This collection of Footballers’ Face Masks further grows – as long as there are footballers on one side who simply can’t or don’t want to control their arms and footballers on the other side who refuse of being sidelined with a broken nose or cheek bone. This is the main page from where you are able to navigate to the whole collection of four pages in alphabetical order.

MAIN PAGE | A-C | D-K | L-P | Q-Z

Footballers wearing face masks has much to do with an injury in the face and that’s never nice. So wearing a mask and play on shows the commitment these players have for their clubs and / or country. So, to honour these brave guys and gals I’ve collected the pictures and show them here in alphabetical order (feel free to suggest the ones I’ve missed in the comments).

Right now I’ve got 146 footballers here, 3 of them twice. And because that’s quite a lot of pictures to load for you, I’ve split my collection in four parts. You can find the specific pages right above. Choose the letter which your favourite footballer’s surname starts with and look if he already had to wear such a face mask.

And if you liked this collection or just want to leave a message in honour of those brave guys, write me a short comment, to find at the bottom of each page.

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