There are some creative guys and gals out there who by chance know and enjoyed the Dean Ambrose vs William Regal feud. Right now I know about two videos about this feud and I also have some idea circling around my mind. When I – at some point – will have put this video together, I’ll put it in here. Also when I find other ones that I think are really good, they’ll certainly help to enlarge this little collection.

And now, enjoy!

“True Villains”

Created by: Harry Aaron
Title: “True Villains”
Uploaded on: 17 November 2011 (original link)
Music: Liars, “Scissor” / “No Barrier Fun” (Sisterworld)

I’m not sure anymore when I’ve seen this video for the first time. But I’ve watched it for numerous times ever since. Because it’s just great from start to finish. Dark filters, great composition, perfect storytelling, brilliant cutting. It’s based on William Regal’s promo after the attack by Dean Ambrose and their first match. This video was uploaded just ten days after the match was aired but is unavailable right now under the original link. So please forgive me for uploading it to my own channel for showing it to the people who haven’t it seen already. It does the Ambrose / Regal feud justice with every second.


Created by: Dejah Whited
Title: “Daddy”
Uploaded on: 10 March 2014
Music: Harry Chapin, “Cats In The Cradle”

I like this one because it has a great storytelling and the cuts are perfectly set. Also the selected scenes almost mirror the words in the song. So everything here is a perfect fit and certainly one way to interpret the Ambrose / Regal feud.

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