08 September 2014 (last updated: 02 September 2016) | Until now, I didn’t have any intentions to create such a page because I’ve already got my laptop folder with these pictures from Lockdown. But somehow – right now – I’d like to see the pictures on one page together with a little bit of history behind each and every one of them. You know, in three years time, who’ll remember under which circumstances this blurry still or that goofy looking cell pic happened to be taken? So, yes, this might be a little history story of the creation of Lockdown told by some more or less blurry cell pics. And maybe, some of you, dear visitors, have your fun and enjoy watching and reading!

And, please, feel free to suggest other pictures that I haven’t seen to date. And, of course, you can click on all pictures for the original size.

Now, enjoy!

Credit: Roger R. Cross on Twitter.05 Sept 2014
Credit: Roger R. Cross on Twitter.
05 September 2014
After Dean Ambrose went missing the night of RAW after SummerSlam, he somehow appeared again as Jonathan Good on the set of Lockdown in Vancouver, Canada. That was obviously a great headline for all those wrestling blogs that are written after storylines and still like to take WWE seriously. Of course, the most of us knew that Dean Ambrose didn’t really die but up until now, people come to my blog with serious meant questions like “Did Dean Ambrose really die?” etc. It’s not just funny if you think about it for a moment. It shows that wrestling means something for people, especially kids who have a hard life. They watch the show like a soap opera but this wrestling soap opera mix real life into their storyline, so it appears more true and esp. little kids can flee reality for a while, feel and connect with their heroes. Given the popularity Dean Ambrose gained in recent weeks before he “disappeared” and esp. little kids not having all access to the internet, the struggle for some of them might be real. So, I’m not making fun about these questions also if I know better.

But thanks to Roger R. Cross, co-actor to Dean Ambrose in Lockdown, everyone now knows that at least Jonathan Good is still alive. Actually, the WWE storyline is just about Dean Ambrose is missing because he left the arena without letting himself check by the doctors. This eulogy, Seth Rollins and Kane did for him the RAW after Dean Ambrose went missing, was just an analogy like to say “he’s dead for us, so we can now turn to more important things”. I guess, little kids didn’t really get this analogy and were concerned now.

So, what exactly can we take from this picture? Dean Ambrose obviously got a haircut but to be taken seriously as a cop he needed to tame his wild locks a bit. And the picture was taken in the company of quite many garbage cans. But it looks like some interior environment to me. I still need to get this together.

Credit: Mahlon Todd Williams on Twitter.08 Sept 2014
Credit: Mahlon Todd Williams on Twitter.
08 September 2014
The first (very blurry and hard to recognize) still from Dean Ambrose on the set by cinematographer Mahlon Todd Williams. When looking at this almost entirely black silhouette in blue surroundings with interesting sun ray effects, you might wonder: Is this really Dean Ambrose? Well, I’ve also asked myself this question but there are some indications that this silhouette indeed belongs to him: cheekbones; ears; hairline; the silhouette is right-handed; and most importantly: Mahlon Todd Williams retweeted this exact question, so he obviously wanted to confirm without actually saying so. There still needs to remain some mystery around this movie after all!

Credit: Rebecca Marshall on Instagram. 09 September 2014
Credit: Rebecca Marshall on Instagram.
09 September 2014
Like I’ve already written above: we will also get some blurry Instagram pics. And here is the first one and according to the owner, Rebecca Marshall, this was taken during a boys night out that she crashed.

So, it looks like Dean Ambrose is already good friends with Roger Cross and director Stephen Reynolds. The whole crew seems to be very nice and friendly. Maybe, when the filming is finished and Dean Ambrose has to bother again with Seth Rollins, he’ll already looking forward to making another movie. Who knows, only doing something for the first time let you know what this new is all about. And sometimes this is just what you always missed in your life but didn’t know up until you tried it for the first time. But this is just the worst case scenario. Of course, Dean Ambrose loves wrestling and he’ll only make future movies every second year or so.

PS. Does just one picture exist in which Dean Ambrose doesn’t do any hand gesture?

Credit: Rebecca Marshall on Instagram. 12 September 2014
Credit: Rebecca Marshall on Instagram.
12 September 2014
Alright, this is quite typical, Murphy’s Law, so to speak, because the very next picture that I see from asking if there was any photo with Dean Ambrose not doing any hand gesture is of course a picture with him not doing any hand gesture. That kind of stuff always happens.

But to the point, i.e. the newest picture in this tiny collection: right from the set this time with Dean Ambrose covered in fake blood. At least, I hope it’s fake blood. But he looks quite happy and consent with the world around him… alright, that’s not really an argument for fake blood but for real one when it comes to Dean Ambrose, right?

