Dean Ambrose had a sit-down with Chris Jericho on his podcast “Talk Is Jericho” on 10 December 2014 and innit he talked a little bit more about filming “Lockdown”. Maybe at some point when I’m really bored and can’t think of something better to do, I’ll transcribe what he had to say about it. Until then you can listen to it with skipping to 35:13min to listen to this topic. Or you can listen to the whole interview from 23:10min. And remember: Dean Ambrose will come back for “Talk Is Jericho” on 12 December 2014 for the second part. Now enjoy!

EDIT (22 March 2015): Have updated with some key parts of Dean Ambrose’s babbling. Will certainly do the whole transcript later on. Enjoy so far!

“Talk Is Jericho”, ep. 98

Dean Ambrose (on mountain biking)
“I was never really a big biker before, but I kinda got into it and now I’m becoming slowly obsessed with mountain biking. It’s fun and it just feels good to be out in nature. I’ll spend like, if I get to go home, I’ll spend like two full days just out in the desert. I did this thing called the Red Rock Canyon Trail, the other day, last time I was home. It’s like fifteen miles around in a big circle. The first eight miles is all up hill, but it’s such a low grade that you don’t realize how hard it is. I was like, fifteen miles on a bike, that’ll take me, like, thirty minutes. When I hit the mile 2 marker I was so blown up I wanted to die, I was like, I don’t think I can do this. But you can’t stop, because you’re out in the middle of the desert by yourself in the middle of nowhere. You have no choice but to keep going. But then you get to the halfway point and then at the top you can look out and see the whole Canyon, and see Vegas if it’s at night time it’ll be lit up and you’ll get this nature-slash-exercise high. You’ve conquered… You’re standing on top of a mountain, you have a different perspective of everything for a little bit, you know. Like, something like wrestling seems so unimportant when you just see the whole curve of the Earth, kind of thing.”

Dean Ambrose (on written promos)
“The first time that somebody handed me a piece of paper with a promo on it, was like, I literally… like a throw up in your mouth, kind of moment.”

Dean Ambrose (on William Regal)
“I’m actually real proud of a lot of the work that I did on the TV shows at FCW, ‘cause, you know, I didn’t know if I was ever going to get out of there. We had a chance to do some really cool stuff. I had a feud with Seth there. And I had a feud with William Regal there, where we had two matches. But it was one of my favourite things I’ve ever done, not a lot of people have seen it, but it’s kinda one of the things where you have the final blow off thing. And it was the last, our blow off to the feud was the last match of the last ever FCW television show and it was one of those things where you know, even though there’s only two hundred people in the building, but you know that’s what everybody came to see, kinda thing.”

Chris Jericho
“Regal was a big fan of yours from the start. When I was still heel and Regal came to me, he was like, ‘You should do something with this Dean Ambrose guy, if they bring him in there you should ask to work with him or something because he’s really, really good.’ He was trumpeting your skills right from when he first met up with you there.”

Dean Ambrose
“He was very vital to me, making sure that-kinda elbowing people and being like ‘you see this guy?’”

Dean Ambrose (on his dead cowboy belt buckle)
“Actually, I got it for a Halloween costume, I was a dead cowboy. And then I was like, this is pretty cool, I’m gonna keep this. A lot of people are like, ‘oh, God, what are you- you’re just walking around with this giant cowboy belt buckle’ but I don’t know, I kinda like it. I find that, you know, a belt buckle will really set off the whole outfit. Like, you can wear a t-shirt and jeans, but if you got a sweet belt buckle, it’s instant biz-cas, you know.”

Dean Ambrose (on the Shield philosophy)
“We’ve gone in, you know, the three of us, and protested everything. If we don’t like something… we were like terrors to them. Like, ‘oh God, The Shield’s not gonna like this.’ And then, two seconds later we’re in the office, ‘uh yeah, we don’t like this.’ Not that we were like, jerks, but you know… They wanted us to, I think it was like our second pay-per-view, it was right before our first Wrestlemania, there was like a six-man on a pay-per-view and the finish was, you know, Cena over with the schmutz. We, we like… as soon as we go down to John, we’re just like everybody else, because that’s what he does to everybody else. And there will be a time where we’ll do that all day, and that’s fine, but it’s not today. Otherwise, why are we even here? So we were all, like, we went into that pay-per-view that day like, we’re not doing it. More or less. We didn’t have to, because there was enough people on our side and stuff, and you know it was one of those things where, like… we were always, you know, on the same side. Like, one for all, all for one. If we didn’t like something, nope, not happening. There’s three of us, it’s hard to gang up on all three of us. So we’d gang up on people to get our own way, kinda thing.”

Dean Ambrose (on being the best opponent for everyone)
“Whatever I get, whoever I’m working with, whatever, I just try and do it really good and not worry too much about what… you know, I can’t control everything. I can only control so much. I can only just go out there and… not suck. You know? That’s all you can do. Especially, you know what I mean, there’s changes and scripts get re-written and plans change and people get hurt… you can only control so much. I can only go out there and… it might be a segment that’s really hard to make work, but as long as you don’t suck… that’s all you can do. That’s all you can control. Just don’t suck. You know, you might be doing a sucky thing but as long as you don’t suck, you know, then you can sleep well at night.”

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