight I instantly grew the wish to have one for my own. I definitely will some time.

12 August 2012

One of the remainings of yesterday’s birthday party: hummus or chickpea puree (made by me).

13 August 2012

To get some vegtables from my mother’s garden I went to my father’s bureau today and this is a part of the entrance hall to it.

14 August 2012

Brilliant old-fashioned ex-GDR motorbike “Simson” brand standing in front of my house.

15 August 2012

I had to try these fruit sticks today. It’s type apple and raspberry but somehow there is also currant innit (without written on the front). I won’t buy it again.

16 August 2012

I have this for a long time now: an imitated Roman wax tablet. And I have written one of my favourite ancient Greek quotes innit (App. Mithr. 195)

17 August 2012

On my way to search for a mirabelle tree I have eaten fruits from almost ten years ago I unfortunately haven’t found the very tree but this marvelous green hydrant.

18 August 2012

As English football leagues start again today I show you the two Oxford books I have reserved for the Premier League and League One. Pictures show my two favourite footballers: Kevin Kilbane as captain of Coventry City in League One and Roy Keane as pundit for ITV.

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