On a more serious note I now think he really might be the hero in this movie despite only having one name. Six names are revealed to date (just have a look here) with four only known by one name and Dean Ambrose is one of them. But in action movies like these the hero always ends up victorious but heavily beaten up while the villain usually hasn’t got any tiny little scratch on his body but dies anyway. Prime example for this: “Die Hard”. I hated Bruce Willis and didn’t want for Alan Rickman to die. So, I’d prefer for Dean Ambrose to play the villain. But apparently that’s not going to happen.

Anyway, great picture by Rebecca Marshall again. These people really seem to have fun on the set. And if you have fun on the set, the movie won’t turn out too bad.

Credit: Jason Day on Twitter.13 September 2014
Credit: Jason Day on Twitter.
13 September 2014
This lovely chap called Jason Day is a stunt performer in Lockdown. And he does look a bit grim, doesn’t he? Well, maybe because he has to sport this blond perm that is much different to his usual black hair that is anything but curly. So, it appears that he has to wear this wig because he’s the stunt double of Dean Ambrose. He doesn’t say so in his tweet to the picture but it’s quite obvious and he also wears the same shirt as Dean Ambrose. I’ll definitely pay extra attention to spot the very scenes he does for Dean Ambrose when we finally get to see the movie.

PS. I have created a Twitter list for Lockdown with all cast and crew that I know so far. It’s twenty people already and this is where I get all the pictures from. So, you can follow the list and have a look yourselves on being up to date with the progress of filming.

Credit: Kimani Ray Smith on Twitter.13 September 2014
Credit: Kimani Ray Smith on Twitter.
13 September 2014
Credit: Dan Rizzuto on Instagram.13 September 2014
Credit: Dan Rizzuto on Instagram.
13 September 2014
And because we are already into the stunt section of the movie, here are two other pictures by the stunt guys of Lockdown. First, a bureau set after the stunt crew did its work. Yeah, it’s going to be an action thriller. The picture was made by one of the stunt coordinators of the movie, Kimani Ray Smith. Second, two weapons that are used in the movie. We have already seen pictures of both weapons but since I’m not at all into weapons I was happy enough to get both of them in one picture, made by the other stunt coordinator, Dan Rizzuto.

So, I told you that I’m not into weapons but somehow I was curious enough about the brand so I did my research and came up with this: the pistol obviously is a Sig Sauer 1911 but I’m still not quite sure about the exact series. I was going for the Sig Sauer 1911 Extreme but you can challenge me for that.

And the knife is a USMC KA-BAR, first manufactured for the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II but then became popular with the army in general as well as every other men and women of service, adventures and outdoor sportsmen.

Credit: Dan Rizzuto on Twitter.15 September 2014
Credit: Dan Rizzuto on Twitter.
15 September 2014
Now this is quite a mystery picture and I still couldn’t come to terms which side of my thinking I should join. So, here is my thinking process:

First, there are the facts. In the tweet that came with the picture, Dan Rizzuto tagged the following people: Kimani Ray Smith (stuntman), Stephen Reynolds (director), Sharon Taylor (actress), Ty Olsson (actor), James Michalopoulos (stuntman, actor) and James Day (stuntman). He also referred to a late night shooting, so all these tagged people probably aren’t in the picture but belong to this night shooting.

Second, what can we see in the picture? The set obviously was made into a fitness studio. The guy in front with the cap is probably Stephen Reynolds. We have an unnamed camera man and another unnamed guy responsible for the sound. The Gas Monkey Garage guy on the left front side might also be some coordination guy. There is obviously no woman in the picture. That leaves us with four still not found tagged people and three not yet named guys in the picture.

And third, there is my thinking about this picture. We have already assumed before that James Day might be the stunt double of Dean Ambrose. He had to wear this curly wig, also wears the same shirt as Dean Ambrose. Now, this guy who unfortunately managed to hide his face behind the cameraman, might be Dean Ambrose. Or this is his stunt double James Day. But there are indications that it’s indeed Dean Ambrose: he probably has a dialogue with the guy on the treadmill. That can’t do a stunt double. So, James Day could wait in the off for another scene that might be more dangerous. The hair of “Dean” in the picture also looks quite natural, not like this wig we have already seen.

Now, Dan Rizzuto could have missed out on tagging Dean Ambrose because he already knew that this was an almost dead account, so there was no reason to tag him. At least, we will see in the movie if this is actually Dean or not and why there is the need to have the full stunt team in the fitness studio.

