Episode: FCW TV #145
Recorded: 09 June 2011
Aired: 10 July 2011

“This man enthralls me.”
–William Regal

William Regal
Let me start by saying, there isn’t anybody in the last several years, that has got me as interested as Dean Ambrose has in him. I was born naughty. I can spot company that was born naughty. This man has got that naughty streak in him. And I’m using the word naughty because I don’t want to get too deep into this… this man’s verging on being a complete psychopath. (…)

Dean Ambrose obviously isn’t frightened of competition or else he wouldn’t have come out here last week and called out Seth Rollins. And somebody that is at the top of his game at the moment, the FCW 15 champion, so… (…)

I’ve just got this sense, I have a sense of being able to see things in people that they sometimes don’t see theirselves. I see this… there is a side of Dean Ambrose that… as an old villain I just… it enthralls me – this man enthralls me. And that’s the word I’ve been looking for. (…)

You can always tell the people that are slightly different, because they’re quite happy to use their head. It’s not a normal thing for a human being to do. People think that a lot of people use their head and headbutt people. They’re not. It takes a slightly warped individual to use a headbutt as a weapon. (…)

It doesn’t matter what’s going on. You’re not the opponent. The opponent has to worry about that. (…)

It’s a rather peculiar fellow, this Ambrose, but… that move… I know it as an Emerald Flowsion* that’s it… it’s very effective. And it’s gonna… that’s gonna be something that’s gonna carry this man to greatness. Believe me, I can’t tell you. I can just sense it.

Dean Ambrose
Seth!! Seth Rollins, I know it bothers you that deep down you know, you can’t beat me. I know it bothers you. And no matter how many championships you won here, no matter how much your fans believe in you, until you step in the ring with me your career is meaningless. You are a question-mark! I came to FCW to hunt you down, Rollins, to embarrass and break you, to drill your skull into this FCW canvas. You can’t run forever, Seth.

William Regal
D’you know what we call that kind of a person in England? A nutter. He’s a nutter. And I love it.

* The “Emerald Flowsion”, William Regal refers to here, actually is a ‘sitout side powerslam’ (watch here for a compilation) while Dean Ambrose’s finisher in FCW – later known as “Midnight Special” – is an ‘over the shoulder back-to-belly piledriver’ (watch it here and notice the difference). During his feud with William Regal later on Dean Ambrose usually won his matches with the Regal Stretch.

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