Episode: FCW TV #175
Recorded: 12 January 2012
Aired: 05 February 2012

“There’s my electric chair looking right at me.”
–William Regal

[Dean Ambrose taunts William Regal from the ropes]

William Regal
I really like Dean Ambrose. You know, he drags something out of me, a hatred that I haven’t felt in many years. It is something I was considering just recently actually that my three sons obviously, you know, the greatest thing in my life but the one thing I’m very, the most proud of with all of them, is that when I look into their eyes, I don’t see me looking back at me. I don’t see that twisted, evil soul that I truly am. Looking right back at me and I know they’ve got a better chance in life than I ever had just to stay away from getting into trouble. But when I look into Dean Ambrose’s eyes, I see exactly that. I see another twisted soul staring straight back at me. And I know his life is gonna be nothing but mayhem and chaos. Just like mine has been. And I think he’s gonna love every second of it just like I have. That’s why we like each other. That’s the point of it. It’s just, you know, we’ll be foes for as long as I’m taking breath. That’s just the way it’s gonna be. (…) It’s maybe odd to you. It’s perfectly normal to me. And it’ll be perfectly normal to Dean Ambrose. (…) You were saying about reaching up before. It’s funny because some people say that the only thing free in life is the grace of God but when you’re like myself and Dean Ambrose, it’s better to stay…

[commercial break]

William Regal
So, an incredible night for all three of these gentlemen because this is, this is the proving ground. This is where they have to shine and incredibly difficult kind of match to try and shine in because you can’t, all the rules go out the window. You know, there’s no strategy that you can possibly make that’s not gonna go wrong in a split second when you’re in a triple threat because sometimes you try and rely on another one of your opponents to help you; sometimes, you know, and obviously they’re gonna, they’re gonna turn on you. That’s just the nature of the beast. As I was saying before the break, they say the only thing free in life is the grace of God but when you are like myself and Dean Ambrose it’s better to say stay faithless heathens because your life is just full of wicked evil and twisted things. What a wonderful, what a wonderful career Dean Ambrose will have.

[Dean Ambrose performs the Regal Stretch on Leakee]

Byron Saxton
You gotta be kidding me! The Regal Stretch! Have you got into Dean Ambrose’s head that bad that he’s using your own moves?

William Regal (laughs)
I’m glad that I have. Good for him. It’s won me many of a competition, so good for him.

Byron Saxton
This sick, twisted connection, yes, this sick twisted connection may earn Dean Ambrose a shot for the Florida heavyweight title.

[Leakee gets a hand on the rope]

William Regal
The only problem is, Dean Ambrose is doing it not William Regal. Nobody would have escaped if I would have it done that way.

[Dean Ambrose puts down his kneepad to prepare for the Regal Knee Trembler; William Regal applauds him]

William Regal
I made it, I made it a definite priority of mine and just this New Year that’s just come and gone. I made it a priority to take my children and to hope that they’ll forgive me for the sins that I will be committing against Dean Ambrose in the coming year. I hope that they’ll really understand and truly forgive me. It’s only a matter of time before we wind up and one of us is going to go. And it probably, I… I’m not saying this – you’ll never hear this from another professional wrestler – it’ll probably me that will suffer for this in the end but I can’t help it: Dean Ambrose, obviously a lot younger man than me, a younger man and with a lot more going, you know, time on his hands. And so it’ll be me that will come unstuck but that’s the way things go.

Byron Saxton
Is this the same man you just praised?

William Regal
No, I’ve praised him because he’s obviously… I’m praising him because I’m very impressed by him. But he’s gonna be my downfall. There’s no doubt about it. Listen, when you’ve spent a life like I have, you know, just doing the things that I’ve done, you know that it’s gonna be taken away from you in one way or another. Whether it be an institution or some jail or even in the electric chair. There’s my electric chair looking right at me. (…)

But I have to go back, very, very strange for me. I know Dean Ambrose is lying there on the canvas, I know that that man is gonna be the man that eventually will be the end of William Regal. Have you ever faced such a conflict in your life?

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