I love paintings. And I love painting galleries, especially the galleries “Alte Meister” (“Old Masters”) in Dresden, Germany and Vienna, Austria. Both galleries were designed by Gottfried Semper and are practically reflections from each other. Only the shown paintings are different, of course. So, since I love paintings and this page here is part of the “fun” section of this website, on here you can find interesting paintings with an edge, id est paintings that have got interesting details or are funny or got interesting facts about them. Have fun with watching them here. And go visit your local painting gallery!

"Portrait of a Gentleman in a Fur"Paolo Veronese(1550-1560)
“Portrait of a Gentleman in a Fur”
Paolo Veronese
This painting came to popularity in September 2015 when someone recognized the stunning resemblance with heavy bearded Roy Keane. And indeed, look at the hair, his eyes, the nose, the mouth, even the evil look – it’s like Roy Keane traveled back in time, so Paolo Veronese was able to paint him. Maybe it really is one of Roy Keane’s ancestors. But we won’t ever know because the name of the gentleman in the painting is not known. And we obviously can’t ask Signore Veronese as well. But this doesn’t take away from this stunning painting. And if you don’t know about Roy Keane, just click here for comparison.

"Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind"Jean-Léon Gérôme(1896)
“Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind”
Jean-Léon Gérôme
The French original for this painting reads La Vérité sortant du puits, armée d’un martinet pour châtier l’humanité which basically says the same but adds the fact that the female truth carries a whip for the punishment of humanity. The moment I have seen this painting, I loved this title. Because when you’ve read a few of my articles you’ll know that I just love descriptive and long titles / headlines. This title also leaves much room for interpretation, even if Monsieur Gérôme said that this painting was an attempt to describe the transparency of an illusion. It was painted at a time when photography came to popularity and was seen as an alternative to realistic paintings. It definitely is no accident that more and more painters did more and more abstract paintings around the time photography was invented.