01 July 2012

As you may have seen in June I have a tiny collection of Reclam books. The old version of it was great because on most of the fronts there is enough space to make these cheap books very personal. I have heard a feature about Du contract social by Jean-Jacques Rousseau today and right after searched for this very book. I was a bit surprised to discover that I had T.E. Lawrence drawn on it but with some thinking about it really does make sense.

02 July 2012

There was nothing on the telly I could watch without hurting my brain so I decided to watch my DVD of Lion in Winter for possibly the 495th time (or so). Because of that I know almost every line of this initial play by James Goldman but because of the brilliant actors I leave it to listen to it. Above in the two scenes you can see Timothy Dalton (acting as King Philip of France) screaming at Peter O’Toole (as King Henry II of England) and Tim once more turning to Richard (played by Anthony Hopkins but not seen in the picture) in disgust answering him “Never” to his question if he once loved him.

03 July 2012

This was the first avocado I tried to eat and at first it was really good, tasted a bit nuts-like. But avocados at the same time have too much fat to get much of it so I decided to put it into the fridge for later decision what to do with it.

04 July 2012

Fire bugs on the tree I walked by today. Surprisingly it was the only tree with fire bugs on it at all. I have seen that already two years ago. But I’m lazy enough to not google after that phenomenon.

05 July 2012

Looks a bit like the Milky Way with a few of its stars / suns but it’s only flashed rain and their clouds.

06 July 2012

This is maybe my favourite picture from my photo set of Schloß Moritzburg because it’s something different to the well known portraits of the castle.

07 July 2012

Last night there were some events around the university campus which are called “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften” (i.e. long night of the sciences) and these balloons are the only remainings.

08 July 2012

That’s part of the interior walls of the house opposite to my house. My ex-colleague lives in it, I have visited him and chose to make it my daily picture.

09 July 2012

Just some clouds today.

10 July 2012

Langnese Cremissimo has a new variation: Doctor Shivago ice cream that contains mascarpone, lemon ice cream, wodka-lemon-sauce and white chocolate. Discovered it today in a tiny shop and will probably buy it any time soon.

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