This latest talk from Dean Ambrose about filming “Lockdown” happened to take place probably on the Tuesday after the RAW after SummerSlam, i.e. on 25 August 2015. It was published as an audio only on and by “Red Carpet Crash“. I’m not really in the mood or have the time for exact transcription. So I’m going for analogous summary. In case you just want to have the information about what he actually said.

Q: 12 Rounds had John Cena as the protagonist; 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded happened to be with Randy Orton. Did you talk with these two before filming 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown?
No. I had little information anyway, expected to be just a minor part. What we’re doing in WWE isn’t acting. I basically do me in WWE. But when you see the movie, I wanted you to forget that it’s Dean Ambrose who’s playing a cop. It’s a challenge for me to play someone completely different. John Shaw isn’t really a charismatic guy. He’s a pretty serious character, quite different to myself and I wanted to make it believable.

Q: The movie doesn’t have many big dialogues. It’s more about the action. Are you doing all of your stunts?
I did as much as they would let me do. I really wanted to do anything but there was a stunt double and he did some stuff that I do in WWE every day.

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