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06 July 2015 | Finally. Initially announced for probably coming out in late spring, now Lockdown finally arrives on 11 September 2015 in cinemas and on demand. On demand certainly means on the WWE Network and (hopefully) on iTunes. Because living in Europe like I do certainly means, we won’t get the movie in cinemas and if so then only at least two weeks after the 11 September. But – also hopefully – the movie will be released on DVD on that day (in Europe certainly two weeks later again), so I’ll certainly get this one as well. Now until we get to see the full movie, we hopefully get a trailer and some images before. That’s why I added this very page to my Lockdown collection. There is also an official website for the movie. Go here for this one. Hope you enjoy!


Credit: WWE Studios.06 July 2015
Credit: WWE Studios.
06 July 2015
It lasted longer than initially expected but WWE Studios finally released the poster for Lockdown and its release date. Both of it was posted on their respective Twitter and Facebook account. And on their homepage WWE released the following statement:

WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose makes his motion picture debut in WWE Studios’ “12 Rounds 3: Lockdown” presented by Lionsgate!

Ambrose plays Shaw, a detective that returns to active duty after the death of his partner. When he uncovers evidence linking his fellow officers to a murder, they frame him for a homicide he didn’t commit. Trapped in his own precinct, Shaw will do whatever it takes to expose the dirty cops and clear his name. With twelve rounds in the clip and one shot at redemption, nothing will stand in Shaw’s way in this action-packed thriller.

“12 Rounds 3: Lockdown” is in theaters and on-demand Sept. 11.

27 July 2015 | This first trailer was published yesterday on 27 July 2015 a few hours before RAW started and right in the middle of the most traffic this blog right here has ever got. And, yes, I have to go a little off topic because 787 clicks per day was the best ever I got before; yesterday I got 3,918 clicks and all this just because The King, Sir William Regal liked and tweeted the link to the blog post I just published yesterday, his last match against Antonio Cesaro. It really was a great match and I just wanted to include it into my Ambrose vs Regal shrine, but kind of making his day with it, he made my day with putting it onto his Twitter account.

Now back to the trailer of this very movie “12 Rounds 3: Lockdown”. The first thing that springs to eye is this announcement shown before the actual trailer started:

“The film advertised has been rated R(estricted) / Violence throughout and a scene of sexuality / nudity”

We already got this information a few days ago. And I very hope that this very scene wasn’t put in just because but with some kind of reason. You know I do remember very well and with horror about “Star Trek: Into Darkness” and this heavily criticized scene where the half nude woman was shown just because. There was no reason for it at all besides for giving the male audience something to look at. Vice versa I hope Dean Ambrose wasn’t just put into it half nude to give the female audience something to look at. Give me reason and I’ll be fine with it.

So, like trailers are always for, it tells the whole story in a nutshell. Certainly the makers had to go with the movie series gimmick of “12 Rounds”. But it also heavily reminds me of “Die Hard”. Good cop John McClane is locked into a building and tries to overcome his evil counterpart Hans Gruber. Now I loved Alan Rickman way more than Bruce Willis, and I already love the impression that I got from Roger Cross as the evil cop Burke. I just love villains. I can’t help it. But Dean Ambrose seemed to do a great job and it will be certainly a movie I’ll get and watch the day it comes out.

10 August 2015 | This clip as another little teaser for the movie was published yesterday on 10 August 2015. It looks like it was taken out of the middle of the movie when Shaw already discovered that Burke is the villain in this plot. Because I’ve got nothing else to do, I’ll give you the screenplay for this little scene:

— —

Burke (appearing from the dark, with calm, commanding voice)
Let him go!

[Shaw turns around, uses Meeks as cover and shoves a gun into his back.]

Down with the gun!

Yeah, I’d rather not.

I’m a lot of things. But I’m not a cop killer.

Shaw (Meeks lurking over his shoulder, probably thinking that Shaw is stupid enough to believe Burke)
You’re a lot of things, all right. I know all about it, Burke. All those years I knew something was up with you. And you’re calling me crazy?

You always has to do things the hard way.

