01 October 2012

This sundial stands in front of the back entrance of the Willers-Bau of the TU Dresden. It’s an old and shabby building but somehow my favourite but I can’t really say why.

02 October 2012

I strongly believe that this is the entrance of an abanboned school but I can be wrong. Everything is possible but for all the students in Dresden I hope that it is abandoned. The stone tiles are loose and some grass is growing between them. Plus there are big tiles to celebrate the high school graduation classes 2000-2003 and 2005-2007. I haven’t found the tile from 2004 and I still don’t know what happened in this school in this year. But also after 2007 there is no other tile. My conclusion is that this school was closed after the last students left in 2007.

03 October 2012

Time again for another piece from my flat: a quote from the classic movie Man from La Mancha spoken by Peter O’Toole as Don Quixote. The quote is on the wall over my bed and I find it very inspirational.

04 October 2012

Looks more dramatic than it was. But some hours later there was a heavy storm that blown all the yellow leaves from the trees so the air was filled with yellow leaves. It was stunning.

05 October 2012

No, I wasn’t in Rome just for one day. This is a black / white photograph I have made years ago when I was in Rome with a dear friend. Now it’s hanging on a wall in my living room. With the recently discovered photo editing programme on Photobucket I have played a bit with colours and frames.

06 October 2012

When I first saw the advert for this perfume I knew that some day in the near future it would be mine. So it was today. I had tested it some days ago and it was just perfect to me. So here it is: James Bond, 007. Shaken, not stirred.

07 October 2012

This was my dinner today: fish fingers (yes, I feel ashamed!) with mashed potatoes and cucumber salad. It was delicious.

08 October 2012

On a Xmas party with my family years ago my brother brought this Rubik’s cube in some disorder and I’m currently trying to clean it up again with the help of this brilliant YouTube video. One side already went well. The other sides will follow if I have the muse to do it.

09 October 2012

On my way home I discovered these gourds at a nearby gardening shop. And as these fruits for me represent autumn at it’s best it was the perfect picture for today.

10 October 2012

Another picture from my big bookshelf as I thought it would look quite good to make a blurry photograph from this book with the luminous letters.

11 October 2012

The periodic table as my mousepad slightly edited with the Photobucket programme.

12 October 2012

My favourite storage in the SLUB Dresden: it has the perfect place and the perfect number so I always look for this cube first to lock in my stuff. Most of the times I get it.

13 October 2012

Sometimes my mind doesn’t work anymore especially when I desperately need to sleep but still have to take my daily photograph. This is what I take when it’s really too late: my blue glasses and some of my scribbling looking through. Complete rubbish.

14 October 2012

I have already posted this photograph in my report about the trip to Fichteturm. I have chosen this pic for my 365+1 collection because I like the various colours of these flowers. Simple as that.

15 October 2012

On the second day of this month October I have already posted a picture of a supposed abbandoned school. Here is another one: perhaps abandoned much longer than the previous shown.

16 October 2012

As I had another guide in the SLUB today I didn’t think too long about taking a picture there. And here it is: a view through the windows onto the studying hall.

17 October 2012

Went to my grandmother today and as she lives in Leipzig I had the opportunity to take a picture of the great building that is the train main station there.

18 October 2012

Today was one of these days I made too many pictures to choose from. But I think I like this one best: yellow Autumn leaves focused while the rural countryside is blurry in the background together with some editing from Photobucket. You can watch the full set here.

19 October 2012

One of my last views of Leipzig before I went back home was this church without a name.

20 October 2012

Back home there was much more yellow than there was when I left two days ago. And much more bright sun.

21 October 2012

I know it’s boring because there is a picture of Autumn leaves again. But you have to take these photographs as long as there are the opportunity. So this October entry is becoming very yellow.

22 October 2012

Until now I haven’t got the slightest idea what these guys have done there. It wasn’t removing all the leaves because after they were went there were more leaves than before. Strange.

23 October 2012

Some more or less Thomas Edward Lawrence related books in my living room due to the fact that it was late again for the daily picture.

24 October 2012

I love these (also yellow!) fake quince because they are great for throwing.

25 October 2012

Went through this bizarre landscape today by accident but thought instantly that it would be great for some novel location. So I had the first glimpse of an idea about what my NaNoWriMo novel should be about. You can read here what else I had to say (together with the photographs from tomorrow).

26 October 2012

This is the big tree that plays a huge part in my coming NaNoWriMo project starting on 01 November and I went there again today just for additional photos and research.

27 October 2012

First Day of Snow anno 2012. A day of the year I am happy all over. It was wet snow and it wasn’t too nice out there but the snow itself combined to the fact that it was snowing all day made it perfect.

28 October 2012

Not very inspirational after it was a very late pic again: my keys and some other stuff.

29 October 2012

Some years ago I went to a reading event of Swiss author Peter Stamm and brought back home this picture because well simply I liked it. Did a collage because it was late again.

30 October 2012

Just realised today that the bakery around the corner was built anno 1901 and has the likeness of former German emperor Wilhelm II on its walls.

31 October 2012

In Dresden the snow is long gone but at my parent’s village there still is a bit of it. The photo was done just from under the roof.

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3 thoughts on “October 2012

  1. 24. Oktober: Kienäppel!!! Jesus, in wie viele Balkonplastikabschirmungen haben wir mit den Dingern Löcher geschossen! Aufgesteckt auf eine stabilen, aber nicht zu festen Stock und dann fliegen die Dinger (gefühlt) kilometerweit – selbst wenn man klein und noch ein Kind mit wenig Kraft ist lol Hier gibt es die nicht. Hatte mir letztes Jahr ein paar aus Schwedt mitgebracht. Werden natürlich mit der Zeit braun, aber bis ins neue Jahr haben sie es geschafft.

    30. Oktober: Ha, kenne ich. Ich meine, daß man jahrelang an ein und demselben Gebäude vorbeigeht, aber irgendein Detail nie gesehen hat. Da fragt man sich, was die Welt noch so an versteckten Details zu bieten hat.


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