01 June 2012

Have found this yellow dragon just around the corner of my flat and had to put it into my collection.

02 June 2012

You already know the famous fire oracle so I don’t need to explain for you. Just for the record: was at a birthday party of a friend today and took some fire pictures late at night.

03 June 2012

Maybe I cheated here a bit because literally it was the same day / event than the previous day because I took this picture when I walked home from my friend’s birthday party. But as you can see in the left bottom corner it’s almost 1a.m. so in fact it is the third day of June.

04 June 2012

Another day, another walk. This time early in the morning with the night’s rain just almost gone. So I met this blossom with water drops and thought it would be worth the daily picture.

05 June 2012

The Euro 2012 is only a few days away so I am nearly in the mood for enthusiasm. In fact my daily mood turns from high enthusiasm to the lows of knowing that Kevin Kilbane won’t play for Ireland again. But all round I am happy that the highpoint of this tournament will start very soon. So I prepared a little Irish Coffee tonight and enjoyed another hour of Star Trek.

06 June 2012

On my way from the store this guy just came around and I asked him for a photograph. He told me that this type of an old CCCR motor bike is sold only by two traders in whole Germany.

07 June 2012

This was the first part of my balcony decoration journey: orange, white and green balloons on the right hand side. For it I had to clean the whole mess that was my balcony. But it was worth it.

08 June 2012

And here is the result of the second and final part of the balcony decoration for Euro 2012. Last time Ireland participated at the Euros was 1988 and at a major tournament was for the World Cup in 2002. So, it’s very much justified to over-decorate a bit, I think.

09 June 2012

My dinner today: asparagus with cous-cous and sausages. Looks like a very strange combination but it was very tasty!

10 June 2012

Roses in Altcoschütz, a tiny and very old village on the periphery of Dresden, Germany.

11 June 2012

I was hungry but lazy for cooking so it had to be pasta. And because my kitchen lacked any sauces it was the sweet way with cinnamon and sugar.

12 June 2012

Back in 1996 I was on my last holiday together with my parents: on a boat in southern France. The last town we were was Carcassone right on the 14th July. You have to watch the fireworks in the old castle of Carcassone for yourself. It was just great. And because of these memories I was excited about this board game with the same name. Certainly I had to own almost every variation of it. The pictured boxes are just a part of it.

13 June 2012

I don’t really like to cut a whole ananas into eatable pieces but did that today to cure myself from allergy against ananas. It really works.

14 June 2012

Ireland had their first Euro 2012 game today and I was prepared. But Ireland wasn’t. Or shall we say: Giovanni Trapattoni wasn’t. He only picked the old guard with his antique system or so-called plan A and failed completely. After all we scored once.

15 June 2012

Does anyone fancy free balloons? Just give me a sign but beware: they are certainly toxic!

16 June 2012

This great Irish thimble I had to include into my order from Carrolls Irish Gifts. I don’t use them normally but you never know.

17 June 2012

That’s my dinner today: risotto with sausages. I like this meal because it’s easy to prepare and very tasty afterwards.

18 June 2012

Made a trip to Rathen today to make a walk to the Bastei, viewpoint in the so-called Saxon Switzerland. You can watch the whole photograph series here. Enjoy 🙂

19 June 2012

This is a statue in front of a school in my neighbourhood. Looks a bit like a mixture between ancient Egyptian and communist realism to me.

20 June 2012

Had to make a walk through half of the city today and decided to catch these pipes. And yes: it was my decision which pipe you would look through!

21 June 2012

Spontanously decided to take another self portrait. This time through the mirrors or a very clean car. I desperately need to buy a fish-eye lens!

22 June 2012

It was nice weather today as you can see and because I had to head to the library I decided to show you one tiny part of the university campus.

23 June 2012

That’s the pharmacy right around the corner of my flat. I played around a bit again to get this red / b-w result in the end.

24 June 2012

This has nothing to do with me but it grows on my balcony: shamrocks 🙂 Must be a sign…

25 June 2012

You already know my bigger bookshelf. This is the opposite wall: Reclam books together with most of my DVDs.

26 June 2012

Finished these two knitted bags today. They are made as a present for my grandma who turns 81 in July.

27 June 2012

Another part of the university campus: this time the building where you can get the cheap, sometimes not so yummy food.

28 June 2012

Who said handwriting was dead? Not for me: part of my own handwriting with my favourite pen.

29 June 2012

I love the Arabic language and especially their letters and writing. So when I once saw these notebooks in a store window I had to own them.

30 June 2012

Was at a wool store today to buy some new balls for the knitted plaid I do for my mother. And then I saw these balls made as the flags of Spain and Italy for the Euro 2012 final. I go for Italy to win it.

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