It didn’t take long for William Regal to cover Dean Ambrose with praise and enthusiasm. It was actually Dean Ambrose’s debut promo on Seth Rollins at FCW when William Regal had made himself the biggest Dean Ambrose fanboy under the sun. During most matches with Dean Ambrose that he was on commentary, William Regal spoke odes on him, and he even surpassed himself with his praising words at every coming occasion. It was that behaviour by Regal and the obvious similar intensity in both men that made their coming feud that great. Both men have great mic skills; both men have a huge presence inside and outside the ring; both men can sell the hell out of a match; both men are great story tellers with their body and expressions. The two of them only had two matches with each other but there was so much more going on during their feud. So I’ve decided to put all videos of this feud in here. Most of all for all the people who somehow stumble over my blog and this very page and don’t know this feud / these videos so far. If you are watching from top to bottom you are doing it chronologically then. Have fun!

EDIT: The source I had originally linked the videos from is down unfortunately. So, I’ve taken the most important videos from Youtube. You can also go here (until I’ve updated the other links) to watch the promos and other segments of this feud.

(debut promo DA)

(DA attacks WR)

(promo after the attack)

(DA vs. WR; 1st match)

(DA parodies Regal Stretch on Derrick Bateman)

(promo DA on Damien Sandow, and WR)

(DA vs. DS; DA parodies Regal Stretch)

(promo DA on WR)

(DA vs. Leakee vs. SR / talking with WR on commentary)

(psycho session / match DA vs. Sakamoto; WR on commentary)

(promo DA on WR)

(promo WR on DA)

(DA vs. James Bronson; DA parodies Regal’s knee trembler & Regal Stretch; promo backstage DA on WR)

(DA / WR – double Regal Stretch)

(promo DA on WR)

(DA vs. SR; WR on commentary)

(DA vs. WR; 2nd match)

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