01 February 2012

It was Wednesday evening but it wasn’t a lecture. I didn’t knew it until my colleague told me. Was a bit depressed for coming to work for nothing but then discovered this replique of a Roman bronze inscription tablet and made a picture from the horribly wrong written cohors III Britannorum << on the tablet as III BRITTANINORVM.

02 February 2012

When I made my way back home from work I spotted a great sunset just over the Autobahn to Essen and decided to leave the tube at the next station to walk back. It was freezing but I didn’t really care. Just for this picture to get I stand the cold wind and then jumped on the next possible tube to continue my way back home.

03 February 2012

Was in another two Planetarium shows today and took a photograph from the Planetarium at night. But I wasn’t quite satisfied so took two pictures from my yesterday received giant microbes, the Sea Sparkle (noctiluca scintillans) and Gangrene (clostridium perfringens).

04 February 2012

There were still some flowers into the garden of my house here in Bochum but then — just this morning, when I looked out of the window: there was snow! Not much obviously but enough to draw the landscape white. And there was this rose that perhaps couldn’t enjoy this much.

05 February 2012

After I was almost arrested for not being a Hansa Rostock supporter, and not watching the children’s show in the Planetarium because there were no tickets left I had chosen to walk not straight back but around the stadium to avoid another investigation. I passed this very football ground and thought it looked a bit dramatic with all the shadow. Fits my day definitely. The drama I mean.

06 February 2012

Just few days I’m here in Bochum yet so it’s time for me to empty the fridge from my daily needs. Today it was pasta time with the remaining sauce. It was too much so had to eat something while it was cold already.

07 February 2012

On quite many days already I wanted to take a picture from the big game of chess in the GA building of the Ruhr-University of Bochum and today I was ready for it. And as I’d shot two pics I made a Gif. By the way: there were some peasants missing… no real game possible.

08 February 2012

This is a close-up to the packet #1 I’ve sent home including mostly books and anything that fitted in. Package was sent on Thursday but on Friday I’ve packed another one (the weight was 17kg for the first and 7kg for the second) and today (Saturday) both arrived in Dresden, almost unharmed.

09 February 2012

Today was my last day in Bochum and I’ve seen my colleagues for the last time. Nice from them to gift me this mug from the Ruhr-University Bochum (i.e. RUB) and a little book about Ruhrpott football. Should be interesting!

10 February 2012

Bye bye, Bochum. My remaining stuff (inside the bags) also says bye bye. Now there is only tea left from me in Bochum.

11 February 2012

Went to the after birthday party of my brother today. First to his flat then per pedes to an Irish Pub. It was on the other shore of the river Elbe so I did some pictures I have already posted here and have chosen this one as the today’s picture.

12 February 2012

This is a tiny part of my knitting project for my mum’s birthday in December (as you all know when you have seen all January photographs). The wool now has got some children and the green knitted thing is part #9 of the project.

13 February 2012

This dagger I’ve bought in Petra, Jordan, from some random bedouin. Some days later I was in real trouble on the airport of Amman when I had it packed into my bag. Not in the handbag for taking on the airplane but I was asked if I needed this for murdering goats. I wisely had chosen not to use sarcasm and said ‘no’ that this dagger I just bought as a souvenir. Now it’s on my wall above my bed and I still haven’t killed one single goat with it.

14 February 2012

I have now posted so many pictures of prepared dinner that I decided to make a picture of the yet non-prepared one. Just guess what it was like after cooking.

15 February 2012

Had to buy new jeans today and decided to walk for it. Came to this bridge and took a picture of the train main station. Then at home played a bit with Photo Shop and got this bw / red picture.

16 February 2012

I shouldn’t be another food picture today so it is my window curtains (in ancient Greek style) reflected into the linseed oil into quark (potatoes and liverwurst not in the picture).

17 February 2012

It was very late today for the picture because of the resignment of German president Christian Wulff. I’ve watched the telly all day long, every newscast I could get. So in the end it was my fridge with the magnets I thought would make a pleasant motif.

18 February 2012

Another day full of telly shows with speculations on the new candidate for the German presidency went by without taking attention on a good motif. So it had to be another one from my flat. This time it is one photograph I took in Rome, Italy, some years ago. It’s from nearby the remaining parts of the huge Constantine statue in the Capitoline Museums.

19 February 2012

These shoes may be old and the sole of the left one might be broken but I love these British Knights. I can walk properly in them and now use them only when it’s not raining. Now the laces were ruined, too, but I had some coloured one’s and decided to make something else to get (almost) Irish shoes. Plus: a picture with shoes for now walking in the right direction is the best fitting on the day when Joachim Gauck was made the candidate for the German presidency. Great day!

20 February 2012

Another spontanously idea: I had already collected a surprise music CD for my mum when I thought taking a picture with using the CD as a mirror could make some interesting effects. And I was right. The reflected scene is my Arabic wall with Arabic vocabulary, pictures and quotes.

21 February 2012

Visited my dad today because for some help with the tax declaration and all of a sudden have seen this Red Bull VW Käfer. Photo Shop obviously again helped with the effects.

22 February 2012

I couldn’t wait for the release and today it was mine: the new Playstation Vita. You need to be multitasking when playing games and I’m not but I can learn to be and I will!

23 February 2012

This thing looks a bit ridiculous? That’s right but I also think that you can almost guess that it should be Rob Green. It’s part from the World Cup 2010 collection and the only figure ever made from Rob. So I had to own it.

24 February 2012

I love Pink Floyd and as I do so I also know that there are two groups of fans: the David Gilmour fams and the Roger Waters fans. I belong to the least group. I am a Rog fan because I am a writer myself. I like his creative genius and his voice. So to date I watched him live in concert for two times. Unfortunately I missed his recent Wall tour but listen to the whole thing as much as I can. Now this collage can be watched in my living room for six years or even longer.

25 February 2012

On my way to the post office I have seen these beautiful snowdrops and all of a sudden have had my pic of the day.

26 February 2012

Lazy day for me today when it came to make the daily picture so decided to zoom in my VCR.

27 February 2012

I just love these tiny LEGO figures and so what can be better to own as a historian than this little pharao? Lovely, isn’t it?

28 February 2012

Again I have no real idea for today so cjust come over with the daily dinner: fish with paprika and potatoes. Very much one of my favourite food.

29 February 2012

What best for a day that comes around only every fourth year to show a project of mine I had abandoned long time ago without no reason. I started to write and produce a magazine with my own literature early in 2001. But it only run until 2002 with issue 7 (this last one was a story of a friend of mine so it isn’t in the picture). There are mostly short stories and lyrics innit so I could start again with issue 8 with writing another short story. This would also be satisfying when I could finish something within a very short time. Maybe next month…

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