This collection of Footballers’ Face Masks further grows – as long as there are footballers on one side who simply can’t or don’t want to control their arms and footballers on the other side who refuse of being sidelined with a broken nose or cheek bone. This is the fourth part of this collection with footballers wearing a face mask with their surname starting with the letters L-P.

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Nando Rafael



Andreas Reinke

Alain Rochat

Simon Rolfes

Carlos Sanchez

Sanchez, Carlos

Ebbe Sand

Felipe Santana

Santana, Felipe

Raphael Schäfer

Schäfer, Raphael

Marcel Schmelzer

Schmelzer. Marcel

Dirk Schuster

Schuster, Dirk

André Schürrle

Danny Schwarz

Mark Schwarzer

Christine Sinclair

Yann Sommer

Sommer, Yann

Cody Stanley

Marco Streller

Streller, Marco

Steven Taylor

John Terry

Jeroen Tesselaar

Tesselaar, Jeroen

Veselin Topalev

Ömer Toprak

Toprak, Ömer

Fernando Torres

Torres, Fernando

René Vollath

Andrej Voronin (1)

Andrej Voronin (2)

Voronin, Andrej

Simon Vukcevic

Christian Wloch

Richard Wood

Robert Wulnikowski

Wulnikowski, Robert

Alessandro Zamperini

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