Episode: FCW TV #158
Recorded: 01 September 2011
Aired: 09 October 2011

“Never turn your back on any opponent, especially an opponent like Dean Ambrose. This man is a complete mental case.”
–William Regal

Matt Martlaro
I don’t like anybody’s after this but Mr. Regal, who do you think has the edge, psychologically, physically, emotionally?

William Regal
I honestly, with all my experience, I can not give the edge to any single person in the ring at the moment. These men are all on the top of their game; they’re all fierce competitors. This is gonna be something to behold.

[Matt Martlaro describes the situation of the Fatal 4 Way match for the Florida Heavyweight Championship while Dean Ambrose kind of teams up with Husky Harris to get Damien Sandow and Leo Kruger out of the ring; but then Husky Harris turns his back on Dean Ambrose and has to pay for it immediately]

Matt Martlaro
Husky turning his back on Dean Ambrose – unwise in my opinion.

William Regal
You worded a great point there, Matt. You can never turn your back, I mean that’s a learning experience for Husky Harris. Never turn your back on any opponent, especially an opponent as…

[chuckles while Dean Ambrose, who stands on the second rope, throwing punches down on Husky Harris]

… like Dean Ambrose. This man is a complete mental case. And he knows… he’s just… he’s got real devious, villainous streak in him. You can’t allow him the slightest bit of an edge. (…) As you said before, that you think that Dean Ambrose has the conditioning edge here. You can’t take away, there’s not a person in that ring that’s not in incredible condition. You wouldn’t be in this position if you’re not in incredible condition, you know, they’re in great condition these two.

[commercial break]

Matt Martlaro
This is a Fatal Four Way Florida Heavyweight Championship matchup. There is no champion. Whoever wins this match will be the new Florida Heavyweight champion. That title vacated a couple of week ago. And, Mr. Regal, these guys had been going at their tooth and nail.

William Regal
I think the word fatal sums this up. This is exactly what this is. You can’t… just the ferocity of all these competitors; they know that… what’s on the line here, the Florida Heavyweight Championship is the most important thing in these men’s lives as of this moment. And they’re out to prove something. And… never… I can’t pick one… please, at this stage of the game, can you tell me who do you favour here, Matt? The things have changed in the last several minutes. We’ve seen different strategies by different competitors. Who do you think is gonna win this?

Matt Martlaro
(…) I think Husky is the worse for wear at the moment after that team-up of Kruger and Sandow which is quickly broken down. (…) I think Leo Kruger might be the x-factor in this match. Because everybody’s got a defined advantage but Leo Kruger is just the consummate professional. He might have the ability to sneak in when somebody is not looking. (…)

William Regal
But is there anybody that doesn’t have an edge here? Look at Husky Harris. I mean, he’s a third generation superstar. Dean Ambrose… is a nutcase. You know, he’s obviously a great study of this, the tradition of… [our industry].

Matt Martlaro
Cover by Sandow! And you saw moments ago Justin Gabriel’s poster hanging in the background, the former Florida Heavyweight champion. Leo Kruger took Gabriel out last year here in FCW. And that was Leo Kruger with a broken neck. He’s defeated Florida Heavyweight champions before.

William Regal
As I was saying, Leo Kruger is someone who’s competed in South Africa which, believe me, is a hotbed for wrestling because I used to compete there every year for several months – some great competitors. Just because nobody sees them here stateside. So Leo Kruger is very ring savvy. And the same goes for Kel[- -]

Matt Martlaro
Oh, look at this, Kruger has got a pinfall, the referee didn’t see it. And this match is gotta be confusing for the official because a) he can’t count anybody on, he can’t really disqualify anybody either. The is only pinfall or submission. So the referee in addition to every other competitor has got to have eyes in the back of his head to make sure that he makes the right call.

William Regal
It’s very easy for people sat at home to not have the abilities of the referee. But as you said, the referee can only make judgement on what he sees. And, you know, I’m the first to take advantage of that situation. But everybody in there also knows that. So they’re all gonna be. You know, and we need to go back to Damien Sandow. And this man is another man that’s been around for a long time and competed all over the world. He’s very knowledgeable and that’s quite certain.

[Damien Sandow hits Leo Kruger with the head a couple of times while both men are down on the mat]

It takes an extraordinary man to use your head as a weapon. A lot of people take it for granted but there’s not many people who actually use their head as a weapon.

Matt Martlaro
Husky with the covering here on Sandow; Sandow got a foot on the ropes – great ring positioning.

William Regal
Exactly. Damien Sandow is definitely an unusual man.

[Aksana and Richie Steamboat sitting in the VIP area at ringside together with GM Maxine who holds the belt – she is there to make sure a new champion is crowned without any controversy]

I, you know, I don’t want to sound like I was getting soft in my old age but I don’t wanna see anybody lose here because you can see there’s four true warriors of the canvas wars here and they’re getting in everything they’ve got. This is how important the Florida Heavyweight Championship is.

[Dean Ambrose after a little break joins the action inside the ring again with a vengeance; he goes after Husky Harris and Damien Sandow viciously]

I’m also having been in a couple of these kind of competitions before, Four, Four Way Fatal matches (he’s a little too excited here because Dean Ambrose is quite dominant at the moment) You just don’t know what to do, you know, like you say you’ve gotta have eyes in your back of your head. And if you just… (it’s getting worse) … the tide can change at such a brief second that you just don’t know where to look, what to do, how to react. So you just have to go on instinct.

[and a little bit of fierce action later, William Regal has calmed down a little bit]

This is a kind of contest that all these men will never be the same again after this match. This will take, you know, months and months to recover from. But we will see them next week and they’ll all be competing. That shows what kind of strength and character these men have.

[Matt Martlaro talks about Husky Harris might want to win this title for his brother Bo Rotundo who’s in hospital]

I think Husky Harris is doing this for himself. He wants to be the Florida Heavyweight champion. I’m not gonna take into consideration that he’s doing this for his brother. He wants this just as much as everybody else wants this. It’s a self distinct, he wanna be the champion.

[Dean Ambrose and Husky Harris fighting right at the VIP area; Dean Ambrose grabs a chair, wants to hit Husky Harris but Richie Steamboat takes the chair off him; then Steamboat superkicks Husky Harris right in the face for the man laying there for the rest of the match; back in the ring Dean Ambrose fights with Damien Sandow until Dean Ambrose is pushed out of the ring where he stays for the rest of the match; shortly after Damien Sandow taps out to Leo Kruger’s submission move – and Leo Kruger is the new champ]

The greatest night of Leo Kruger’s life. Everyone in South Africa will be as proud as they can possibly be. And next week we’ll be sat here and Leo Kruger’s face will be staring down at us like all the rest of the great champions here of Florida. What a night for this man, incredible. (…) Well deserved! (…) But Leo Kruger has to know that now, now the pressure’s really on him. Now the heat’s really on him, just now he has to face every single person in FCW. Everybody is after him. He’ll lose a lot of sleep over this. This comes with the price. Being the Florida Heavyweight champion – everybody wants it but not everybody can handle it. Let’s see if Leo Kruger can.

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