Special Review: “Journey to SummerSlam – The Destruction of The Shield”

Dean Ambrose Special collage_01_a

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Project 223pm 365: Devonian Period

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Project 223pm 365: Suicidal Mushrooms

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Project 223pm 365: Howth

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Writing Competition: Can You Stand the Rain?

Two boys with bicycles in the blurry background. A man chasing a woman in the foreground. Some cars. More bicycles. And lots of rain. This is the scenario for this writing competition. Where are these boys coming from? What are they going to? Are man and woman related? What will happen to them? Are these two different stories or are these two groups of people connected? And one very important question: will this rain ever stop?

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Protected: Music video: Pink Floyd at Pompeii (1972 / 1974)

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Lawrence of Arabia with Hummus and Arab Tea

hummus, tea and TEL

Today, 125 years ago, Thomas Edward Lawrence was born – to the world known also as ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. I don’t really like that name but I love the movie. So, when I have the time for it I usually watch it on Ned’s birthday plus make my own hummus, buy some Arab bread and drink some black tea with peppermint. It’s my version of ‘Lawrence-Day’ and some kind of a holiday to me.

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