Like I did with the page of appreciation thrown out by Dean Ambrose on William Regal, I try to collect some quotes of what William Regal said about Dean Ambrose. It’s not so much so far – when we take away all the commentary that William Regal did for and about Dean Ambrose during a lot of his matches; I won’t put that twice in here. So if you like to watch and read the commentary done by William Regal for Dean Ambrose, please use the link at the bottom of this page.

If you just want to listen to William Regal’s commentary, click here (for the pre-feud matches) or here (for matches during the feud). But everything out of the bubble of kayfabe, I’ll put in here. And I hope that William Regal will talk about Dean Ambrose for a couple of times in the future. Because I just like to listen when he’s talking about him.

Wrestling Royalty (Interview in FSM 93)
16 May 2013 / (full interview)

“All the ones I’ve mentioned (Cesaro, Barrett, Bryan) are going to be big, big stars, but my personal pick – and I hope I don’t jinx him with this – is Dean Ambrose. People have no idea how good he is yet; they have absolutely no clue how much he can do. He can be everybody’s perfect opponent, and I mean everybody, for the next ten years. It doesn’t matter what role he’s playing, or whether the fans like him or not – he can be that guy. He’s just so good.

I spotted him as soon as he came to work here. He got put on the developmental TV just through one promo – they hadn’t even seen him wrestle. He was on it within a week, and then everyone was like, ‘Wow, he’s really good in the ring as well.’ The people have only seen him punch and kick so far, but wait till you see what he can really do. It’s the same as Daniel Bryan – he’s invaluable to this company.”

Twitter (Q&A)
15 February 2014 / (original tweet)

William Regal re: Dean Ambrose (Twitter)
Darren Connolly: @RealKingRegal Been watching your feud with Ambrose on youtube. Amazing stuff. What was it like to work with him??

William Regal: @DarrenConnolly9 He’s a very talented lad who most people will never understand how good he really is.

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