28 February 2015 | The decision to create this page in addition to the Lockdown: pictures one was pretty easy and there was no long thinking process behind it. Because tonight I found a picture from Dean Ambrose when he was in the Adrenaline Studios in Las Vegas back in December 2014 to do some “ADR” regarding to the photograph’s caption. It didn’t really fit the first picture page because that was from shooting the movie itself. The studio surroundings don’t have anything to do with the movie itself. But I somehow wanted to keep the picture and also search for some background. So, here we go. Of course, right now, I don’t have any idea of how far this can even go since I doubt that we will get much more about Dean Ambrose doing post production stuff. But this thought also circled around in my mind for the first page of that kind. So, we will see.

Credit: Adrenaline Studios Las Vegas.12 December 2014
Credit: Adrenaline Studios Las Vegas.
12 December 2014
First of all the caption to this picture said “Jonathan Good better known as WWE star Dean Ambrose came in to record ADR for his new Lionsgate film ‘Lockdown’.” Unfortunately I wasn’t able to identify the guy who stands next to Dean Ambrose in the picture. It’s certainly someone from this very studio but there was no name given. Also the page itself doesn’t really offer who’s actually behind the studio. Naturally also this little abbreviation ADR caught my eye. By no means familiar with how doing post production for movies I had to search for it and found this definition:

Automated dialogue replacement (ADR) is the process of re-recording dialogue by the original actor after the filming process to improve audio quality or reflect dialogue changes (also known as “looping” or a “looping session”).

There is also this very useful description of why and how ADR sometimes is needed.

So certainly ADR should be avoided when it isn’t really needed because it takes away from the original charm. But sometimes there are certain circumstances like filming nearby a busy road when you have to take away plausibility and reality in favour of your audience. That good thing about ADR nowadays is that with modern technology you can do it everywhere a studio of this kind is situated. In the case of “Lockdown” Dean Ambrose was able to head for the Adrenaline Studios in his hometown of Las Vegas just two days before he was confronted not only by Bray Wyatt but also this awful booking including an exploding TV-screen at TLC in Cleveland, Ohio. So, while his character in WWE is still this lunatic, crazy, unstable one, we will soon have him in a more serious role. And I honestly can’t wait for it anymore.

One last word to the first picture on this page: behind Mr. Anonymous and Dean Ambrose clearly is seen one frame of the Lockdown movie. Two guys are seen: one of them – almost fully covered by Mr. Anonymous – is Dean Ambrose as Officer Shaw in the movie. It looks like he’s shooting his gun, probably a training situation early in the movie, since the frame shows that we are just over six minutes into the movie here (if I see that correctly). The other guy in the frame is the villain of the movie, the counterpart of Officer Shaw, Officer Burke, played by Roger R. Cross. So, I think that ADR for this scene was done because of this very location. An indoor shooting training hall certainly has got some sound issues like echo for example. But next time, dear Mr. Anonymous, please step just a little bit aside, so we can see the whole frame of the movie.

Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.12 April 2015
Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.
12 April 2015
Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.12 April 2015
Credit: Stephen Reynolds on Twitter.
12 April 2015
These two pictures aren’t actually post “production” photographs. But since I didn’t want for this first picture all just by itself in here, plus these two pictures don’t really belong onto the other “Lockdown” pictures page, I just put them in here.

Once again we see Dean Ambrose with “Lockdown” director Stephen Reynolds, this time in Birmingham, England, backstage at the live show during the Europe Tour of WWE. Stephen Reynolds posted the picture on the right hand side on Instagram as well, just to add there: “Can’t tell you what I’m showing him”. Well, it’ll be probably the trailer of the movie we all are longing for to finally see.

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