Episode: FCW TV #185
Recorded: 15 March 2012
Aired: 15 April 2012

“William Regal broke my heart tonight, so I am gonna rip his heart right out of his chest and throw it up against the wall!”
–Dean Ambrose

William Regal
There’s one thing you have to remember about Dean Ambrose. He’s… whatever fascination with me and me with him, to be honest with you, he’s studied, and I know this, thousands of hours of tapes of mine. So although not a submission specialist before, even if he’s just watched what I have done over the years, I mean, he’s gonna have a lot more of an idea of how to hurt people by joint manipulation. (…)

I love this dear boy, I really do. I have to tell you, Mr. Ross, it’s a very strange thing for me to sit here. I don’t know if you’ve ever known this in your life but, I truly believe that when I look at him – that’s Dean Ambrose – that he’s gonna be the man that finishes off my career somehow. I don’t know why that, whether it be now, whether it be in twenty years, I’ve just got a feeling about that. We are too much of a kindred spirit. We’re… this is not… we’re both true, true villains and it’s something that I don’t come across very often. I look into the eyes of my children and the proudest thing about them is that I don’t see me staring back at me. All the horrible mess that goes on inside my head sometimes. But when I look at him, that’s exactly what he’s like. And he’s twenty years younger than me and he’s… there’s only room for one true villain in this world and one of us is gonna have to go. And I think it’s gonna be me.

[Dean Ambrose hits Regal Knee Trembler on James Bronson; William Regal drops microphone the moment Dean Ambrose also puts James Bronson into the Regal Stretch; William Regal slowly goes off while Dean Ambrose follows him with his look, James Bronson still in the Regal Stretch until he finally taps out; first in sheer disbelief, then in absolute rage, a furious Dean Ambrose then follows William Regal backstage but stays in the front part of it for a promo on William Regal]

Dean Ambrose
Aaahhh, you broke my heart, William, you broke my heart tonight, Regal. You twisted up and tore out to shreds, whatever was left of it. Tonight, Regal, you really did. We jumped into this fire together, but you left me out in the cold! I guess I really am all alone in this world. You broke my heart tonight, William. I thought you were just like me, but you’re not. Turns out you’re just like everybody else!

You’re vultures that circle over my head, ready to take from me, take what’s mine. You’re trying to take away my rematch, my chance of redemption. A match that I deserve, a match that I earned! You don’t have the right to take it away. That’s what you do: you take. You all take. The drugs took my mom; the cops took my dad; social workers came to take my little cousin, beautiful little girl, smart as a whip. The only positive light I’ve ever had in my life. I could have protected her. She wouldn’t have had to go through what I went through but they took her away. They said I wouldn’t be good enough to take care of her. And she’s gone. They took her away just like you’ve taken my match away…

I don’t have anything left. This is all I have left! This is all I have! So a loss to you hanging over my head is a dull blade twisting and turning in my stomach everyday! And I don’t think I can live another second on this Earth until I get it back, back what’s mine, what you took from me. And I will get it back with interest. Nobody takes from me anymore, those days are over! William Regal broke my heart tonight, so I am gonna rip his heart right out of his chest and throw it up against the wall!

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