This is the main page for my little collection for everything about Dean Ambrose that’s interesting for me. Maybe you also find something useful and / or interesting on this page. Then click on it and if you like it, please leave me a message. I appreciate (almost) everything. Cheers in advance.

I like Dean Ambrose because he looks like some normal guy who won’t get any attention when you see him for the first time. But when he opens his mouth and when he makes his way inside the ring, you know that this man is something special. Wrestling is his life and even if WWE treat Dean Ambrose the same way as CM Punk, he won’t ever be mid card like Dolph Ziggler. Because, yes, he’s just one in a million.”

    SmackDown | 25 July 2014

Dean Ambrose and his wrestling best

Dean Ambrose and his titles in WWE

Dean Ambrose on DVDs

Biography and random facts about Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose and others about Dean Ambrose

Other random facts and fun about Dean Ambrose

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