[Shot back to Shaw covering himself behind Meeks.]

How about I’m giving you this one chance for old times’ sake? You just lay down the drive and walk away.

Burke, will you just shoot this [asshole]!

Shut up, Meeks! (and directed at Shaw) What do you say, Shaw?

Shaw (to Meeks)
Press the button! (makes Meeks move with pressing his hand onto Meeks’ shoulder)

Don’t be stupid!

Taking you down, Burke!

Burke (smiling)
I don’t think so.

— —

What I noticed during my first view was the breathing noise that Dean Ambrose did after almost every sentence. I hope he didn’t do it throughout the entire movie. Because if you’ve found something like this that you could find annoying, you will certainly pay attention to it, so it will take away from the otherwise good quality of the movie. Also Meeks doesn’t look like he’s too frightened of Shaw, at least in the beginning of this scene. Maybe the character Shaw previously wasn’t known much for some kind of one-man-cavalry who would and could deal with everything standing in his way. Shaw probably was a cop doing his job after the law all the time. At least both, Burke and Meeks come around as two people who think they can fool Shaw pretty easily. But it doesn’t work at the end of this scene. And Burke saying that Shaw always does things the hard way doesn’t really fit my first impression of him.

But saying all this I also tend to see too many little things that aren’t really there. And this is just an action movie after all – not much to deal for the brain though. But who knows, maybe I still discover other little pieces to a bigger picture that somehow makes sense in the end.

25 August 2015 | And today we got just another little clip, this time an outdoor / street scene. Officer John Shaw is driving his yellow / black 2014 Chevrolet Camaro until he’s stopped by traffic lights. A car with a young couple (played by Avery Konrad and Andrew Herr) come to a hold right next to him. The young guy flashes his middle finger and Shaw answers with flashing (right when the word “flashing” is sung in the song) his police badge. It’s certainly meant to bring some fun in and there isn’t any spoken word except for the radio news that I have transcribed as following:

“Well, it’s gonna be another hot day out there, folks, with the high of 92 – woo! Get your sunscreen on. Thanks, Diane. In local news, a drug bus last night carried on by detective Tyler Burke, claimed the life of George Freemond, a man with a […] organized crime. This was the conclusion to an ongoing investigation at the lead by detective Burke that was part of a major breakdown of the distribution of illegal narcotics in the area. In a press conference, police chief [- -].”

Yes, it’s still not right; there are some gaps. But it was already late last night. If you’ve got any suggestions, let’s hear them in the comments right below!

Dean Ambrose Lockdown Promotion_Liongate Dean Ambrose 3531 with Roger Cross Lockdown Promotion_Liongate 28 August 2015 | Today Lionsgate Film, the distribution company for “Lockdown”, created a special movie page to their website where you can find a few movie stills (the two with Dean Ambrose I’ve put in here). Now what you see on the right hand side is certainly from a movie scene we already got a little impression from: when Dean Ambrose was at Adrenaline Studios Las Vegas for ADR we saw a still from the very scene on a screen behind him. Look that up here if you like. Will be interesting to pay a little attention to it in regards if the ADR is noticeable. Otherwise this seems to be a crucial scene in the movie that perhaps starts with an innocent conversation between hero and villain of the movie. But there could be some hints thrown outs or even little hidden threats that leave Officer Shaw wondering if something is foul about his colleague Tyler Burke.

The two other movie stills (so far) show Rebecca Marshall as Captain Ellen Matthews and Roger Cross as Detective Tyler Burke. While the picture of Burke is just an action photo that doesn’t leave much room for wondering, the picture with Ellen Matthews has much more to offer. The blurry background looks like the interior of a truck trailer. And what’s in it looks very much like some bugging equipment. I always thought that Ellen Matthews is the only one standing on the same side as John Shaw. Maybe she’s on both sides and helps Shaw getting the evidence against Burke and his corrupt colleagues.

Also WWE Studios did some promotion yesterday. They changed their Twitter and Facebook header and also added a promotion photo to both accounts. But since this is just a variation to the original photo you can see on the left hand side, I just put it under this link.

