Episode: FCW TV #150
Recorded: 21 July 2011
Aired: 14 August 2011

“A perfect forearm smashed right to the side of the jaw, exactly where it needed to be.”
–William Regal

William Regal
This is something that I’ve been looking forward to; this is the kind of pleasure and the intense rivalry that I just love. That’s why I’m in this profession. I just love it. (…)

Seth Rollins has impressed me week after week. This is a man, could… he’s gonna… carry this industry forward; the two men here… these are the kind of gentlemen that… think… you’re proud to say… are a part of FCW; proud to be in this wonderful profession of ours. I… I could so… look… you know, I’m usually a bit muttering and stumbling… I probably gonna just watch a lot in this match because, ladies and gentlemen, this is what true competing is all about. (…)

These two men have had parallel careers as well. I’m not sure if everybody at home understands this, that both started around about the same time. They all… they knew the same people. But they always competed in different organisations and never actually faced each other – this is the first time. So this is a treat for everybody that’s followed their careers. (…)

At the beginning there we saw some very skilled mat wrestling and something that most people and I am… and even myself is quite surprised to see that Dean Ambrose could do.

Matt Martlaro
And how important is this first fall in this contest, Mr Regal?

William Regal
These two men will be just… this is… match is gonna swing backwards and forwards like a metronome, I mean… they just… they’re figuring each other out. This is all their… their training… all their following of each other’s career. This is the first time they’ve actually met, and so it’s gonna be really important for the first person to get the fall here, it’s gonna… it’s gonna upset the psyche of their competitor.

[Dean Ambrose avoids being hit by Avada Kedavra with rolling out of the ring; Seth Rollins goes for suicide dive but Dean Ambrose stops him with a right forearm hit]

William Regal
Perfectly. A perfect forearm smashed right to the side of the jaw, exactly where it needed to be.

[commercial break; we come back with Dean Ambrose using a Full Japanese Strangle Hold on Seth Rollins]

William Regal
Some great use of the Full Japanese Strangle Hold there by Dean Ambrose. Perfectly executed, used it greatly to his advantage and used it to slow down Seth Rollins.

[Dean Ambrose gets the best of one turnbuckle]

All through tonight sure we’ve been talking about ring savvy and ring awareness, and wonderfully applied ring awareness there by Seth Rollins. Just the way he knew exactly how to capture Dean Ambrose at the right time and used the corner post to his advantage.

[Dean Ambrose kicks out of Curb Stomp]

That shows you the kind of competitor that Dean Ambrose is. To be able to kick out… out of that incredibly painful Curb Stomp… we’re looking at somebody that’s in truly a different league to a lot of the competitors here.

[Dean Ambrose finds himself outside of the ring again, this time by rolling out after a headbutt by Seth Rollins]

This may be a good time for Dean Ambrose, if he’s completely dazed, to let himself get counted out, so he can get that breather. You could afford sometimes to lose a fall, if you need that time to recuperate. This may be the perfect time for him…

[Dean Ambrose comes back inside the ring]

… No.

[Now both men lying on the floor outside the ring after Seth Rollins hit Dean Ambrose into the barricades]

Dean Ambrose has taken a lot of blows to his neck and head here in this match. It’s surely gonna be telling on him on wearing him down, more so than just the grueling effort that needs to be put into a match like this.

[Seth Rollins gets Dean Ambrose back inside the ring; cover but Dean Ambrose kicks out]

You know I’m always talking about certain ways to cover somebody. You see the way Dean Ambrose used his other leg there. Sometimes, when you have competitors who’s good as Dean Ambrose, grabbing one leg isn’t enough because they use the other leg, they know how to power the way out of pinning maneuvers.


Matt Martlaro
We’re at five and a half minutes and the score, Mr Regal, is Zero to Zero. Can you believe it!

William Regal
I’m just… I’m enthralled. This… this is just turning into the kind of match that just makes me so, so proud to be here. (…) And Seth Rollins does have the advantage of competing in far more of these matches. And so he knows exactly sometimes how to pace hisself, maybe to stay down for an extra second, just to get his wind back.

[Dean Ambrose scratching and clawing across Seth Rollins’s back]

This is the difference between any normal competitor and someone like Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose is a nutcase. He’s got that extra something that thing that… most people could never imagine in their darkest dreams what goes round in Dean Ambrose’s head. He’ll go that completely extra level.

[Double clothesline in the middle of the ring; both men are down on the mat]

When you’re in a situation like this, and I’ve been in hundreds and hundreds of these long matches like this, these cruelling, torturous competitions. As you’re lying there… people at home… that see this… think they’re just… you know… that they’re knocked down. They don’t realize that you’re dying a thousand deaths down there. You’ve tried everything in your arsenal to beat your opponent and just nothing’s working.

[We are at thirty seconds remaining]

This is gonna be the most important thirty seconds of these young men’s careers right now.

[Match is over but Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins continue brawling until referee stops them]

Any kind of competitive spirit or competitive nature went complete out of the window there. These two men just wanna prove who’s the best. It’s not about pinfalls. They just wanted to settle the score and finish the other one off.

[Dean Ambrose grabs the FCW 15 champion medal from the referee]

Matt, please… will… let’s just… Ambrose has…

[Dean Ambrose throws the medal out of the ring]

I can only give my perspective on this. But I know exactly how much that title means to Seth Rollins, how much respect he has for the people who’ve paved a way for him into this industry. And a complete lack – yes. (…) A complete lack of respect but also something that’s gonna trouble… that’s gonna trouble Seth Rollins more than a thousand kicks to the head.

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