Dean Ambrose collage Lockdown

[2015 September 13] | (Eire+Alba)
Dean Ambrose in “12 Rounds 3: Lockdown” — a review

On Monday Night RAW, 18 August 2014, Dean Ambrose was written off television, so Jonathan Good is given the time to play his leading role in the new WWE movie “Lockdown”. I won’t write much in here about it because this segment of my very own Dean Ambrose appreciation site will feature anything that I can find about this project: articles, reports, blurry Instagram photos from co-actors, etc. Coincidentally, I will also take some time off with my wrestling reviews. It went a bit out of hand recently, so I’ll keep it short until Dean Ambrose comes back. Maybe, I’ll just summarize a whole week of RAW, Main Event, Superstars, NXT and SmackDown. Maybe, I’ll just watch NXT shows, which William Regal is part of. Depends very much on my mood and my willingness to write something about wrestling without Dean Ambrose.

During this time, I’m not gone, of course. Like I said, I’ll collect anything I’ll find in here, maybe update the other parts of this Dean Ambrose section in my blog. Feel free to comment on stuff, I’ve posted or suggest something I’ve missed. Anything is very appreciated, like always.

[2014 August 14, cont.] | (IMDb)
Lockdown: dates, names and facts

[2014 August 14] | (by Marc Graser, Variety)
WWE’s Dean Ambrose to Star in Action Movie ‘Lockdown’ (EXCLUSIVE)

[2014 August 18] | (by WWE staff, storyline)
Dean Ambrose suffers injury on Raw but refuses treatment

[2014 September 08 – 2015 September 02] | (Twitter / Instagram)
Filming “Lockdown”: pictures

[2014 October 15] | (Wrestling Compadres Slamcast, ep. 39)
Dean Ambrose on filming “Lockdown”

[2014 December 10] | (Talk Is Jericho, ep. 98)
Dean Ambrose on filming “Lockdown”, part 2 (and other things)

[2015 February 28 -] | (various sources)
Lockdown: post production

[2015 March 27] | (IGN)
Dean Ambrose on filming “Lockdown”, part 3

[2015 July 06 -] | (various sources)
12 Rounds 3: Lockdown (promotion)

[2015 August 28] | (Red Carpet Crash)
Dean Ambrose on filming “Lockdown”, part 4

[2015 September 07] | (Channel Guide Magazine / Blog)
Dean Ambrose on filming “Lockdown”, part 5 (summary)

[2015 September 09] | (KissFM 97.9)
Dean Ambrose on filming “Lockdown”, part 6

[2015 September 10] | (WWE)
Dean Ambrose Q&A from Wizard World Pittsburgh

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