03 September 2015 | And it’s another teaser clip today – the third one already – this one called “Escape Route”. Probably poor Meeks is already dead at this point because we’re in that locked house and Shaw is on his own. He’s faced with the evil cavalry with Burke as its top head, trying to get away from this situation, i.e. escaping somehow. So Shaw is hiding and Burke waiting for a single mistake. Which lead to the following little chit-chat:

— —

You’re looking at that door, wondering if that’s your escape route?

That’s one of two options I’m considering.

And the other option?

Putting a bullet in your head…

[Cut to Burke who sends a cocky laugh towards Shaw]

Unless you just want to turn in your gun and badge right now.

Nah, well that’s not much of an option, now isn’t it?

— —

We then got a tiny glimpse of Carmen, played by Sharon Taylor, when Burke moved forward to finish Shaw for good. So Shaw finally went for option #2: the shooting. We got to see a bit of fire, explosion and flying bodies and maybe as a result of this Burke will be the only counterpart left for Shaw. And it will be the classic one-on-one chasing from there on. Until they finally meet in person for the last showdown. It might be an easy plot with the usual cocky, slightly humourous repartee between hero and villain but the enigmatic sound and the dark atmosphere definitely is a plus. And like I already said before, hopefully the plot has to offer a bit of character depth, a bit of background and isn’t just about killing this one person, so our secret is safe resp. killing the other person, so I can finally tell the people in charge how this police department really works.

Credit: WWE Studios on Twitter - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 - 28 Aug - 04 Sep 2015
Credit: WWE Studios on Twitter – 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 – 28 Aug – 04 Sep 2015

28 August 2015 – 04 September 2015 | Since WWE Studios seems to tweet one photo per day until “Lockdown” finally arrives on 11 September, I decided to put this promo photo on here, together with the other ones. Now the left pictures we already knew. But there are the middle and the right one, we didn’t know so far. The middle one seems to illustrate this very showdown I was already talking about: Shaw surprises Burke and very likely finally kills him. But in the picture he is still alive, so this might be the beginning of the end, i.e. a little chat about motives and threats until the point of no return. And then we have a fighting scene on the right hand side. Initially I thought this could be a train in the background but I’m not terribly sure about that. I also wasn’t able to identify the opponent of Shaw because I haven’t checked all actors. Maybe I’ll do in a few hours and then correct these last few sentences. Until then: have a nice guess yourself.

07 September 2015 | It’s a fighting scene in the gym as the next teaser clip from “Lockdown”. We have already seen a photo from this very scene and one of the writers, Bobby Lee Darby, called it his favourite scene. Now what we see is Ty Olsson as Harris wanting to make it reasonable for himself that he really needs to beat up Shaw because he’s not a crooked cop like he is. Now Dean Ambrose said that the character of Shaw is a lot different to himself but apparently Shaw also likes to include toys into his fighting style. They were fighting in a gym, so Shaw’s weapon of choice was a weight. An extra point here goes to the sound department for the effective but highly unrealistic punching sound.

Credit: WWE Studios on Twitter.08 September 2015
Credit: WWE Studios on Twitter.
08 September 2015
08 September 2015 | I guessed there would be more photos of this kind by WWE Studios, so here is one of the last ones before “Lockdown” arrives on Friday. What I’m quite angry about is that WWE itself doesn’t really bother to promote the movie. I mean they only have the poster hanging backstage and this is only visible during very rare backstage segments. And they finally show the trailer during commercial breaks on RAW or SmackDown.

But no word from the commentators that the movie is out on Friday. The same amount of mentioning that Dean Ambrose is still the longest United States Champion in WWE. It seems like WWE desperately wants all achievements done by the man to be extinguished from the common knowledge of the WWE Universe. I mean, the man lead roled a movie that’s supposed to be promotion for WWE. So why not promoting the movie? Please explain that to me because I don’t get it.

