01 May 2012

For almost some weeks now on the opposite house wall there is a motorbike I use to stare on every day. Today I did a picture of one part: the mirror for a nice reflection to the side I live on.

02 May 2012

I know it’s not the best picture in the world but the most of the day I was on the balcony where hardly interesting stuff crossed my way.

03 May 2012

This is a quite interesting photograph because it’s the photograph of the photograph of the photograph of Ronnie O’Sullivan. First his picture was taken for the pictures on the walls of the player’s tunnel in the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield where the Snooker World Championships currently take place. Then a TV camera filmed it right into my living room where I took a photograph of it. I wonder what René Magritte would have said…

04 May 2012

Did a little walk today across the Nossener Brücke discovered all these accurate parked cars and today played a bit with a mosaic filter on PI. It looks a bit futuristic, doesn’t it?

05 May 2012

Well, what can I tell you about this picture? It literally says everything. The red laser-pen did its duties again and the look upon my mother’s face was priceless when I told her that I have “painted” on my door 😀

06 May 2012

The is the thin part of my mum’s guitar. She played it while she was young. Now it’s with me but I can’t really play. That’s because it’s with me: for learning.

07 May 2012

Violet and pink blossoms right together: how annoying mother nature can be sometimes!

08 May 2012

Was at my parent’s home for the yearly haircut and because the weather was nice I went outside for some photographs: these are some spring shoots from some random conifer.

09 May 2012

These are the last remainings from my latest Ireland trip. It’s some tracery I have made from grass found up on the hills that surround Glendalough. Beautiful landscape! And because the photograph isn’t that spectacular I played with it just to discover that the lower part of the shadow looks like a dragon’s head. Some kind of frightening, I suppose…

10 May 2012

This is some fantastic GDR art by Siegfried Schade. You can watch it live (and in colour) on the facade of the dorm near the railway main station in Dresden. It shall represent three sections of physics combined with their connection to biology infact it all looks the same to me. If you are able to understand German click the picture and read the text / description. Maybe then you will recognize.

11 May 2012

Another discovery I’ve made today on my way from the library to the main station. But I haven’t seen the cat for real.

12 May 2012

All day to be in my flat means no real good photograph again so I had so search for something inside. As you have it: a plush turtle that was literally my last item I bought in Bochum.

13 May 2012

As I have posted some animal related pictures in the last days I decided to get you the flag from one of my favourite music albums ever: Animals by Pink Floyd. This flag is situated at one of the walls of my living room.

14 May 2012

The latest knitted square of the future quilt I try to make — inspired by this entry by @papierundfaden.

15 May 2012

Union Jack and German flag right friendly beside each other 🙂

16 May 2012

This is a remembrance photograph of my old friend, the Samsung GX-20. It’s not dead but I hope it will get a nice new home here. I’ve used it very well but not much since I’ve bought the much smaller Samsung NX-10. So I thought selling was a good option to get some money at least.

17 May 2012

I bought some rhubarb one day ago and now had to think waht to do with it. Stewed fruit was an option so I did it. And it was very tasty together with chocolate pudding.

18 May 2012

I have passed this colourful Smart several times now and finally today is the day I have made a picture. Not my prefered type of car but it definitely stands out.

19 May 2012

Some of my neighbour are sick or tired or whatever of their mirrors so parked them in front of our entrance that someone other may pick it up. I think it won’t work…

20 May 2012

Was on a nice little walk to the surroundings of Dresden and stopped at this flower for quite some time. I have made several pictures from it with the bee and although in this one the bee isn’t very sharp to see I like the flower best so this is the chosen one.

21 May 2012

Today it wasn’t the natures on the edge of the city but the city itself. I went through the midst of it and in a building I have found this great model of the Frauenkirche.

22 May 2012

It is now three days since Chelsea have won the Champions League. Finally. But it is still hardly too believe. Every time I have woken up since I had to check the results again but it stood so I think it’s save to post a picture of my Chelsea shirt to celebrate this historic win.

23 May 2012


This statue of two boys with fish and crab in hands is situated on the area of an abandoned scool. I have no idea why they have these fish in hand but I thought it’s a nice statue so I had to capture it on a photograph.

24 May 2012

glass in the sun

Really — I had no idea today so it’s quite a useless picture: part of a jar with sunbeam reflections.

25 May 2012

SLUB lounger

During the Summer months the SLUB hands out some of these loungers for the students to have the opportunity to enjoy reading comfortably.

26 May 2012

ruin / meadow / chainlink fence

This isn’t really a Gif but three differently focused pictures put together: one focused on that old house / ruin, another focused on the meadow and the third one on the chainlink fence — everything quite next to my home.

27 May 2012


Another part of my patchwork quilt in the making. It looks a bit like a woolen amoeba, doesn’t it?

28 May 2012


Not the best picture today but this old Junkers JU52/3m is faster than I thought it would be. Better pictures of it you can see here.

29 May 2012

house facade

The electricity supplier in Dresden owns some houses and their facades are quite coloured with various paintings on it — like this one.

30 May 2012

panda faces

Someone had drawn panda faces on a wall I walked by today and it made me happy. Easy choice for the daily picture though.

31 May 2012

KK shirt

I would have loved watching Kevin Kilbane at the Euros playing football. Instead I can watch and listen to him playing his part in the media. So this shirt will be only worn by me during this football tournament unfortunately.

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2 thoughts on “May 2012

  1. 13. Mai: Battersea Power Station! Eventuell das neue Zuhause von Chelsea, wenn der Kauf klappt (obwohl das immer unwahrscheinlicher wird).


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