Somehow I hope that there will be a lot of extra material on the DVD of “Lockdown”. Stephen Reynolds already said on his Twitter account that he has spoken with producers about bloopers and deleted scenes. I’d also like to listen to audio commentary by him and Dean Ambrose and / or an extra two hour making-of and / or two hours of Dean Ambrose just sitting there and talking about filming the movie. Until then we have an almost 18 minutes long phone interview with Dean Ambrose with the guys of “The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast, ep. 39“. It starts at 1:14:28h but I recommend to listen to the whole piece. It’s real fun and there are some interesting thoughts innit as well. What Dean Ambrose had to say about getting the job and the filming itself, you can read here.

“Dude… dude… it was so much fun. It was the best, most stress free, care free five or six weeks of shooting ever. I had never done a movie, and I never acted before. They brought it to me, I was asked like ‘hey, uh…’ I actually thought I was in trouble. You know, I got brought over and was like ‘what’s going on here, what did I do?’ ‘Well, we’ve got this opportunity for you,’ and yadda yadda yadda. My exact response was, ‘you want me to be in a movie? GET OUTTA HERE! Yeah, I’ll do that! Alright, cool. Yeah, no brainer, that’s hilarious’. I thought it would just be like I would be in the background holding a gun for like five seconds. I thought I was going to have like a small little cameo part so I was like ‘yeah, no problem at all.’ Then when they got in contact back with me they sent me a script and then I realized I was like the lead role, you know, the hero character, the main guy in the movie. And I’m like ‘oh, that’s hilarious. They have no idea I’m not qualified for this at all.’ I’m like ‘you understand I’m completely unqualified. I don’t know how to act, I’ve never acted before. I’ve never been on a set for a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial let alone an action movie, you know what I mean? I don’t know what’s going on.’ They were like ‘oh, you’ll be fine.’ I went in and winged it.”

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