These are the magazines / journals that I have read in 2013. Actually I have read more than this but this is the stuff that I have finished reading this year. I’m notorious for reading a few magazines / journals at a time. So this is the result of my guerilla reading.

  1. Johannes Saltzwedel (Hg.), Persien. Supermacht der Antike – Gottesstaat der Mullahs, Spiegel | Geschichte, Nr. 2 / 2010.
  2. Nicole Zepter (Hg.), Zwischen Terror und Traum. Warum die Jugend für den Arabischen Frühling stirbt, The Germans, Nr. 4 / April 2013.
  3. Antike Welt 2013 (2): Die Armee Alexanders des Großen (Darmstadt).
  4. Antike Welt 2013 (3): Uruk – Die erste Großstadt (Darmstadt).


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