Episode: FCW TV #157
Recorded: 01 September 2011
Aired: 02 October 2011

“Ladies and gentlemen, something wicked this way comes. I love saying that. I love it when I see this man. He just brings out the old villain in me.”
–William Regal

William Regal
Ladies and gentlemen, something wicked this way comes. I love saying that. I love it when I see this man. He just brings out the old villain in me. Wonderful. (…)

I have to say that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have had a history of matches here, that rival, and I’m going… it’s very brand to say this but as much as any competitors that I have ever seen in this whole industry. (…)

How much do you think it go… what goes to these two’s minds when they look across the ring at each other? They know that they’d given each other everything possible that they can muster up, and they still have to face each other again. Does it make you… does it make you happy as a competitor? I’m asking you a question; or does it make you somewhat to lose your confidence because you don’t… you know it’s that perfect game of human chess, what do… what do I do this week to try and beat this man?

Byron Saxton
Well, any competitor, myself included, in FCW, you wanna be challenged, you wanna have to raise your game up to that next level. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose pride themselves on taking their game to the next level.

William Regal
Good answer. That’s what I wanted you to say.

Byron Saxton
I know.

William Regal
That… I like that from you. That’s what all competitors should feel like. Good for you!

Byron Saxton
Uh, folks, one thing I do need to mention that you can already, uh, notice, the left shoulder of Seth Rollins is taped. We understand, uh, Rollins suffering a tear in that shoulder at a recent FCW live event.

William Regal
I’m sorry, Byron, to interrupt you here but there’s no excuses. You… there’s no excuses going into this. If he’s that bothered, then he should be sitting in the back, in the locker room, he shouldn’t even come out here to compete. I know that Seth Rollins wouldn’t want anybody thinking that he’s making excuses; he’s not that kind of man. And that’s coming from a, you know, an old rogue like me. But I… he would not want anybody to think, you know, it’s obvious that he’s got an injury but he wouldn’t want anybody to say at the end of the day, if Dean Ambrose happens to win here, he wouldn’t want Dean Ambrose or anybody else saying that, well, now because he had… he had a bad shoulder.

Byron Saxton
I’m not out here trying to make excuses for Seth Rollins but the fact of the matter is, if he’s not a hundred per cent that could be a disadvantage for him.

William Regal
I don’t think so.

Byron Saxton
You don’t think so?

William Regal

Byron Saxton

William Regal
Because Seth Rollins isn’t one-dimensional. He has, you know, an incredible set of skills. So he’ll just do what he can to avoid keeping, you know, keep that arm out of the way or keep that shoulder, you know, from getting re-injured. That’s the kind of, you know, smart skill set that he has.

[commercial break]

And all the way through the break, the people at home didn’t see that it was just one pinning combination after the other. These two know each other so well. It must be very frustrating for them when you have a competitor that knows you so well. What do you do next? How do you beat this man? (…)

And these two have been in such, you know, rivalry here in FCW. Every time that they compete, it takes a great part of them away. You know, you can never… it’s hard to recover from such battles. And every week they come out and they keep battling. And that’s, you know, you see old tapes of Muhammad Ali and boxers like that, they talk about the classic encounters and how they took, you know, years off their career in some cases. These two every single week they’re trying to just put damage on each other. It’s… as we’ve seen here.

[Dean Ambrose slowly but surely removes the tape from Seth Rollins’ upper arm and a dark purple coloured bruise on his skin emerges]

Now, Dean Ambrose obviously knows that there’s an injury. Sometimes, I have to say this, it’s sometimes better to really, to not have something taped up because, you know, if you’re in there with a half decent competitor, he’s gonna obviously go for that. Dean Ambrose is obviously gonna target the injury and he’ll gonna make it… trying to take advantage as quickly as possible.

Byron Saxton
Yeah, tape or not, you could see the discolouration throughout the arm and shoulder of Seth Rollins. I mean the injury is plain as day.

William Regal
That’s probably why that Seth Rollins looked at himself in the mirror and said, why… whether if I tape it up or not, he’s gonna know, so I manage to have a little bit of extra support. (…) I like the… I can see the athletic trainers using the new type of kinestheology taping. That is a great help to us competitors. You can see that there on the shoulder. (…) Most people, you know, people at home, they get a slight bruise and they know the kind of pain that it causes. Can you imagine… you know, well, I know and you know the kind of pain that he’s in it’s excruciating.

Byron Saxton
Gah! Look, he’s just sticking his nails into the biceps! How sick is Dean Ambrose?

William Regal
I don’t think it’s sick at all. I think it’s just, that’s what… well, that’s probably why, you know, I am what I am. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Byron Saxton
What would your strategy be if you were in the position of Seth Rollins right now, William Regal?

William Regal
I would do my utmost, it’s stating the obvious, isn’t it, but keep that shoulder and arm out of the way, use… Seth Rollins has great striking skills though, try, if possible, make some distance and use his feet as weapons, keep Dean Ambrose away from him, you know, try and kick away Dean Ambrose’s legs because… if he can take Dean Ambrose’s legs away from him, he can take away a lot of his power, ’cause that’s where a lot of his power is. (…)

You know, Seth Rollins may never be the same again but he’s willing to compete and that’s what being in FCW is all about. Look at the way that Dean Ambrose is trying to apply this full chicken wing here. And he’s got it on as well. Ah, let me see, Seth Ambrose, um, Seth Rollins has managed to pull the arm across… from the face, that’s what causes all the pain there, is the forearm across the cheekbone. (…) Back into that chicken wing, fantastic!

[Seth Rollins is able to finally free himself and hits Dean Ambrose with a scissor kick to the face; Dean Ambrose tries to stay on his feet]

But Seth Rollins’… I’m sorry, Dean Ambrose’s great ring awareness is keeping him on his feet. That few seconds there is just enough to try and get your bearings and try and figure how he can sort of knock the cobwebs out of his brain and keep competing. (…)

There we go. That’s very clever on Seth Rollins’ part, try and take away the wind of Dean Ambrose. But these two… you know, it’s fantastic to watch, as we said before, the chess match that goes on between these two. They just know… they just seem to know each… that’s the problem, they know each other too well.

[Dean Ambrose rolls out of the ring and Seth Rollins shows everyone his dark purple coloured bruise]

Byron Saxton
You don’t think really Rollins could take a major risk here with that bad arm and shoulder?

William Regal
Sometimes a risk is all you have and you’ll have to do what, you know, what you’ll…

[Seth Rollins suicide dives through the ropes onto Dean Ambrose and right into the barricades]

Because that is how important the FCW Heavyweight Championship is to Seth Rollins. That shows what a kind of a man that he is; that shows what, you know, to be the FCW 15 champion week after week, month after month that Seth Rollins has been, shows that this man is made of something that most men could never even consider.

Byron Saxton
How is he… I just don’t understand how Seth Rollins has found this reserve, this offensive reserve!

William Regal
I understand it because that’s what makes Seth Rollins, you know, one of the truly great competitors here in FCW. This great competitors and this people like Seth Rollins are willing to get it all he has for that shot to become the FCW Heavyweight champion.

[after another little onslaught, Dean Ambrose hits the Midnight Special on Seth Rollins for the win]

I’m absolutely elated for Dean Ambrose. But even an old villain like myself, I have to sit here and say I really hope that Seth Rollins is okay. Because he’s put everything on the line here. I hope that he can… sort of… hope this injury isn’t too severe and we see more of Seth Rollins and that he comes back really quickly.

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