01 January 2012

What picture on 01 Jan would be better than a picture of fireworks? Exactly, no picture. So here it is: the picture I think was the best I’ve made today morning on the shores of the river Elbe in Dresden, Germany.

02 January 2012

On my way to the post office I kept watching for the remainings of the New Year’s fireworks. I have found much of it and then when I came by a little park with the rain started to fall this picture was made.

03 January 2012

I’ve seen several of these pictures in the last weeks and chose to do my own one announcing the New Year with some sparkles I’ve kept from New Year’s Eve.

04 January 2012

This is the negative of a night view picture from my balcony and on the second look I think it looks like a big eye in the sky. Wish you all a good night!

05 January 2012

Still no snow around. I’m getting angry…

06 January 2012

Was at the dentist this morning then walked without clear destination through the city when I discovered this painting. A very certain Dürer reminiscence obviously.

07 January 2012

My old watch (left) recently refused to do his daily duties so I needed a new one and got two in the end: daily watch (middle) and the sport watch (right).

08 January 2012

Have put the fish in aluminium foil, put it in the oven and let it there for almost half an hour. It was (almost) the best fish I have ever eaten and definitely the best fish I have cooked. Arranged it on spinach beneath mashed potatoes. It was a poem.

09 January 2012

What better for the ninth of a month to put on a picture with nine similar items like these shampoo bottles at my bathroom.

10 January 2012

I know it’s a bit disgusting but I had to document my cold today so you get my used tissues. Yeeehaaah…

11 January 2012

This nice yellow stop block currently lies on a track near Leipzig. The slightly red shadow was seen because of the light in our train.

12 January 2012

This is still the only snow I can see live around me at the moment. Unfortunately it is made from paper. The south of Germany already dies because of snow and here in the (almost) north there is no single snowflake around. Disgrace!

13 January 2012

I could have taken a picture from the Gary Speed lookalike with whom I had a great chat from Bochum to Kassel but I didn’t want to destroy the magic. So pic of the day are these flags on the RUB campus.

14 January 2012

Poor Maria Gey. Some random Dynamo Dresden supporter has put a sticker onto her bottom. Shame on him!

15 January 2012

I love a sliotar in the evening. It smells like leather.

16 January 2012

It was just a day when I couldn’t manage to buy something to eat (because I knew there was still a zucchini available in the house). So I remembered that I had baked beans, too, and some cheese. And there it was: the evening meal. THAT was delicious.

17 January 2012

It was about time to print and cut the chapter photographs for the very first copy of my novel “Nebukhadnezzar” (result from NaNoWriMo 2011). And then I’ve drapped them together to a loose collage for your enjoyment!

18 January 2012

Wax tablet as used in ancient times especially for economy writings. And this one is owned by my Bochum colleague. Found it on the table and used it for the daily pic.

19 January 2012

Because most of today’s students don’t know any more: this is a library (and in this special case: the Historische Bibliothek (= historical library) of the Ruhr-Uni Bochum).

20 January 2012

At first there was a bit of hard snow (almost ice) then very wet snow together with thunder and lightning. Great day for a weather enthusiast like me.

21 January 2012

I had another unsuccesful hunt for a good copyshop today. The one I visited didn’t look very promising but I thought I could only have a very cheap copy right now — just to finally have one at least. But the owner said that it would cost me €18, ten Euro more than I would have to pay in Dresden. And this was just the cost for the cheap, colourless edition! But I refused to get furious cause I’d already expected this failure. So I’d decided to cheer me up a bit with taking some photographs in the surrounding area and got these three wooden camels which you can see in the Arabic restaurant “Karawane” in Bochum, Germany.

22 January 2012

Due to me refused to take any step outside today I had to search for motives inside. So I decided to show you my roll of 36 colour pencils from the series Art Grip Aquarelle made by German company Faber-Castell (I still haven’t done any picture with them I have to confess with feeling totally shameful).

23 January 2012

During the time I had to wait for my very first copy of my NaNoWriMo novel to get printed I went to the Botanic Garden of the RUB, took some photographs and decided to write another entry here. This will only happen tomorrow but today one savannah plant is the pic of the day.

24 January 2012

Because I listened to the Beatles in Bochum’s Planetarium some days ago here is another reminiscence: the yellow submarine as you can see it in the tube station “Bermudadreieck” (how fitting!).

25 January 2012

Sun was shining the whole day here so I decided to walk to my beloved Planetarium to take some pictures for a timelapse and buy some tickets for my remaining days here. The end product contains 61 pictures, taken every 10th second. So, what you see here is a timelapse of 10 minutes of beautiful blue sky in the Bochum “winter”.

26 January 2012

This is a part of the tube station “Waldring” in Bochum. The tiles are designed as they would be tree roots down earth. Fascinates me always I go through via tube. The first flat I had here was nearby this station so this was my station for half a year. Now it’s the “Rewirpowerstadion” but as it isn’t down earth there is not much worth to take a picture from.

27 January 2012

This is one great picture somewhere in the catacombs of the RUB: some book fronts of very old books you can all find in some library at the Bochum university (too many some’s in one sentence, I know!).

28 January 2012

When I was about to go out for shopping some daily goods I was stopped because of a look on this leaf. There was ice on it. Couldn’t believe it cause it didn’t felt that cold. When I came back from shopping the ice was gone but I already had my picture.

29 January 2012

Random German pharmacy but with a nice decoration. I wonder if I can catch this owl when the decoration will be changed…

30 January 2012

Was a bit lazy today so took a shot from my ginger / orange / mint tea reflecting the window decorations of my hobbit hole.

31 January 2012

This is the last picture of this month and I can’t believe that I’d come so far. Last time this year I’d already stopped making one picture a day. It’s already a success though. This picture now shows my knitting progress. In the end I hope it will end as a birthday present for my mum (she celebrates it in December) and it should be a patchwork quilt made from [number not yet known] 15x15cm squares.

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7 thoughts on “January 2012

    1. Ich habe da jetzt nochmal nachgedacht und mir ist aufgefallen, daß ich eigentlich zwei Wertung hätte abgeben müssen, je nachdem ob du diese Bilder als künstlerischen Beitrag verstehst (in dem Falle fällt dann das Strickbild raus) oder als ein Verweis auf das, was am jeweiligen Tag für dich ein Highlight, etwas bestimmendes, etwas nachdenkliches etc. war – unabhängig vom künstlerischen Aspekt. In dem Falle hätte ich mich dann wohl schon für das Strickbild entschieden.


  1. Ah, sehr hübsch dein Gestricktes:) Das wird eine Patchworkdecke, nehme ich an? Die Mama wird sich freuen:)))) Da ich selbst eine Mama bin weiß ich das!
    Falls du mal Hilfe bei Strickfragen hast, immer nur raus damit:)

    P.S: Die Fotos sind alle sehr schön!


    1. SOLL eine Patchworkdecke werden, genau 😉 Meine Mutter legt sich gerne nach dem Mittag hin und hat dafür so ein kleines Minideckchen. Im Dezember werde ich dann hoffentlich soweit sein, daß es zu einer größeren und viel schöneren Decke reicht 😉


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