Xmas Special

01 December 2012


This picture from a pharao painted on papyrus was a gift from my parents who brought it home from Egypt. I hope that the people of modern Egypt will soon get the government they deserve.

02 December 2012

MacGyver knife

Several months ago Amazon had this great MacGyver season 1 + special knife bundle and because MacGyver was a great series during my teens I had to buy it. This picture obviously shows the Swiss officer knife.

03 December 2012


The whole world seems to be covered in snow only in Dresden there is just a minimum of it. You could even lay down on these red artificial loungers situated on the University campus.

04 December 2012

Austrian Triumvirat

Another shot from my bookshelf and this time from my little collection of my very own Austrian triumvirat: Thomas Bernhard, Peter Handke and Josef Winkler. You wouldn’t recognize which one of them I like best.

05 December 2012

Xmas tree kitsch

Another example for the strange Xmas trees currently to be seen in Dresden.

06 December 2012

table ensemble

My mate Daniel got his Doctor degree today. But before that he needed to be confronted with a long discussion about his thesis. I was there for helping to prepare the room for the event. Everthing went fantasic but at the very end of the day I was dead sick — probably because of too much Tiramisu I had eaten.

07 December 2012


It’s not very easy to be a kid in my area as you can see on this entrance sign of a playground. I just hope that standing there is allowed.

08 December 2012


Very near to my flat but I probably won’t ever eat there.

09 December 2012

more snow

What I didn’t have last year I obviously like to have this year: lots of snow. And every day it’s getting more and more. Just take this look from my balcony. I am so glad that I don’t have and need a car!

10 December 2012


As I love tasty cauliflower I thought today that I could add some cooked one to my almost usual risotto. It was indeed tasty.

11 December 2012

there is snow

Who knows how many days we will have snow this winter so I add another (this time a bit blurry) one from the interior of my house complex.

12 December 2012

colours with bicycle

And here is another snow picture. This time it’s obviously a Gif I have made as I wanted to make something really ridiculous.

13 December 2012


Once again I was in our wonderful university library and back home I found this fabulous icicle that was spontanously chosen for the picture of the day.

14 December 2012

potatoes and eggs

Because it was so tasty I had to make a picture from it: potatoes and eggs — almost the easiest to make piece of food but indeed very tasty.

15 December 2012

Bailey's Cake

I didn’t knew that this exists: a Bailey’s Cake. But I shouldn’t be surprised because almost everything does exist with Bailey’s innit, doesn’t it? So, my father bought it for my Mum’s birthday party and it was quite eatable. For once. I don’t want to have it for a second time.

16 December 2012

patchwork parts

On this weekend I have produced these four corner parts of my future patchwork quilt. And I’ve ruined a finger again in the end.

17 December 2012

Dresden football vs rugby

I’m not really sure in which parallel universe Dynamo Dresden supporters live in with that statement ‘Pride of the Nation’ but I’m definitely go for the irony of Dresden rugby supporters!

18 December 2012

hearts fpr the quilt

Here is another part of the future patchwork quilt — with hearts.

19 December 2012

more patchwork parts

These are all patchwork parts that are completely finished right now. Still much more to do.

20 December 2012

100 thread amoeba

This is a new creature I have discovered: the one hundred thread amoeba. Infact these are the last four patchwork parts I had to stitch up. Not a really nice work to do.

21 December 2012

food making of

Variation of my potato / egg meal this time added with carots, ginger, garlic (lots of!), and brown sauce.

22 December 2012


Just finished to stitch together these first two parts of the patchwork quilt and realised that I won’t make it for Xmas Eve. My mother has to wait for it though unfortunately.

23 December 2012

brother's presents

This it what my brother will get from me this Xmas: there are two books innit plus a daily calendar by Simon’s Cat.

24 December 2012


As my Mum was a bit unwell I only went with my father and brother for a little walk today. The forrest looked a bit mysterious as you can see. Temperatures weren’t too low so it was quite good.

25 December 2012


This is a part of the great railway station of the village my parents live in. I left it there and went back home today just to avoid some arguings with my father.

26 December 2012


If someone would write a book about my footballing career this would be a huge part of it — perhaps this would be the exact text of the ‘biography’.

27 December 2012

Parents and child room at the SLUB

I had something to do at the SLUB today (taking lots of books back home for example!) and when I was just there I was also heading for the special room decorated for parents and their children. It’s really a very special room with a friendly and warm atmosphere — quite the opposite to the rest of that building.

28 December 2012

turkey curry with curcuma rice

Meal today: turkey curry with curcuma rice. Very tasty as always.

29 December 2012

Radax vs Bernhard via Hennetmair

I’m reading the last pages of Hennetmair’s Year with Thomas Bernhard and this is one page of it: a letter written by director Ferry Radax to Thomas Bernhard via Karl Ignaz Hennetmair from 18 Nov 1972. Brilliant!

30 December 2012

Sky over Dresden

Weather: too warm, no snow — THIS ISN’T WINTER AT ALL. But we can walk around in shirts. Bravo!

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One thought on “December 2012

  1. 02.12.: Gab es dazu denn auch noch einen Kugelschreiber und einen Streifen Kaugummi? Das Messer allein machte ja meistens nur die halbe Miete aus lol

    03.12.: Es scheint tatsächlich eine bundesweite Versorgerfirma für diese “Liegen” zu geben, denn bei uns stehen sie im Stadtpark herum, allerdings in Blau.

    05.12.: Der Bär ist gruselig, allerdings finde ich den Schneemann mit Brille putzig.

    07.12.: Same here.


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