Episode: FCW TV #147
Recorded: 01 July 2011
Aired: 24 July 2011

“Every second that goes past, I think I must be Dean Ambrose’s number one fan.”
–William Regal

William Regal
Ladies and gentlemen, something wicked this way comes. Have you ever seen a man that portrays… to me… this man is a nutcase. You can just see it. And I’ve been around intense competitors my whole career but this man actually scares me. (…) He’s a nutter. And I love nutters. Just the unexpected capability and just the… I… I get all excited when I see Dean Ambrose because…

Matt Martlaro
You seem to be getting excited quite a bit here around in FCW.

William Regal
… I do, yes… I just… I love villains. And that man just… it sums him up, doesn’t it? You know, I used to have those trunks with ‘villain’ written on the back. I should… I should perhaps hand them to him. (…) Dean Ambrose has that vicious streak in him but it’s been very well countered here by Tito Colon. And that’s what a good competitor does, he scouts his opponents and he finds out…

[Dean Ambrose hits Union Jack Cutter on Tito Colon]

William Regal
Ah, a Union Jack Cutter, I invented that move, you know? (…) He impresses me even more. Every second that goes past, I think I must be Dean Ambrose’s number one fan. (…) It’s not always about trying to beat an opponent with a cover, it’s just wearing somebody down, making him use that force to kick you off. He’s uses up his energy; it’s a smart move.

[Talk changes to Seth Rollins who still has to respond to Dean Ambrose’s challenge]

William Regal
There’s very few people better in the psychological game than myself but don’t for a second think that Seth Rollins is ducking anybody. Seth Rollins is biding his time.

[Dean Ambrose throws a chair around outside of the ring]

Matt Martlaro
What is Ambrose doing though? You talking about a master of mind games; what is Ambrose thinking? He’s going outside the ring when he’s got Tito in trouble.

William Regal
That’s the thing. You know, I don’t know what he’s thinking. That’s why I like so much about him. You just don’t know. He’s a nutter. (…) I like to pride myself on the fact that I can read humans very well. I can’t really… it’s great, it’s exciting because I can’t read what he’s gonna do next. (…) I have to point out the fact that Tito Colon should have tried to pin Dean Ambrose after that third suplex.

[Dean Ambrose kicks Tito Colon in the shin]

William Regal
Kicked him in the shin, yes. Have you ever been kicked in the shin? It hurts.

[Dean Ambrose hits Midnight Special on Tito Colon for the win]

William Regal
Am I the only one that thinks that this… that is this the modern day version of Rowdy Roddy Piper?

[Dean Ambrose demands for a microphone]

William Regal
I suggest you to listen and listen very carefully.

Dean Ambrose
It’s not about the FCW 15 Championship, Seth. It’s about us. In this ring, nobody can touch Dean Ambrose. And Seth Rollins, we already know that. So, why waste time? Somebody is gonna get knocked down a peg. And the longer you run, and the longer you hide, the more obvious it is that someone is gonna be you. I want Seth Rollins beaten, bloodied, broken, bruised. When I beat Seth Rollins in this ring, I’ll be in a class by myself.

William Regal
I have nothing to say. Just watch. This is the man that excites me more than anybody I’ve ever seen in a long, long time.

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