Equally to the list with funny German words I try to collect a list here that contains funny English words. Feel free to add some hilarious sounding vocabulary in the comment section. Cheers!

alfalfa ∙ bamboozle ∙ boondoggle ∙ bubbler ∙ canoodle ∙ cornball ∙ dagnabbit ∙ dingbat ∙ dipstick ∙ doohickey ∙ fandangle ∙ getgo ∙ gollygee ∙ greenhorn ∙ groggy ∙ gumption ∙ hokum ∙ hoosegow ∙ hootenanny ∙ hornswoggle ∙ kittycorner ∙ motormouth ∙ muumuu ∙ nincompoop ∙ pemmican ∙ piehole ∙ pizzazz ∙ pompatus ∙ puissant ∙ rickrack ∙ sapsucker ∙ saxifrage ∙ skedaddle ∙ skullduggery ∙ smackdab ∙ sodajerk ∙ struggle ∙ wackadoodle ∙ wiseacre ∙ xiphoid

— updated until 08 March 2014

7 thoughts on “Funny Words

  1. More funny English words (in no particular order): gumption, muumuu, pemmican, skullduggery, sodajerk, hornswoggle, bamboozle, sapsucker, greenhorn, pompatus, dingbat, doohickey, rickrack, canoodle, hootenanny, hoosegow, nincompoop, piehole, wackadoodle, alfalfa, wiseacre, skedaddle, saxifrage, bubbler, dipstick, motormouth, xiphoid, pizzazz, puissant.

    That’s just what I thought of. I’ll come back and add more when I think of more. Fun!


    1. Thanks! I’ll add them into the post when I have the time. Alfalfa I could also add to the German section as we are also using that word and it’s definitely funny in both languages.


        1. Well, this is interesting because this “owfahfah” sounds equally to how the majority of Germans would think that Americans would speak it 😉 We just speak “alfalfa” like “Alfalfa” – you know: big first capital!! 😉


          1. Very funny! But You All Capitalize Everything, So That Doesn’t Help Me Understand. We say all the Ls and stress the middle syllable. Like this: al FAL fuh.


            1. The Capital thing was a lame try of a joke. I don’t understand it either 😉 But to add some fun you might understand: Saxon accent just seem to have the vowel ‘O’ so Alfalfa spoken as a hard Saxon speaking person would be like this: ol FOL foah 😉

              PS. I try to avoid Twitter today so here is your daily Dresden sky.


              1. ol. FOL. foah. ol FOL foah. ol FOL foah! Thank you for the Dresden sky. I found it on the Padgram viewer at home. I am jotting down additional words, too. English is a funny-sounding language, I think, because now so many words are striking me as funny. Why avoiding Twitter, if I may ask?


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