I’m usually not that much into fanfiction. I don’t even like this brotherhood story that WWE chose to go with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns recently. But I do like everything around Dean Ambrose and William Regal, also known as Ambregal. I loved their feud and I love anything around them both together that might still happen. It’s not that much but from time to time both men speak about each other or Dean Ambrose uses a move William Regal used to do, so there is still stuff for inspiration out there.

I have written a few stories about them, I’m currently writing a few stories about them and I like to read a few stories written by others about them. I should point out that I only write and read about the wrestling characters. I don’t care what’s going on in the real private life of Jonathan Good and Darren Matthews. And it’s also none of my business. And of course everything you read in my stories or the ones I recommend, is just fantasy and never happened. The links in here usually lead to the very stories on fanfiction.net and I’ll give a short summary and / or reasoning why I like the story.

If you like the stories, please give some feedback, whether it’s me or the other writers – we all love some interaction for all the work we do (without getting any money for it).

Ambregal by me

  • Fly Me To The Moon | FF | AO3
    This is a silly little story about Dean Ambrose and William Regal in space. It’s based on this silly little promo and it was just written for the silly little fun of it.
  • Equilibrium | FF | AO3
    This was co-written by MxJoyride and me, initially meant as some fun exchange on Tumblr. MxJoyride has written William Regal; my part was on Dean Ambrose. And we went for something else about Ambregal. I’ve called it “Equilibrium” because Dusty Rhodes used this word in numerous times to describe the condition William Regal was in during the second part of his second match against Dean Ambrose.
  • Equilibrium II | FF | AO3
    For the second part of this story I tried to give the two characters a bit more depth and also liked to use some realism. It’s basically the description of what could have happened during WrestleMania week 2015, i.e. Monday to Monday; eight days, eight chapters.
  • 1,001 Nights | FF | AO3
    This is a slightly strange story because it’s far from wrestling and Dean Ambrose plays the housemaid of William Regal who’s got a dark history with some guy called Livingston and now owns a huge castle in Dorset, England. This story isn’t finished yet and will still continue for quite some time.

Ambregal by others

  • Echo In The Memory (by Giadysik)
    This is a story very much off the wrestling business but a lot of known characters are there. It also combines two realities and unfortunately it’s unfinished and will stay unfinished because the author lost interest in wrestling and their characters. But what’s out there is just real good and interesting and very much worth reading.
  • In The Echosphere (by Giadysik)
    These are the written out Ambregal parts that didn’t fit to the main story, “Echo In The Memory”. Once again very much worth reading and really heartbreaking at times.
  • Between Places (by ctjay00187; re-posted by Giadysik)
    A very dark story from Dean Ambrose and William Regal in FCW. Very dark and very heartbreaking. But with some kind of a good ending. Kinda.
  • Wrecking Now (by MxJoyride)
    That’s a little story about the aftermath of the second match between Dean Ambrose and William Regal. It’s pure and rough, just like the two guys are naturally.
  • Learning Curve (by Giadysik; from part 11 by me)
    Gia started this great story around Professor William Regal and his student Dean Ambrose, posted it on Tumblr but then lost interest in wrestling and its characters and deleted this story. I asked her and got permission to re-post it on my account and even got some additional notes about how the story continues from Part 11 onwards. So, from Part 11 the writing is mine and I will also write an alternative finish. But that is far in the future. Until then, enjoy what’s already there.
    EDIT: there is no link to the story any more because I deleted the story on fanfiction.net – the original author wanted it deleted, and since I’m not an arse, I did so. Sorry for anybody who loved the story.

The Golden Boys

  • The Golden Boys Chronicle | FF | AO3
    Just recently I decided to write something with The Golden Boys a.k.a William Regal and Robbie Brookside. I love their friendship (they’re like the Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen of wrestling) and since there’s hardly anything written about them, I started going for it with this collection of short stories. I hope it starts to grow soon.

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