Credit: Sarah Smyth on Instagram.18 September 2014
Credit: Sarah Smyth on Instagram.
18 September 2014
Credit: Sarah Smyth on Twitter.18 September 2014
Credit: Sarah Smyth on Twitter.
18 September 2014
This time it’s two versions of the same picture: Dean Ambrose with Sarah Smyth, both quite obviously playing cops in Lockdown. Plus: there is an Identity Theft poster in the background and Sarah Smyth writing with this picture that both of them would play “cops and robbers” in the movie. Just makes up for the old question: Does Dean Ambrose indeed play the good cop? Or does he rather play one of the bad cops?

Well, it’s still quite early here for me, so I need my breakfast and some very strong tea. At least, I can already recognize that Dean Ambrose with slicked back hair really looks older than me which is really good.

Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Instagram.18 September 2014
Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Instagram.
18 September 2014
So, these are actress Sarah Smyth and director Stephen Reynolds posing for a last photo with Sarah because of her wrapping up today. First of all: I like the picture. Second: is that Dean Ambrose in the background, hanging in a quite low chair on the right side of the picture? Right, you probably can’t see anything and Mr Reynolds also doesn’t mention him. But these aren’t any reasons against my theory. But like for any other picture you can challenge me on that.

Alright, two days have passed and after constantly staring at this picture I came to the conclusion that this back indeed belongs to Dean Ambrose. I’ve got no proof at all; I’m just too lazy to delete all this text again and because I still like this picture in its whole composure. So, I finish talking about that and make a straight cut to the next one.

Credit: Rebecca Marshall on Instagram.19/20 September 2014
Credit: Rebecca Marshall on Instagram.
19/20 September 2014
Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.14/15 June 2015
Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.
14/15 June 2015
Before anyone starts arguing about the date: this picture was made a few minutes prior to 3am CET, which is my time zone. In Vancouver it was around 8pm at the time, so it was still 19 September there. So, I’ve decided to go with both days.

Now for the picture itself. Credit goes again to Rebecca Marshall. My short conclusions when looking at this picture: Dean Ambrose obviously already prepares for Sunday and his look that he will shoot at Seth Rollins when he comes back to WWE; Stephen Reynolds has got a lot of caps; and Roger Cross likes his gun (he also likes to be in pictures with Dean Ambrose as it seems).

And there is one thing that always amazed me about Dean Ambrose: him with messy hair and him with slicked back hair are literally two different people.

Credit: Sekyiwa Wi-Afedzi on Twitter.21 September 2014
Credit: Sekyiwa Wi-Afedzi on Twitter.
21 September 2014
This is perhaps one of the last pictures from the set of “Lockdown”. And as it looks like it’s already wrapping time: the picture is from one of the women Dean Ambrose has got in his lock but like Sekyiwa Wi-Afedzi has told the world via Twitter, both she and Brooke Wilcox have begged for it. I’m sure they did! And still great to see that there is so much fun on the set – even after one month of filming. Both women might belong to the crew but I haven’t noticed them so far. I hope they may forgive me for my ignorance so far. But credit to them for this fabulous picture.

Credit: Sharon Taylor on Twitter.21 September 2014
Credit: Sharon Taylor on Twitter.
21 September 2014
The next kind of farewell image comes from Sharon Taylor. She also plays a policewoman in the movie. But seriously, Roger Cross, you really have to be in almost every picture with Dean Ambrose, haven’t you? I somehow start to think that he’s the one whom Dean Ambrose has got some serious fighting scenes with. So he’s got around him all the time to got to know him and to have trained with him. Either way, I start getting really excited about this movie. Because like I already said: you can have a great script and some really good equipment but what really makes a great result is fun at work. And this was probably there for the whole time which is amazing after one month of filming. You really need some easy going characters on the set not to get on each others nerves all the time. So, I seriously hope for some bloopers, deleted scenes and a making-off on the DVD. If anything of theses things won’t be there I’d be heavily disappointed!

Credit: Kimani Ray Smith on Twitter.21/22 September 2014
Credit: Kimani Ray Smith on Twitter.
21/22 September 2014
Credit: Kimani Ray Smith on Twitter.21/22 September 2014
Credit: Kimani Ray Smith on Twitter.
21/22 September 2014
I’m slightly not amused right now because my laptop played dead for the most important five minutes of Night Of Champions, i.e. when Seth Rollins challenged anyone for a fight because of the injury to Reigns; Dean Ambrose arrived at the arena in a cab to beat up Seth Rollins and keep the whole security team occupied. I need to watch this tomorrow then.

