Episode: FCW TV #166
Recorded: 03 November 2011
Aired: 04 December 2011

“You gonna have to run me over with a car to get rid of me, sunshine!”
–Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose
I’m feeling healthy, really healthy. I got 20/20 vision; my hair looks great and I got great hearing. I hear everything. I know everything that’s going on. So, I do hear Damien Sandow when he said that he will take on anybody, anytime, anywhere for his FCW 15 Championship. Yeah! Yeah, I heard him. Loud and clear! And I’m calling his bluff! Cause it sounds like a lot of fun to me to wear out Damien Sandow for fifteen minutes. You’re a great wrestler, maybe a great champion. But I’m indestructible! I can’t be hurt. I don’t get tired. I never stop. And you’re gonna find that out the hard way much like my dear boy Sir William Regal. You gonna have to run me over with a car to get rid of me, sunshine! I’m using Damien Sandow to send a message to William Regal and the COO and the GM and that terrible filthy Maxine and this entire industry. I’m not to be messed with! Cause I don’t care. Dean Ambrose is taking over the world and if you’re smart, get out of the way.

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