Wrestling. An old love I must have discovered back in the early 90s when wrestling was on German TV. I can hardly remember my Lex Luger days but I think he was my favourite. And it was just because he reminded me of Richard Dean Anderson a.k.a. McGyver. This series was also very popular with me. So when I have seen the similarities (obviously only due to their faces) Lex Luger was the guy I was looking for when I have seen wrestling on German TV.

The first GameBoy edition was just out around this time, so I had one and bought me a wrestling game to play on it. I think most of the time I played as Lex Luger! Plus: my little brother (and some of my class mates at school) had to suffer from my growing interest. But then, since football made it to the number one spot on my list of favourite sports (and it was pretty much easier to follow / watch than wrestling) I lost sight with wrestling for quite a while.

It was only last year when I finally gave in to continuous suggestions by a friend I should watch some certain CM Punk guy. I did and enjoyed it once again. But very soon after I got much more interest in Dean Ambrose. And this is where I started to write my wrestling reviews – basically of RAW, SmackDown, and the PPVs – in here. For better reading and because I’d like to separate my favourite three wrestlers from each other, just follow the links down below to see what I have to say about them.


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