Until then I will update here with more photographs from the wrapping of Lockdown. These fabulous two pictures here were put on Twitter by one of the stuntmen, Kimani Ray Smith, who is to be seen on Dean’s right side. On Dean’s left you can see Dan Rizzuto, the stunt coordinator. And this time without a cap and hardly to be recognized, the one and only Stephen Reynolds in the picture on the left side. This pic on the left actually is a really good photograph, I have to say. Looks almost like some rock album cover.

Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Instagram.22 September 2014
Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Instagram.
22 September 2014
Now this is perhaps my favourite picture of this whole set and the filming of Lockdown: Dean Ambrose with director Stephen Reynolds. Because tracking his tweets only from the time Dean Ambrose had left Vancouver and re-appearing in Nashville to re-start his haunt on Seth Rollins alone gives you an idea about what it might be like of being addicted to Dean Ambrose. And he can almost challenge William Regal in fanboying over him. It’s a really nice photo that sums up the whole filming process. If the movie is just half as good as the filming was fun, this movie will probably receive some Oscar nominations.

Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.28 October 2014
Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.
28 October 2014
I have long argued with myself if I should post this picture here or not because Stephen Reynolds posted it on Twitter but deleted it shortly after. I don’t know his reasons and that’s why I didn’t post it here earlier. But since this picture already flooded the internet and is well known now, I decided to put it in here as well. Because I have also seen the picture with Stephen Reynolds cut off from it and I don’t like that. It’s the same with fan photos. People take these pictures, cut off the owners and just post the image of Dean Ambrose on their sites without giving any credit. It’s disrespectful in the highest meaning. People, who do this kind of thing, are reported and blocked by me. I can’t tolerate this. So, that’s why I post it here plus I really like the picture. That’s another reason, of course. Stephen Reynolds posted this picture almost one month after the wrapping of “Lockdown”. So, I guess there are a lot more pictures to come. Maybe some of them as prints in a special DVD edition? Just an idea…

Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.18 November 2014
Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.
18 November 2014
On 12 November 2014 Stephen Reynolds posted a picture of himself smoking a cigar on his Twitter account. I already know that’s him being finished with something and he also teased elsewhere that editing and cutting “Lockdown” could be finished. I don’t really know further steps in producing a movie; music needs to be added, of course. But otherwise? No idea. Anyway, the picture you can see on the left side is the entire crew of “Lockdown” and that picture Stephen Reynolds posted five days after smoking his Monte Cristo No.5. Very much looks like finished with his work and duties for me. Now it’s up to the producers and art work crew to get this movie finished, I guess. It’s still scheduled for 2015 but Christmas 2014 would be great. Just another idea…

Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.22 December 2014
Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.
22 December 2014
Alright, we really only get to see “Lockdown” in 2015. But Stephen Reynolds teased his audience again today in stating that the movie would be “on it’s way”, i.e. definitely final stage of production as of now. I bet he still has got some photographs of himself together with Dean Ambrose, that he can throw out on several occasions. This here is great because it’s probably done with an actual camera, not only taken by a phone and made extra blurry through Instagram. So, cheers, Stephen, Happy Holidays back at you as well!

Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.02 January 2015
Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.
02 January 2015
First of all let me wish all of you a happy new year. It’s 2015! The year we will finally get to see “Lockdown”. And until then – like I already said – we will get “new” pictures from director Stephen Reynolds every now and again. And the new year has just barely started when he comes out with just another picture of Dean Ambrose and himself. And the Sig Sauer 1911 that Dean Ambrose visibly loves very much. Shooting (actual pun!) must have been like being on the playground for him.

Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.02 September 2015
Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.
02 September 2015
Now this might be really the last picture that at least Stephen Reynolds will post before Lockdown will be finally released in nine days. Like he said in his tweet, this was from the wrap of filming the movie, after the last sequence was banned on actual film. So of course this picture also is a good way to finally finish this way too long post. Except someone else from the cast or staff comes out with other pictures. Think I’ll open another page then.

Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.01 September 2016
Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.
01 September 2016
Of course, we weren’t finished here. Because, of course, Mr Reynolds had to come out with yet another picture from filming Lockdown, this time he’s shown giving out some instructions to Dean Ambrose who’s sitting in the yellow Chevrolet Camarra. It’s the second anniversary of starting with Filming Lockdown, so he’s excused. I’m not that much into that movie, because the lack of logic simply hurts my brain. But he seems to be proud of it, so I won’t take that away from him. Cheers for the picture though. Throw out your next one at the third anniversary.

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