Credit: WWE Studios on Twitter.
Credit: WWE Studios on Twitter.
09 September 2015 | This time it wasn’t a movie still but a list with all US theatres “Lockdown” will be played in. And some fangirls already whining about not able to go because neither of these places is near them. Also some European fangirls crying because release dates aren’t mentioned. Now I really hate nowadays youth that jumps at people the second they don’t get some or don’t know some. Instead of searching or thinking about reasons they cry and cry and cry a lot until they think someone will come to them and give them what they want.

Now the movie certainly will be played in selected European cinemas. BUT: not from 11 September 2015. Because every single movie of US origin is played a fortnight after its release date in the US. So the earliest we can get it in Europe (in cinemas) will be the 25 September 2015. But it will also be available on iTunes and probably Amazon, so don’t cry little fangirls and just wait. Because the best things come to those who wait. Especially for those who desperately want to buy the DVD because that we will probably only get coming January 2016 or so.

But now for the list of theatres plus a nice and catchy Google map (for everyone outside the US to see where all you miss the movie):

  • Los Angeles | AMC Citywalk 19
  • New York | AMC Empire 25
  • Houston | AMC Studio 30
  • Chicago | AMC South Barrington 30
  • Atlanta | AMC Southlake Pavilion 24
  • Phoenix | AMC Arizona Center 24
  • Detroit | AMC Forum 30
  • Tampa, FL | AMC Veterans Expressway 24
  • Denver | AMC Highlands Ranch 24
  • Philadelphia | AMC Loews Cherry Hill 24

Little side note here: would have been nice to actually be able to see the movie in 12 cinemas – so 12 rounds … 12 cinemas … you know – just an idea that could have been a nice gimmick.

10 September 2015 | And we got just another teaser clip today, very likely the last. This time it’s another fighting scene between John Shaw and Harris (Ty Olsson). It’s also the end of Harris but you will see this. What I don’t entirely like is the camera handling – there’s a bit too much shaking for the sake of it. Would have liked to have a better view on the certain moves. Yes, it creates tension and makes the movie fast but the fighting itself would have done the same effect. Anyway, nice bloodless death at the end!

Credit: WWE Studios on Twitter.10 September 2015
Credit: WWE Studios on Twitter.
10 September 2015
10 September 2015 | WWE Studios – at least the very person who runs their Twitter account – doesn’t disappoint. We got another of these great hype photos and it’s another one from what I think will be the apex of the movie – when protagonist and antagonist will finally meet in person for the final showdown. If Tyler Burke will fall out the window like Hans Gruber in Die Hard I will definitely loose my shit. I mean if 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown is actually a hommage on Die Hard – fabulous – but I will cry for Tyler Burke then like I did for Hans Gruber. I know, that’s kind of strange. But read one or two of my wrestling reviews in here and you’ll understand. I just love villains and what I’ve seen from Roger Cross’ contribution to this movie so far really impressed me. I really wish him a very hard death in this movie.

Credit: WWE Studios on Twitter.11 September 2015
Credit: WWE Studios on Twitter.
11 September 2015
11 September 2015 | From today on “Lockdown” is available in ten cinemas in the US and on demand. Of course that’s also exclusive to the US. So if you are living outside of the US – like me – bad luck, no legal chance to get to see the movie from today. Here are the links by the way, so you can proof my word as true:

Like it’s common practice, all countries outside the US will finally get the movie in a fortnight which opens up another waiting game until 25 September 2015 – probably (and if you want to go the legal road). That’s just my guess, so don’t count on this information.

But in case you are one of the lucky ones living in the US, you are already able to watch the movie. And if you’ve done that, make sure to leave your ratings and / or comments on the above mentioned links on Amazon and iTunes or on these (for movies) important websites:

31 October 2015 | The news are already out for a few days that the DVD for “12 Rounds 3: Lockdown” will be out and available on 22 December 2015 – at least in the United States and Canada. There will be a DVD+Digital version ($16.98) and a Blu-Ray+Digital HD version ($16.99). Right now there are no information about extras on these discs. I once spoke to Stephen Reynolds suggesting that bloopers and deleted scenes would be great, so I still hope for that. We will see on 22 December 2015 (and a couple days later in Great Britain, Europe, Asia and Australia).

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